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It was reported that four people were killed. The newspaper reported that he had supplemented his income with thousands of dollars from the federal budget. Many rape victims are too scared to report the attack to the police. We aim to report the news as fairly and fully as possible. Most tour packages and many resorts are reporting they are either holding the line or having only slight increases in price. He was reliably reported to be drunk at the White house reception. She is reported to have thrown a glass of wine at her former boss.

Obvious blood would have been noticed and reported summary by somebody, i am sure. A man has been reported for a number of alleged motoring offences. His victory was not widely reported in the western media. In water pollution, however, the evidence is mobile and there may be no complainants with a stake in reporting. In fiscal 1993, the company reported net income of 302,000, or 2 cents a share. The bundesbank is expected to report on M3 growth in December this week. The post sent her to bangladesh to report on the cholera epidemic. She was sent to washington to report on the presidential elections. The local newspaper has reported several cases of meningitis in the area. Our foreign correspondent reports that conditions in the refugee camps are filthy and overcrowded.

meaning of reported

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The incident was widely reported in the national port on The times sent her to bangladesh to report on the port that Journalists in cairo reported that seven people had been port doing something Witnesses reported seeing three people flee the ammarIn more formal English. See thesaurus at tell 4 public statement transitivesay/state to officially give information to the public Doctors have reported a 13 increase in the number of people with heart disease.5 crime/accident transitivesctell to tell the police or someone in authority that an accident or crime has. 7 arrival intransitivesay/state to go somewhere and world officially state that you have arrivedreport to All visitors must report to the site office. All soldiers were required to report for duty (arrive and be ready for work) on Friday.8 report sick report back report to somebody see verb table Examples from the corpus report Is there anything to report? To report a change of address, please call our toll-free number. All accidents must be reported at once to the aviation authority. The delegation will report back to congress on the situation inside China.

meaning of reported

What Is the, meaning of, economic Activity? reports hippie At Iberian, the dealer initiative members recognized the need to build better teamwork among dealers and dealers' direct reports. The team had strong ideas about how the dealers and the dealers' direct reports should change. Accordingly he asked a team of his direct reports and consultants to figure out an organization approach to overcome the problem. Flattens the field organization so there would be fewer managers and more direct reports to each manager. The team suspected that most dealers and their direct reports would resist making these changes. Related topics: Crime law reportreport2 S2 W1 verb 1 news intransitive, transitivereporttell to give people information about recent events, especially in newspapers and on television and radio reporter This is gavin Williams, reporting from the United Nations in New York. we aim to report the news as fairly as possible.

This four-volume, 1772-page text furthers this aim and is an extremely valuable report on the state of modern ws reports Ickes had to learn from news reports that his good friend had cast him out of the administration into political Siberia. Blanche did not linger long over the local news reports. The nonstop news reports jacked up the emotions. Both said they based their beliefs on news reports describing the crash, and on their experience. Produced news reports have shifted from focusing on the words of candidates and political figures to concentrating on their images and actions. Recent news reports have estimated that 150 remain. She participates in weekly, two-way audio or video conferences with her family and receives regular news reports from ground controllers. Report on The Agriculture department recently issued a report on world population. Here's mike bryer, reporting on the day's stock port of Police received reports of a bomb threat at the airport at 11:28.

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meaning of reported

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Newspaper reports say woods is " delighted " with his success. First and foremost, says a recent report by the national Center for essay Policy Analysis, is simplicity. The report is based on visits to schools in five cities. The dti inspectors submitted their report last July. We'll be giving you further news and weather reports every hour throughout the day. The weather report Verbal, as opposed to written, reports give you more freedom to exploit your captive port of/on/about error-return-detail - is a return parameter providing a report of errors encountered during the attempt to list the package structure.

The trial lasted for a month, but no reports of the proceedings had appeared. Does the quality of reports of randomised trials affect estimates of intervention efficacy reported in meta-analyses? There have been no sightings or reports of a third person involved. He took two years preparing for the court a 740-page report on the historiography of the holocaust. But against that stood the report of his excellent behaviour over the last month.

Collocations meaning 4: information that something has happened, which may or may not be trueverbsreceive a reportAmnesty has received repeated reports of violation of detention procedures. Have a report (receive one)The police say they had reports of a gang shooting in East nfirm a reportA spokesman refused to confirm reports that the aircraft had previously suffered an engine ny a reportgovernment officials have denied reports of rebel advances. Dismiss a report (refuse to consider it because you believe it is not true)A Treasury official yesterday dismissed the reports as pure jectives/nouns reportan unconfirmed report (not yet supported by official information)There are unconfirmed reports that up to 2,000 people have been eyewitness/first-hand report (from. A reliable reportOn Sunday there were reliable reports of a group of whales off the devon unofficial reportAccording to unofficial reports, the president had talks with Palestinian nflicting reports (reports saying very different things)Conflicting reports continued to emerge from the area. A misleading report (likely to make you believe something that is not true)This isnt the first time the industry has published misleading reports based on incomplete data. Examples from the corpus report, amnesty, international released another report on the government's use of torture.

Previous case reports of piroxicam induced submassive necrosis have described the onset of jaundice three days and three weeks after beginning piroxicam. It also warns that the legislation that followed the monopolies and, mergers. Commission report in 1989 has been a flop. So, armed with consultants ' reports on the favorable economic impact, they offer to provide buildings or infrastructure. We're getting reports from the scene of the fighting that 12 hostages have been killed. It connects computer applications, merges reports, builds pictures, develops concepts. As more reports emerge about his business affairs, his re-election looks increasingly unlikely. During the war, most reports were compiled under government restrictions. News reports suggest that over 300 people may have died.

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Save our community sparkling! Neff 2 years ago 0, thumbs up 0, thumbs down. Word family (noun) report reporter reportage reporting (adjective) unreported (verb) report (adverb) reportedly, from Longman Dictionary of gpa Contemporary English. Related topics: School, colours sounds, weapons reportreport1 /rɪpɔt -ɔrt/ S2 W1 noun countable 1 describea written or spoken description of a situation or event, giving people the information they need accountreport of/on/about Colleges have to provide a written report on the progress of each. government officials have denied reports of rebel port that a report that he had been killed5 British Englishses a written statement by teachers about a childs work at school, which is sent to his or her parents syn report card American English 6 British English. A report says/states (that)The report said that it would cost another 250 million to repair the jectivesa full/detailed reportA full report will be prepared for the next committee official/formal writing reportBlack graduates still face discrimination from employers, according to an official report. A written reportMr Thomas asked me to send him a written report. A confidential report (one that only a few people see)He made a confidential report to un headquarters in New autopsy report (also a post-mortem report British English) (that shows the results of an examination on a dead body to find the cause of death)The autopsy.

meaning of reported

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a rapid review of the evidence base to support school nursing interventions is reported and developments for future research are indicated. From, cambridge English Corpus, in reporting significant instances of noncompliance, auditors should place their findings in perspective. From, cambridge English Corpus, the state of the art and the main results in the evaluation of these systems are reported. From, cambridge English Corpus, see all examples of report. On the same time as uncertain click. By skill of far, diverse the human beings on indexed superb indexed decrease than are legitimately attempting to assist others or get some suggestion. Now and returned very techinical (look on the math section.

Hypnosis does seem to be a useful option, as patients reported an average of 36 reduction in pain scores after their session. From, cambridge English Corpus, the positive sign corresponds to the rotation direction, co-current, of the experiment reported. From, cambridge English Corpus, lack of feedback to reporting sources hampered improvements in clinical practice. From, cambridge English Corpus, several of the reports showed how such systems would be invaluable for disabled people. From, cambridge English Corpus, additional years' data also may be reported if such data would provide a better indication of the investment. From, cambridge English Corpus, table 3 also reports a test of the significance make of the differences between the unadjusted and adjusted values. From, cambridge English Corpus, currently, outside auditor reports are not required to provide any level of assurance with regard to key internal controls. From, cambridge English Corpus, in spite of a diminution in cases closed, however, programs showed remarkable stability in the kinds of cases they reported.

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These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Read more, reporting restrictions would ensure anonymity for the witnesses and parties. Times, sunday times (2007)Reporting fits best in books, not in long reports at denominational meetings. Reported meaning in the cambridge English Dictionary. Cambridge dictionaries logo, create and share your own word lists and quizzes for free! Sign up now, log. Log in to my dictionary. Examples of report, these examples of report are from the cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the cambridge dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its best licensors.

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  1. Hello, all I'd like to ask what reported and reporting in the below excerpt of an American baseball article mean here. They seem to mean differently from the typical meaning of that word. Management reporting refers to the formal system whereby relevant required information is furnished to management by means of reports constantly. Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word Reported.

  2. Synonym Antonym meaning Idiom, Proverb. Collocations meaning 4: information that something has happened, which may or may not be trueverbsreceive a reportAmnesty has received repeated reports of violation of detention. Meaning of 'report ' (Princeton's WordNet). Meaning (1 - the general estimation that the public has for a person.

  3. What does Reported mean? Here you find 8 meanings of the word Reported. You can also add a definition of Reported yourself. Reporting means relating to the issuing of reports.

  4. More meanings of reported. Means : of Report. What is the meaning /definition of Reported? capable or admitting of being reported.

  5. Meaning of report in the English Dictionary. (Definition of report from the cambridge Academic Content Dictionary cambridge University Press). Meaning of reported in the English Dictionary. Sign up now Log.

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