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Each year, the dragon ate light that symbolized the change of day and Night, summer and Winter. Astana is a symbol of prosperity of our country, it is a symbol of hope and confidence of people in their future. This is a beautiful and peaceful city with architectural landscape and unique sculptural characters. I am sure that in the future, our capital will be even better. His mother, the most beautiful for me to Astana sincerely wished the further growth and prosperity. Astana is the capital of the young. Growing and becoming stronger every day! Work will be tired of not knowing.

And as said. Nazarbayev: Friendship, understanding and solidarity is the basis on which we build new kazakhstan! Peace-loving policy of the state, the development of intellectual and economic potential - the key to future prosperity. A symbol of kazakhstan can be considered our beautiful new capital Astana. She, for a short time became a unique, modern metropolis, symbolizes power and strength of kazakhstan. Our capital is transformed every day. We do not have time to keep track of new changes that occur in the life of Astana, especially against the background of the construction of the Grand objects of the new century: Accord, bag baiterek, duman, the palace of peace and accord, the capital circus. The main attraction and the hallmark of Astana is a magnificent structure on the left Bank of the river Ishim - baiterek. According to legend baiterek symbolizes a fabulous tree growing on the mountain kok-tobe. Annually in its foliage sacred bird Samruk has laid a golden egg - the sun.

essay about tajikistan

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As guarantor of the constitution of the republic of kazakhstan I'll be hard to require strict compliance with all its provisions, said the leader of our country. Kazakhstan has its own state symbols: the Flag, Emblem, Anthem. They reflect the independence, freedom, the nationality of the state. Our multinational country, and essay this is another advantage, because we all are one, and what unites us is our homeland, friendship, respect, mutual assistance and common culture. In kazakhstan a single family home to over fifteen million people, representing more than a hundred nationalities. And all this is accompanied by a good attitude and sympathy to each other. In kazakh, russian, uyghur, german, korean, tatar languages are published in books and Newspapers, are national theatres, dance ensembles, are transferred to the national program on radio and television.

essay about tajikistan

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Since independence began to develop the dream economy, science, culture. Of course, our country was not easy to begin to build their state, out of the crisis, to overcome unemployment, but we passed these difficulties. We got to his feet, and now our country continues to move forward. During the time of our independence, we have made considerable: built a strong state, has created one of the most dynamic economies, improved the standard of living of the people. Nursultan nazarbayev, the President of our country, always on the first place puts the people. People believe him and love this man. The President of the republic of kazakhstan is the guarantor of the constitution. The constitution is the basic law of virtually every state, as well as the guarantor of stability tomorrow. In her first article said that kazakhstan is a democratic, secular, legal and social state, the highest value of which is his people.

Nazarbayev: Two decades: many specific cases, accomplishments, which previously could not accommodate the whole century, the upcoming anniversary of roads to all who are committed to the future of our Motherland. Indeed, it is not just a holiday, but the result of hard work and friendship of all peoples living in kazakhstan. I am grateful to my home for family, friends, and peaceful sky over your head. I thank the earth for its arms, for stately spacious fields, Equanimity towards all foreign curses, Thank you i, my motherland! Modern kazakhstan is an independent, sovereign, democratic state with a stable economy and a win-win plan for the future. Today kazakhstan boldly declares itself, about their rights and purposes. The President of our nation is truly a wise man, a shrewd politician, strategist and a true patriot,. Thanks to him we have achieved stability and prosperity.

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essay about tajikistan

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Tens of thousands of heroes from business kazakhstan showed the report courage and the will to total victory. Thanks to these people we live in the state, free and independent. All this thanks to the unity and cohesion of the people and the shared belief in a bright future. We must remember these people and be proud of true patriots of our country. The sun is shining from heaven. His courage we, proved a long time ago.

Beyond the threshold of the centuries. Moved forward, very proud and strong, the people of kazakhstan. Every citizen of kazakhstan remember the momentous day, december 16, 1991, when we gained independence. Since that day it's been twenty years. This is a major event that will celebrate the whole kazakhstan. As noted by the President of our country,.

Birch chintz north, mighty pine borovoye, golden cornfields of virgin territory, grey feather-grasses of the great Steppe, high mountains Alatau and tien Shan - all my kazakhstan. These paintings amaze me with his incredible beauty. I will never cease to admire. There's blue sky and snow-capped mountains, Endless fields of Golden expanses. Sunsets like in a fairy tale and starry nights, dawns clear as beauty's eyes. Mineral resources of kazakhstan is rich in natural resources: gas, oil, coal, ferrous and nonferrous metals.

It's all property of the people of kazakhstan, which got him a no-brainer. If you delve into history, kazakhstan took more than two hundred years to get its independence. Thousands of people fought for the freedom of our country, many died for the future of their homeland. Since ancient times, the ancestors defended our lands from the attacks of the dzungars. In the period of tsarist people have seen the death and injustice, sorrow and unhappiness, they knew what the loss. Also the people of kazakhstan took an active part in the great Patriotic war, as part of a single country.

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To create a free personal ad at this site, you need only a free yahoo! A membership: v do you get help in writing your profile—or any other advice? Answers is a community-driven question-and-answer (Q A) site or a knowledge market from Yahoo! That allows users to both submit questions to be answered and answer questions asked by other users. My independent kazakhstan, the greatest of all blessings, - at least, then, without which you cannot use other, is independence. Godwin, my home is a beautiful country, the republic paper of kazakhstan. This is a great country with a rich history, ancient culture and unique nature. The vast kazakh lands. When the north is still snow at the foot of the mountains in the south are already blooming fruit trees.

essay about tajikistan

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essay about tajikistan
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  2. Lying south and southeast of kazakhstan, uzbekistans territory falls mainly be west of Kyrgyzstan and. Tajikistan, and between Central Asias two.

  3. This Plurinational state of kazakhstan. Kayrakkum Reservoir, tajikistan photo essay and tourist information. Wow, ive been all over the world yet i know absolutely nothing about. Add a english essay helping others, essay, about, helping Others Yahoo essay about helping others yahoo career fair resume objective examples s about.

  4. Here is a photo essay representing some highlights. You will be presented with a specific topic and asked to write an 250-word essay about. Essay on the theme of "my motherland - kazakhstan". I am proud of my motherland.

  5. Ielts writing Task 2 Topic band.0 Discursive. Ielts writing Task 2 Topic: Art technology with Model. Tajikistan is one of the few remaining truly off-the-beaten-track travel experiences left in the.

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