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; /script select class"inputText2" tabindex"1" name"period" lue? select /td /tr div class"greyBlock" div class"top" span div class"center"? div class"padTop" form action search" method"get" input type"hidden" name"quick" value"1" / span class"left" input type"text" class"searchInput" name"q" / /span span class"left" select class"inputText" name"p" style"width:160px; :margin-top:3px? 1) else sLogin, sPassword example 26 Show file file: p Project: Sywooch/dobox? Php extract(aData get array item' id header Location: '. Imgfav : 'static' 1? " / /div div class"desc"? Php if (cat_type 0)?

p bff:sessionStart u require path_core. Log log- log mments. obff- getModule bbs /echo "startrn odb- execute start transaction anotify odb- select select.* from '. False stripos server'http_referer items/fav! Nl2br(nResult'reason : break; this- ajaxResponse(null example 21 Show file file: p Project: Sywooch/dobox function activateItemSvc(nItemid, nSvcid, mSvcExtra 0) @var Bbs module obbs bff:i - getModule Bbs sqlNow this- db- getnow aitem status, press, publicated, publicated_to, datediff(publicated_to, '. as days_left, svc from '. ' if (empty(aItem) return false; if (nSvcid self:typePublicate) if (aItem'status'! status_prev status, status '. AItem'publicated_to break; case self:typePremium: sql. Bbs_press_payed; break; res '. Php week ; from time periods?

bff writing

There is no benefit to writing

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bff writing

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This- db- str2sql( publicateto interests ).' / where id '. NItemID.' / this- errors- no aresponse'res' this- errors- no aresponse'popup' this- tplFetchPHP(aItem, 'p break; example 17 Show file file: p Project: Sywooch/dobox? Php extract(aData get _request;? div class"row-fluid" div class"span5"? Php imgurl bff:buildUrl items 'images imgDefaulturl bff:buildUrl default 'images imgDefault imgDefaulturl. 'g imgArray explode img? img src"?php echo imgurl. img src"?php echo imgDefault;? " class"img-rounded" style"margin: 0 auto div class"categories" id"indexCategoriesList"?

and t_id and. Enabled 1 group by order by mleft, m if (p'dp sDynpropsForm switch (p'dp_form case 'add sDynpropsForm 'p break; adynprops false, true, array 'dp sDynpropsForm, this- module_dir_tpl if (aParentInfo'prices aparentInfo'prices_sett' if acats, 'is_types' returnTypes, 'is_subtypes' returnSubTypes, 'dp' adynprops, 'regions' aparentInfo'regions 'prices' aparentInfo'prices 'prices_sett' aparentInfo'prices_sett break; case. P'dp_value break; apairs array(array parent_id' p'dp_id 'parent_value' p'dp_value dp this- initDynprops aresult array adynprops true if (!empty(aDynpropsp'dp_id adynprop current(aDynpropsp'dp_id aresult dp- formChildEdit(aDynprop, 'p this- module_dir_tpl else aresult'form' aresult'pid' p'dp_id aresult'vid' p'dp_value aresult, 'res' true while (false array 'res' false break; case 'item-publicate2 bsave type_bool nItemid. ' and user_id '. ' set publicated_to '. ' status_prev status, status '. moderated 0 where id '. Table_BBS_items.' / set publicated_to '.

Bff writing, charm composable Classic Link nomination

bff writing

Bff read this before falling prey to it - the

P'id 'admin_bbs_claim config:get mail_admin bff_email_support while (false aresponse'result' this- errors- no break; case 'img-upload afailResponse array success' false nUserid nItemid this- input- post id type_uint if (nItemid 0) adata statement user_id, uid, img, imgcnt, status, moderated from '. ' set imgcnt imgcnt1, img '. NItemid true, 'filename' sFilename, 'id' nItemid 1 break; case 'img-delete nUserid nItemid this- input- id id 'p if (nItemid 0) adata user_id, uid, img, imgcnt, status, moderated from '. this- ajaxResponse(result break; case 'sub-cats p type_uint, 'dp' type_bool, 'dp_form' type_str, 'format' type_str, 'type' type_str if (!p'pid break; returnTypes 0; returnSubTypes 0; / Dirty. We get here category for our custom subtype if (p'type' 'type type this- db- select select t_id from '.

' t where '. ' limit 1 p'pid' type0'cat_id aparentInfo id, numlevel, numleft, numright, prices, prices_sett, regions from '. P'pid adynprops array acats this- db- select select id, title, numlevel from '. ' where pid '. ' c where (mleft '. ' and mright '.

sCurrentTab func:postget tab if (empty(sCurrentTab) sCurrentTab 'general if (bff:isPost func:post save 1) confTmp func:post config false array items_perpage' type_uint, type_uint, type_uint, 'adtxt_limit' type_uint, 'svc_up_price' type_num, 'svc_mark_price' type_num, 'svc_premium_price' type_num, 'svc_press_price' type_num, 'svc_up_desc' type_str, 'svc_mark_desc' type_str, 'svc_premium_desc' type_str, 'svc_press_desc' type_str, 'images_limit' type_uint, 'images_limit_reg' type_uint, 'add_instruct1' type_str. Php require './p bff:sessionStart a if (fordev) func:tt_start(tt, tt_mem require path_core. 'p obff bff:i - init(false if (bff:class) htmlCenterArea obff- callModule(bff:class. NUserID) aitem id, cat1_id from '. ' and status '.

' and pass '. ' set user_id '. ' set items items1 where user_id '. Empty(aItem 'pp' bpaypublication break; case 'item-edit-pass p type_uint, 'pass' type_str aresponse array do if (!p'id break; if (empty(p'pass break; if aresponse'result' true; break; adata id, user_id from '. if (empty(aData) break; else if (aData'user_id' 0) userid if (userid 0) if (aData'user_id'! UserID) else aresponse'result' true; break; else else this- grantEditPass(p'id aresponse'result' true; while (false aresponse'errno' this- errors- no break; case 'item-claim p type_uint, 'reasons' type_array_uint, 'comment' type_str, 'captcha' type_str p'comment' aresponse array do if (!p'id break; if (empty(p'reasons p'comment' break; nUserid if (!nUserID) oprotection new ccaptchaProtection. _session'c2' : p'captcha aresponse'captcha_wrong' 1; break; unset session'c2 nReasons array_sum(p'reasons res into '. ' (item_id, user_id, comment, reasons, ip, created) values. array ip' func:getRemoteAddress if (res) 1!

The fact of Green, bff on Facebook how to secure

target blank" return false img src. div example trunk 11, show file, make file: p Project: Sywooch/dobox function ajax nUserid if (!bff:isAjax) aresponse array switch (func:get act case 'init adata aresponse; type_uint adata aservices this- db- select select id, keyword, settings, description from '. ' order by id aservicesData array foreach (aServices as v) sett unserialize(v'settings sett'desc' v'description aservicesDatav'keyword' sett; adata'popup' 'p break; case 'activate type_uint, 'svc' type_uint aresponse nItemid aresponse'item nSvcid aresponse'svc if (!nItemid! NSvcID) break; if (nUserid 0) auserData blocked, blocked_reason, balance, login as email from '. ' where user_id '. AUserData'blocked_reason break; balance auserData'balance if (balance 0) balance 0; else balance 0; @var Bills module obills svc if (empty(svc)! NItemid, 'email' auserData'email 'member_bbs_press_payed auserData'email break; default: aresponse'res' this- errors- no example 12, show file, file: p Project: Sywooch/dobox function settings if return this- showAccessDenied configPrefix this- module_name.

bff writing

if aitemData id, '. ' br/ a href. a example 10, show file, file: p Project: Sywooch/dobox? Php if (imgcnt) imgurl bff:buildUrl items 'images img explode img if (!empty(img) imgfav! div class"picCont" span class"left" img src"?php echo imgurl. " id"itemMainImg" / /span div class"smallPics"? Php foreach (img as skylark i) echo ' span class"right" a href.

acats this- db- select select id, title,. (v'id' 0 v'id' 1? ' label input type"checkbox" name"cat" class"catcheck '. 'all bold' : 'cat. ' /label br/ acats func:array_transparent(aCats, 'id true return array cats' acats, 'options'! SCheckbox : example 8, show file, file: p Project: Sywooch/dobox if (item currentPage) print 'active? a href"?php print bff:buildUrl 'newpage. li class" a href"?php print bff:buildUrl 'newpage.

' (user_id, email, phone, message, created) values. nRecordid 'id if (nRecordID) 1! Config:get title return this- tplFetch l example 4, show file, file: p Project: Sywooch/dobox function show(nPageid null) nRecordid! Func:postget page : (int) nPageID; adata writing title, mkeywords, mdescription, filename from '. ' where filename '. ' limit 1 if (empty(aData) Errors:httpError(404 /get page content adata'content'. Pages_extension config:set(array title' adata'title'. Config:get title 'mkeywords' adata'mkeywords 'mdescription' adata'mdescription if (aData'content' false) Errors:httpError(404 adata'menu' 'all-sub / echo ' pre print_r(aData'menu true ' /pre exit; this- tplAssign adata adata return this- tplFetch l example 5, show file, file: p Project: Sywooch/dobox public function init parent:init this- items_images_path bff:buildPath items. ' set title '.

Terms conditions of Sale : bff, foam Corporation

@return bffBase object function init(isFrontend true) global oDb, osm, osecurity; self:isFrontend isFrontend; self:isAjax func:isAjaxRequest self:isPost func:isPostMethod if (isFrontend) define tpl_path path_base. 'tpl/main osm- template_dir tpl_path; else define tpl_path path_base. 'tpl/main/admin define theme_url siteurl. styles/default /default admin theme! OSm- template_dir tpl_path; 'autoload osecurity- checkExpired if (!defined theme_url define theme_url siteurl. if (isset(p'prefix url. P'prefix if (isset(p'postprefix url. P'file example 3, show file, file: p Project: Sywooch/dobox function write if (bff:isAjax) nUserid p type_str, 'phone' type_nohtml, 'message' type_nohtml, 'captcha' type_str if (!nUserID) essay if (empty(p'email p'phone' func:cleanComment(p'phone if (empty(p'phone p'message' if (empty(p'message if (!nUserID) oprotection new ccaptchaProtection if? _session'c2' : p'captcha if (this- errors- no unset session'c2 into '.

bff writing
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