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We redesigned both the web site and magazine and livened up the content. At the same time, we preserved its deep technical orientation. 1/02-9/04 Executive editor, bio-it world (IDG). Editor-in-Chief, health-it world (IDG) 1/91-1/00 Executive news Editor editor, pc week (Ziff davis) 2000-02 Editor-in-Chief, (Ziff davis there is nothing more satisfying than being invited back to the publication where you really want to be because you ran circles around it at a competitor. Those were circumstances under which I returned to pc week with its best days of breaking big stories still ahead. It was at this time that daily newspapers started to beef up their technology staffs and became our editorial competition. 1/99-4/01 m columnist, dodges E-conomy (weekly, freelance).

Dn is a 63-year-old 18x engineering magazine with a robust web site. We grew web traffic grew 35 in 2007 through substantial improvement in content quality, volume and seo. We also made wide use of video, photos and podcasts. An innovation is our use of landing pages on the web for exhaustive and continuing coverage of topics like boeings 787. I oversaw a staff of eight and write a lot, a theme emphasized throughout my materials. We have won several awards. 10/05-11/06 Editor-in-Chief, Electronic Business (Reed we redesigned EBs magazine and web site. Dramatic improvements were made to the content and while eb came close to break even, reed closed down all but a marginal web presence after 35 years of great work. I was responsible the editorial and was disappointed with this decision given our progress. 9/04-10/05 Editor-in-Chief, edn magazine (Reed i was the first journalist to lead edn, a technical electrical engineering 24x magazine. It has always been an engineer.

resume john

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Social Media, twitter 1,749 followers/following 809 ( follow me facebook friends, fans and colleagues 1,354; LinkedIn, 366 connections. Summary, i am in my 34th year as an editor and committed journalist. For much of my career, i have held positions in senior editorial management at technology publications and more recently at ones closely covering electrical engineering. Learning and communicating new developments technology is what i enjoy most. As a result, i have always crafted my job so 50 of my time is spent reporting and writing. Even as the Internet has emerged as the primary publishing medium, i still embrace sound journalistic practices, principals and writing excellence. At the same time, i work hard to exploit the 247, multimedia, seo, social media aspects as well as the inexhaustible flexibility of the Internet. I am also a call firefighter in West Newbury, mass. Employment history 10/10 present, community manager, m dissertation (IDG) 6/1/09 may 1, 2010 Blogger for Thinking Tech blog at m, a cbs interactive web site 11/06-1/09 Editor-in-Chief, design News (Reed Business Information).

resume john

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Woodman notes: In contrast to, erebus the geographical clues as to the location of hms terror are almost non-existent. It is clear that any case setting out a search area based on testimony will not rely on specific geographical clues but must be entirely circumstantial, based on a chain of reasoning from testimony concerning other aspects of the Franklin tragedy. Woodman, who is perhaps as familiar with such records as any modern-day historian, then reviews the relevant records in significant detail, concluding that The clear implication is that Terror lies, with a crushed side, in the water of Erebus bay. Regardless of its exact location, one detail is certain: the search for Franklins second lost ship is as mysterious and captivating as the hunt that led to the discovery of Erebus. (Updated 8/19/2011 john. Dodge 1 Olde parish way, west Newbury, mass. Contact info: /office, /mobile, @thedodgeretort, goal, to continue as a journalist in the worlds of online, blogging, print and social media.

Terror is likely to be found, based both on historical Inuit testimony and the discovery. Potter, an avid Franklin researcher and the author of the forthcoming. Finding Franklin: The Untold Story of a one hundred and Sixty-five year search who also writes on the subject at his. Visions of the north blog, wrote on the possible location. In, where to look for hms, terror, potter writes that One might assume that, with one ship located and identified, it might be possible to narrow the range of sites to search for the second vessel, but thats not necessarily the case. He points out that since the Inuit didnt know the names of either ship, it takes some considerable review of the available testimony to sort out which tales refer to which ship. Based on various Inuit accounts, potter points to Ogle point, Erebus bay and Victoria strait as possible sites for the still-missing wreck. Potter also notes (and links to) a new piece by renowned Franklin historian david. Woodman, which likewise ponders the possible location.

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resume john

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Terror, the second ship of the legendary ill-fated 1845 Franklin Expedition. The federal government announced on graduate Aug. 23 that Parks Canadas Underwater Archaeology team is expected to resume exploring. Erebus and continue its search for, terror at the end of August — along with the canadian coast guards. Sir Wilfrid laurier, the royal Canadian navys hmcs.

Shawinigan, personnel and equipment from the canadian Hydrographic Service and the Arctic Research foundations research vessel. The so-called Mission Erebus and Terror 2016 will level spend about nine days on this years reconnaissance. In 1992, the two wrecks were designated national historic sites, despite their unknown locations at the time. Our national historic sites tell the stories of who we are, including the history, cultures and contributions of Indigenous peoples, says Catherine McKenna, minister of the Environment and Climate Change. Erebus and, terror 2016 offers a unique opportunity for historical exploration and to further the deep connections of northern communities with the story of the Franklin Expedition. Traditional Inuit knowledge, of course, was instrumental in locating the wreckage. And in the lead-up to todays announcement, renowned Franklin historians have written new works on where.

This contributed to a  1 Billion increase in lines of credi booked with a balance. Business Rules Analyst ii, responsible for managing the configuration of business rules and parameters in all real estate systems. Provide requirements and direction for projects implementing new functionality. Maintain documentation of changes, coordinate implementation and testing of changes with it, qa, and the business. Introduced the process for validating changes using sql and Oracle developer; Presidents Club Award 3rd quarter 2012. Mortgage Processor i, responsible for processing mortgage loans through assessing the application and evaluating the risks to the member, the company, and investors.

Negotiate counter offers for loans that fall outside of internal, investor, or government guidelines for risk. Communicate approvals and denials to members via over the telephone and via e-mail. Lending authority for mortgages up to 417,000.00. Presidents Club Award 3rd quarter  2010. Ikon office solutions, Inc - november 2 003 december 2004 Sales Associate liaison between clients and Account Managers Negotiated project details and deadlines which improved profitability and efficiency monitored job progress and reported on same Identified new business opportunities and provided information to the Account. Nearly two years to the day since sir John Franklins sunken hms. Erebus was discovered in Nunavuts queen maud Gulf, the team responsible for the find is back on the hunt, searching for hms.

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International experience through living in writing Europe. Highly proficient in Microsoft Office suite, windows, mac os x, ios, android, google App. Experience, usaa - january 2005 Present, key accomplishments, home Equity line of Credit (heloc) thank decrease Initiative - responsible for creating and delivering the files needed to modify the accounts and communicate the change to the member. Coordinated with it, the business, credit risk, and member service teams daily. Provided requirements and guidance for the automation of this process. M appication development - Worked outside of normal business hours and responsibiliy learn the m platform and develop and replacement for the parameter Control Request Form and workflow tool, currently in pilot. The application is designed to provide a central place for analysts and internal customers to log information on a request as well as capture decisions and approvals. Realtor portal invention implemented by ice - Patent application for realtor Portal is in process; Most Newsworthy Innovation Award - newness to usaa and Market - 2010; Exhibitor at the 2010 Annual leadership conference. Proposed new heloc feature - the new heloc feature allowed a member to take an initial withdrawal from their loan and lock the rate prior to closing.

resume john

Provozovatel a redakce, hair reklama a marketing. Všeobecné podmínky užívání a ochrana osobních údajů. Vývojáři, napište nám, server hosting zajišťuje, vshosting. Tento web používá k poskytování služeb, personalizaci reklam a analýze návštěvnosti soubory cookie. Používáním tohoto webu s tím souhlasíte. John l plantada, m: e-mail: Social: google, ifttt, new myspace, twitter, tumblr, linkedin, pinboard,, objective, a key analyst or advisor position where creativity, innovation, data driven analytics, and technical experience will be used for the enhancement of communication and automation of business processes. Education, our Lady of the lake university - mba, accounting and Finance. Florida State University - bs, finance, specialties, excellent understanding of technology and social networking. Current roles enhance my knowledge of complex problem solving and analysis.

2/10/ davon Sawa, john Schneider a mladičká laura bertram, bylo radost je vidět, záverečné resumé se mi líbilo (to vyprávění co bylo potom na konci) -efekty, triky, hudba, děj, námět, réžie./ Hmm tak tohle je fakt výbornej. Když to vezmu kolem a kolem, tak i v céčkové produkci stojí někde hodně nízko. Nepřináší nic zajímavého, snad jen kromě pár postav a herců. Ale s nimi mohli natočit cokoliv jiného, klidně film o tom jak venku prší a do toho fouká vítr (i když vlastně o tom to tak trochu asi bylo). No nic du se projít./ Celkem.6.2007). A tam byly jako nejaky videt?! Ja zahlidnul akorat rotujci mracna prachu nebo cosi podobnyho dalsi ze zastupu zoufalych lacinych tornadovych filmu najdou se pravda i jeste o neco stupidnejsi tenhle nejhorsi neni ale opet potvrzuje ze tocit podobny filmy bez odpovidajicich financi a triku je ztrata casu Twister holt asi. ( willy1 ) Česko-slovenská filmová databáze, pomo media group.

Ježiši, tak to byla komedie. Polovinu filmu jsem jen kroutil hlavou nad neskutečně trapnými scénkami, směšně vypadajícími tornády, a essays o hercích ani nemluvně. Po téhle podívané mě nenapadá nic pěkného, co bych o téhle céčkové katastrofě mohl napsat.(13.8.2006). Viděl jsem jen pět minut z finále (a tak nebudu hodnotit) a málem jsem se pochcal smíchy. I na naší silně zrnící Primě jsem si nemohl nevšimnout té dementní zadní projekce, nemluvě o směšně počítačových tornádech. Proč proboha někdo točí takové věci, když na to nemá prachy? Není nic horšího než když si televize usmyslí zkopírovat hollywoodský katastrofický velkofilm stojící na zvláštních efektech.

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Noc tornád / Night of the Twisters (TV film) (1996). Chceš se technologicky podílet na vývoji č? Pokud ovládáš php, jsi zodpovědný a rád se učíš novým věcem, pak hledáme přímo tebe! Ďalší world z potomkov špičkového, twistera, ktorý spolu s brachom, asteroidom a ďalšími kumpánmi vytvoril novú kategóriu filmov, tzv. Zväčša problémová rodina (zväčša nevlastný otec) je vystavená prírodnej katastrofe, ale čo je oveľa strašnejšie (minimálne s pohľadu tvorcov) je práve ich nie práve najpevnejší vzťah (rodinná idyla sucks ktorý utuží jedine nejaké veľké dobrodružstvo. A toto dobrodružstvo sa vo svojej plnej cgi kvalite objaví prvý krát až v 40-tej(!) minúte filmu v okne domu, na celé 3 sekundy! A tak ďaľej a tak ďalej a mne ja chce grcať a tornádo mam v hlave. Finále je vyslovene smiešne a trápne rovnako, ako celý tento odpadkový žáner.(30.8.2006) odpad!

resume john
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Creative design leader who strategically uses visual communication and design solutions to solve market and business. Osobní resumé věru nemůže být jiné: Denně děkuji bohu za to, že mohu žít v ateistické zemi a jakkoliv jsem zavilým odmítačem.

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  1. M: e-mail: John, john. Professional qualifications Member of davis Valuation Group davis Valuation Group provides real estate appraisal and consulting. 1993 Art Director, temerlin McClain, dallas Texas Clients: American Airlines, long. John, silvers Restaurant, American youth Hostels.

  2. John, rettie's, resume, john, rettie voice. Wards Communications Detroit,. John is the vice President - revenue enhancement of The lancaster Group, llc (12/2004 - present).

  3. About tdr and, john, dodge, john,. Dodge 1 Olde parish way west Newbury, mass. John, dodge did I just see lebron throw the ball.

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