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Guard 3 ads, updated: Sept. Haccp implementer 0 ads, updated. Handler 0 ads, updated. Horticulturist 0 ads, updated. Hygienist 0 ads, updated. Incharge 1 ads, updated: Sept. Inspector 7 ads, updated: Sept. Installer 0 ads, updated.

Electroplater 0 ads, updated. Engineer 96 ads, updated: business Sept. Erector 1 ads, updated: Sept. Estimator 1 ads, updated: Sept. Executive 12 ads, updated: Sept. Expeditor 0 ads, updated. Fabricator 10 ads, updated: Sept. Fitter 20 ads, updated: Sept. Foreman 36 ads, updated: Sept. Grinder 2 ads, updated: Sept.

assignment and abroad times

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Designer 8 ads, updated: Sept. Doctor 1 ads, updated: Sept. Doorman 0 ads, updated. Draughtsman 7 ads, updated: Sept. Driller 0 ads, updated. Driver 9 ads, updated: Sept. Ductman 4 ads, updated: Sept. Editor 0 ads, updated. Electrician 102 ads, updated: Sept.


assignment and abroad times

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Confectioner 0 ads, updated. Controller 6 ads, updated: Sept. Cook 18 ads, updated: Sept. Coordinator 10 ads, updated: Sept. Cutter 0 ads, updated. Decorator 1 ads, updated: Sept. Denter 2 ads, updated: Sept.

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assignment and abroad times

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Buffer 0 ads, turnitin updated. Butcher 0 ads, updated. Butler 0 ads, updated. Buyer 0 ads, updated. Camp Boss 2 ads, updated: Sept. Cashier 0 ads, updated. Chargehand 9 ads, updated: Sept.

Checker 0 ads, updated. Chef 11 ads, updated: Sept. Clerk 4 ads, updated: Sept. Colour Tinting Man 0 ads, updated. Commi 0 ads, updated. Concrete Truck mixer 0 ads, updated.

Artist 0 ads, updated. Assistant 9 ads, updated: Sept. Attendant 10 ads, updated: Sept. Auditor 1 ads, updated: Sept. Baby sitter 0 ads, updated.

Baker 0 ads, updated. Barman 0 ads, updated. Beautician 0 ads, updated. Bell Captain 0 ads, updated. Bellman 0 ads, updated. Bill Collector 0 ads, updated. Biostatistician 0 ads, updated. Blaster 0 ads, updated. Brazers 0 ads, updated.

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A clear favourite of the man-power export industry, millions of Indians have found lucrative assignments overseas through aat. You too can find your way to a promising career abroad. International Jobs, industrial Jobs, educational Jobs, all rights reserved. . Copyright @ m 2005 web site designers Web Technologyies. Site links: click the position you are looking for and if not listed below, click others. Vacancies, accountant 10 ads, resume updated: Sept. Administrator 4 ads, updated: Sept. Advisor 1 ads, updated: Sept. Analyst 0 ads, updated.

assignment and abroad times

Aat has acquired the quality of piety and willingness to forgive and forget. Now aat is well on its pursuit and have acquired epitome of composure. In 1997 aat has turned a biweekly bringing out another edition on Wednesdays. This has also clicked in the market very well. Has conducted a thorough survey of the industry and felt the need for starting a weekly newspaper exclusively for the manpower export industry. Thus was born Assignments Abroad Times. The dream of manpower exporters and overseas job seekers has come true. It was really a revolution. A newspaper for the most neglected sector!

of job seekers in India, with enough of choices, Assignments Abroad Times hit upon the news stands, way back in February 27, 1993. That turned out to be an event and history. A weekly newspaper on Saturdays carrying ads to cater job seekers an opening abroad. It had its own trials and tribunals and never regretted for having launched. Aat was born out of conviction to help poor job seekers, so say everybody. Adjusting to all sorts of privations.

Day to day developments in the overseas employment market is updated regularly. Alterations and amendments in the rules pertaining to expatriates in different countries and Indian emigration rules are also high lighted in aat. Jobs, jobs search, Global Careers, job Listings, Placements, Global worldwide job Sites for Job-seekers. Indias exclusive bi-weekly, newspaper, post Regn. south - 22 / 2005. For international assignments, business exports, rni. 56969/93, published every wednesday and saturday. Estd.1993, for jobs in our by-weekly writing newspaper.

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Assignments Abroad Times (AAT) is an ins accredited bi-weekly newspaper established in the manpower export market in 1993. This is published from Mumbai on Wednesdays and Saturdays and has been circulated through out India and at select neighbouring countries. With the exclusive identity we have developed, we could very well get established in the manpower export industry and today more than 95 of the overseas manpower exporters from India are sourcing their manpower requirements through aat. Aat being functioning as the mediator between the shooter and target, we have a good collection of regular readers, pertaining to different class ranging from semi-skilled to professionals staying around the country targeting betterment in their professional status. The advertisers are of those business class having diversified activities in India and abroad. Overseas employers wish to recruit Indians also have approved aat as their media to source their manpower requirements. The unique columns on Executive positions Abroad, Academic Opportunities Abroad, Global Tenders and International Seminars regularly published in aat also have added a variety of readers to its credit. And today, it has become a say in the industry that any with an intention of securing an assignment abroad, cannot miss aat. The editorial published in aat is always projects various new trends in the overseas which helps many Indian professionals to locate their bright future.

assignment and abroad times
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  3. New User c lick here to registration. Registered User click here to make payment. Assignments Abroad Times (AAT) is an ins accredited bi-weekly newspaper establishe d in the manpower export market in 1993.

  4. Administrator 4 ads, updated: Sept. Advi sor 1 ads, updated: Sept. Analyst 0 ads, updated. Artist 0 ads, updated.

  5. Assignments abroad times, wednesday mumbai, june 06, 2018 by kr ajeet On June 6, 2 0180 loading loading loading loading loading. Assignments Abroad Times: best career and job sites, sorted by country and by regi on of the world, for all job-seekers, popular indian jobs newspaper for Global. Accountant 10 ads, updated: Sept.

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