Restaurant business plan in dubai

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This person will be responsible for operations and will be appointed by person in charge of training. This person must also undergo specialized training. Other special permits are as follows For food transportation: Vehicle permit is required. For handling and serving pork: Pork permit is required food consignment release license Under the new Dubai food code imposed in 2013, there separate guidelines on import and export of food products. These may come handy for company formation in Dubai food industry. Key factors for Dubai restaurant construction: Design and layout requirements for food establishments Before commencing works, approval must be sought from food control section. Three copies of the proposed kitchen design/payout plans and equipment details must be provided from registered engineering office for approval. Here is an example of guidelines for restaurent set.

The windows and ventilation system, location of food equipment that will be used to process the food. Washing machines, dish washers and other supportive equipments. Additionally, an approval from planning department is required if the restaurant is located outside the shopping center. You must also apply for noc on food stuff establishment trade license from the food safety department This service will enable you to complete the procedure of issuing fill trade license related to the food activity/establishment which is provided by the department of Economic development (DED). Jebel Ali free zone, dubai investments park etc. The service fee for food establishment permit fee is 10,000aaed (ii other licenses: In case you are looking special licenses like liquor license, then there is separate procedure. Liquor license is special kind of license which must be applied with Dubai police headquarters. Following documents are required: Application form, copy of the passport, application fee. Two photos, one must know that Dubai government imposes a 30 tax on sale of liquor and there are certain other fee also required for sale of liquor like fee for importing liquor, fee for selling liquor etc. You can contact Commitbiz business consultants for more assistance on licensing and fees. Food safety measures Each restaurant must appoint qualified personnel when they start operating.

restaurant business plan in dubai

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Food license : food license is provided. Food safety department in Dubai. The following documents must be produced before the food safety department for to obtain the cafeteria licence or for any food business setup in Dubai. Copy of the trade homework license or primary approval from authority that issues trade license. Interior design layout of the premises, if applicable. This is essentially a blue print of your restaurant. This blue print must contain the following in the restaurant. The entry and exit passages, space for processing food, space for storing food.

restaurant business plan in dubai

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Food factories and warehouses, food catering services, supplies to cruise ship, desert camps, events and canteens. Food packing material manufacturers and supplies. Kiosks, temporary and permanent food events, and mobile vending operations. Licensing requirement, you require two types of licenses for opening a restaurant in Dubai. Trade license : The, department of tourism and Commerce marketing provides trade license for business setup in Dubai. You must select appropriate food establishment type you want to operate. This is important as it will be specified in the license that you acquire. Following this book you must also get your construction plans vetted and approved by the food control department of Dubai.

Business setup Dubai: food sector, for opening a restaurant business in Dubai, you have to follow the food Code. Food code is the initiative of the food Control Department of Dubai municipality to ensure food safety from the start point of food production to end point of food consumption. It is an initiative with an endevour to guide the primary person in charge at the restaurant and instill food safety standards in the food industry. There are similar food codes in United States, canada, australia and Hong Kong. This shows how committed the dubai government is to matchup with world food standards. The food code is applicable to following types of business setup in Dubai. Restaurants, hotels, cafeteria and cafes. Butcheries, food service operation institution in schools and hospitals. Supermarket, grocery and departmental stores.

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restaurant business plan in dubai

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Take your brand to the world. (Marketing your Restaurant). Last, register and run it legally. If you need help to start and run a business successfully, you can get a free consultation from. Horizon f b solutions.

They, i think offer a wide range of tilak services from business planning, menu development, to restaurant design, trading license. Food is a lucrative business industry and the middle east is the hub of delicious culinary delights from all over the world. One of the key reasons why people travel to places in the uae like dubai is to have a taste of world cuisine and enrich their travelling experience. Increasing numbers of businessmen are eyeing the restaurant business in Dubai. Nearly 2000 restaurants have opened up in Dubai in last one and a half year alone. (i people are willing to try newer cuisines, new food specialties and tantalize their taste buds. After all, one of the most important parts of travelling to foreign country is to indulge in local and global cuisine.

One option to eliminate the need to search for the ideal local partner altogether is to establish an llc with a professional corporate local partnership specialist, such as pro partner ey will ensure that agreements are in place that enable the foreign investor to fully. Pro partner Group also ensure that a penalty free exit/company sale strategy is in place for the foreign investor should it be required. Pro partner Group are proud of the award-winning service they offer clients in the formation and support of uae companies. James Swallow is Commercial Director of pro partner Group. For further information on how to set up a restaurant in Abu Dhabi, dubai or the wider uae and register your trade name, brand and obtain trademarks and any other related government liaison matter in the uae and wider Gulf, contact James on or call. Blog post: Starting a restaurant in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Starting a business in Dubai, takes time and effort. You need to look and approach the right consulting, legal and pro to help you start a business. Here are some steps to consider when you are planning to open a restaurant business in uae. Pick your Ideal Startup Restaurant. Find a good Location For your Ideal Restaurant. Choose a restaurant Name. Write your Restaurant Business Plan. Design for your Restaurant. Hire the restaurant Staff.

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Assure every dollar of evernote your capital spend is used wisely to maximising your restaurant business profits. Have a needed contingency plan to deal with the inevitability of the unforeseen. Protect your business and brand as you advance in the market. Decide where to establish your business: Free zone or On-Shore. Whilst a free zone may seem like a lower cost option in which to establish a business, the strict regulations around trading mean that the restaurant must be physically located in that Free zone, which of course is not likely to be a particularly prosperous. The most effective way to set up a restaurant in the uae therefore is as an on-shore. Limited liability company (LLC). As with many countries in the gcc region, commercial law in the uae states that a foreign investor cannot own more than 49 of an llc, and must partner with one or more Emirati (individual or company who will therefore own a minimum.

restaurant business plan in dubai

Facing this endeavour, its incredibly helpful to have assistance from local contacts who can not only share good locations for your restaurant or cafeteria business, but also share which areas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are under development or up and coming and would. One example is saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, this is an area with big ambitions, set to be the cultural heart of the uae, so this is an interesting area to consider when setting up a restaurant. Blue waters Island in Dubai is also currently under construction, and set to host the largest observation wheel in the world the ain Dubai. A restaurant zone is planned here, which targets tourists from all over the world. A great place to consider setting up a restaurant in Dubai. Set Up your Business Plan. A professional business plan should cover 4 areas: Set clear goals for your restaurant or cafeteria.

tourist zones, such as Jumeriah beach Walk, or high-quality residential zones such as Arabian Ranches and the palm. It is important to choose a location which will support your restaurant type and your customers budget. For instance, students tend to prefer lower cost cafeterias as they are not in full time work. Areas frequented by tourists staying in the 5* hotels, can accommodate more luxurious and exotic restaurants. For example, say youre looking for The best place to start a vegetarian restaurant in Dubai. When making this pivotal decision, you want to assure the location is not only where your target customers are, but also where your competitors havent already saturated the area.

If youd like to offer something extra in strange your business there is a number of special licenses you can apply for including: a delivery permit, liquor permit, pork permit, ramadan permit and more. As youve probably guessed by now, gaining a license is a critical part of the process. Its important it is done properly and on time so that you can begin opening the doors to your restaurant or cafeteria as quickly as possible. Inadequate or improper filing/renewal of your food and Trade license has the potential to leave your business vulnerable to legal fines and closure. Getting your business off the ground (and keeping it profitable) means obtaining the necessary licenses, then keeping the paperwork in proper standing with the correct authorities. Often the rules for opening a restaurant in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are quite different to those in Europe and America, so it is worth seeking expert advice from someone who has worked in the region for a while. A business set up specialist with fully compliant administrative support and pro services such. Pro partner Group, will be able to guide you through the licensing processing and assist with compliance check, as well as providing secure local partner services. Select your Best Location, location is everything when starting a business in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

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The uae is without doubt one of the largest growing economies in twist the middle east, but the restaurant sector in particular has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, specifically in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. According to euromonitor International, an additional 19,000 outlets are expected to enter the food beverage sector in Dubai alone by 2019. Underpinned by the worldwide foodie movement, its easy to see why dubai and Abu Dhabi are exciting new places for hopeful restauranteurs: A thriving and diverse array of customers from every continent of the world: Asia, europe, the Americas, australasia and the middle east. Fast-growing tourism sector, strong government commitment to growing the economy and gdp. Attractive incentives for starting a restaurant or cafeteria in the food beverage industry. Before you officially launch a restaurant in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and claim your slice of the excitement, there are 3 all-important steps to take:. Secure your food trade license before starting a restaurant or cafeteria. A necessary first-step for launching your new restaurant or cafeteria in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is securing your food and trade licenses. Your food License can be obtained through the food safety department, while your Trade license must be acquired through the department of Economic development department of tourism and Commerce marketing.

restaurant business plan in dubai
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  2. Approval from the Planning Department, if the restaurant is located. Location is everything when starting a business in Dubai or Abu Dh abi. A professional business plan should cover 4 areas).

  3. In an emerging growing market like dubai, most locations are sourced off-plan. The profitable restaurant Business is not just about food (yes you heard that. Our passion and expertise lies in Turn-key projects right from Business Plans. However, there are some requirements for starting a business in th e food.

  4. Start a restaurant in Cafe in Dubai, abu Dhabi also a good option. Aa professional business plan should cover 4 areas: Set clear. Unlike any commercial setup, opening a restaurant in Dubai also re quires similar elements of successful business planning to ensure. So for those wishing to start a new restaurant business, there could possibly.

  5. Here are some steps to consider when you are planning to open a restaurant busines s in uae. Pick your Ideal Startup Restaurant. Find a good Location.

  6. Want to start a restaurant business in dubai or to know restaurant license cost in eck out our blog on how to open a restaurant business in dubai. Planning to start restaurant business in Dubai and running a successful business r equires careful planning, experiment and abiding the law as food habits are. With the right amount of planning and a detailed execution plan, o pening and running a restaurant in Dubai can still be a highly lucrative.

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