Short autobiography of mahatma gandhi

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71: we've started and won two atomic wars since 1960 : This statement is interesting in two respects. (1) Since the book was published in 1953 it clearly shows that the events described in it are probably intended to take place in the near future;. However, also the comment. (2) Bradbury was obviously haunted by the idea of an atomic war: when he wrote his novel it was a few years ago only that the Americans dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Yet, the novelist is somewhat optimistic, if not naive, concerning the possibility for mankind to survive such a catastrophe: this seems to be possible for the so-called book people in the end, who live just a few miles away from the city which is destroyed. But there were also different views at that time: the social philosopher Bertrand Russell (1872-1970;.

69: The sieve and the sand : the title of this part is explained. 75-76; it refers to an episode which is rooted in the protagonist's childhood. We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. James Boswell, life. Johnson, 1791; footnote september 1777. Johnson is one of Great Britain's most important eighteenth-century critics and lexicographers (cf. His Dictionary of the English Language and the Scottish lawyer James Boswell is both his most famous biographer and personal friend. 70: That favourite subject, myself : James Boswell, "Letter to sir William Temple july dissertation 26th, 1763. Sir William Temple was a famous British statesman. Significantly enough, guy montag and his wife mildred show quite different reactions to this"tion, which testify to the alienation that exists between them.

short autobiography of mahatma gandhi

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61: we have our fingers in the dike : this is an allusion to the legend about a dutch boy, who performed a selfless public service in holding back the sea by keeping his finger in a hole in the dike. 66: It would be best if firemen themselves were burnt : the reader may interests suspect that this is another example of foreshadowing which is meant to produce tension. 67: It is computed that eleven thousand persons have at several times suffered death rather than submit to break their eggs at the smaller end : This"tion, which is taken from Jonathan Swift (1667-1745 gullivers Travels, first book, chapter iv, paragraph 5, illustrates the. Gulliver's Travels has sometimes been classified as a utopian book, which is not acceptable (6). Rather than that it is a satire. In the instance"d above, jonathan Swift uses exaggeration, of course, as a satirical tool in order to point out the absurd degree which is used in order to enforce conformity. It seems that Montag is unable to understand this"tion.

short autobiography of mahatma gandhi

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If somebody like clarisse wants to know why things happen, according to beatty she will necessarily become unhappy (cf. 60 in the novel which is very likely to be unacceptable to the reader. Similarly it is hardly convincing to call the firemen "the happiness boys who desk protect the people against "conflicting theory and thought" (p. Little Black sambo/Uncle tom's Cabin : Harriet beecher-Stowe (1811-1896) published a novel with the title Uncle tom's Cabin (1852 in which she severely criticized slavery and which has become known in many countries including Germany. Sambo is a character in Uncle tom's Cabin ; by extension this has become a pejorative term which implies discrimination of the Blacks. Uncle tom has become the stereotpye of the black slave. Little Black sambo also is the title of an illustrated children's book which was first published in 1898 by hellen Bannerman and is still available today.

It should be kept in mind that a society's treatment of minorities is a test for its tolerance. 59, where beatty states "that we can't have our minorities upset and stirred.". 58: the constitution (1787) : the original seven articles are concerned with the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the government; the statement made by beatty may be an allusion to the declaration of Independence which preceded. 59: people want to be happy. Don't we give them fun? In the American Declaration of Independence, the pursuit of Happiness is defined as an unalienable human right (cf. Beatty's definition of this concept is very limited, however: it is reduced to having fun, which means to give up thinking altogether.

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short autobiography of mahatma gandhi

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41: "I'm full of bits and pieces said beatty : this may refer to the previous"tion but also to the many"s which are to follow in part II;. The comments. 50: Dante, alighieri : Italian poet (1265-1321 who wrote the divina commedia, one of the most famous works of European literature; Swift, jonathan :. 67; Marcus Aurelius : Roman emperor (121-180. who also wrote philosophical writing works. 54: civil War : the allusion is to the American war of secession from, which is the only civil war of American history.

In it, the northern States were able to defeat synthesis the south and to proclaim the abolition of slavery in 1863; Hamlet : one of the greatest Shakespearean tragedies (1600 or 1601). 55: there's your intellectual pattern for the past five centuries or more : this statement seems to show that the events described in the novel must be supposed to take place in the very remote future. However, their relationship with our time cannot hardly be overlooked. Also the comment. 57: Mormons, baptists, Unitarians, second generation Chinese, swedes. beatty's list of religious, racial, or national minorities is quite impressive.

27: the Phoenix : this is the symbol which the captain of the firemen wears on his hat, while the firemen themselves have got a phoenix-disc on their chests (cf. 7 in the text). There is another allusion to it at the end of the novel (cf. 156 where it points to possible resurrection or rebirth. 35: First Fireman: Benjamin Franklin : Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790 statesman and philosopher, is said to be one of the fathers of the American Dream and famous for his Autobiography. At the same time he is the founder of America's first fire brigade, which came into being in Boston in 1736.

40: "Play the man, master Ridley; we shall this day light such a candle, by god's grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out." This"tion refers to hugh Latimer, the leading English reformer of the sixteenth century and Nicholas Ridley, anglican. In a similar way the old woman refuses to sacrifice her views; therefore her death puts Montag's development into motion: she becomes a candle which will last him the rest of his life (cf. The analogy between the fate of the reformers and that of the old woman is quite obvious. 37: Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine : the statement comes from the chapter 1 of Dreamthorp, a collection of essays by Alexander Smith, a glasgow lace-maker. 39: Tower of Babel : according to this myth described in the bible (cf. Genesis, 11:6-8) God created diversity of speech among men.

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Faulkner, william : famous novelist and short story writer of the American south (1897-1962) and winner of the nobel Prize for Literature in 1950. Destroying the works of these writers directly reflects spirit of the McCarthy era, in which so-called Un-American books were burned in order to shakespeare 'protect' the. For Bradbury, there exist also some parallels to hitler's torching books in 1934 and to the salem witch hunts in 1680, during which his "ten-times-great grandmother Mary Bradbury was tried but escaped the burning". 21: The parlor : it becomes obvious very quickly that Mildred watches three-dimensional tv programmes all day long;. 98-99, etc.: the references to her 'family' and the 'white Clown' suggest that these have become substitute figures for her and that she suffers from a considerable loss of reality. She is completely passive, lethargic, addicted to the medium, and somehow her behaviour resembles modern tv viewing of daily soaps and so-called reality tv (shows). It should be kept in mind that Bradbury criticized such an abuse of the new medium when it was becoming a nation-wide institution in the early 1950s. 28: The hound growled. "This isn't the first time it's threatened me" : these are two examples of foreshadowing, which may be regarded as a literary device in order to produce tension.

short autobiography of mahatma gandhi

Bibliography below the protagonist's Christian name may refer to guy fawkes and his small famous gun powder plot in order to kill King James i in 1605 remember, remember the fifth of november whereas his family name seems to suggest a new beginning. Also the comment on Faber to be found. Clarisse McClellan : her Christian name is based on the latin adjective clarus, which means "clearly". It may be understood as a telling name referring both to her outward appearance and to her character. 9: Millay, edna. Vincent : American writer (1892-1950 Whitman, walt : perhaps the most important American poet of the late 19th century (1819-1892 above all, he was influenced by the transcendentalists, particularly by ralph Waldo Emerson. He wanted to show how man might achieve for himself the greatest possible freedom within the limits of natural law.

portray the frightening emptiness of society. None of the commentaries is perfectly satisfactory: first of all, the one to be found in Vater's. As far as the allusions to poets, philosophers, men of letters, scientists, etc. As to the"tions from primary sources, however, these two contain - surprisingly enough - not only the same amount of information, but also the same gaps and at least in one case also the same mistake (2). I have tried to fill in the gaps (3) and, in addition to that, to offer some material which is a help for an understanding of the passages under consideration. Anyone who is interested in the genesis of the novel, which was written in just nine days, is advised to read Bradbury's "Burning Bright. An afterword which was first published in February, 1983 (4). 8: guy montag (page references are to the cornelsen edition by dieter Vater;.

Introductory remarks, ray bradbury's novel, fahrenheit 451 was first recommended for foreign language teaching purposes more than twenty years ago (cf. Perhaps this is the essay reason why several resources exist which may facilitate the practical work of the language teacher. Stuttgart, 1991, reprinted 1995) and in addition to that, a volume of annotations was produced by Erwin Kastner in the well-known series. Moreover, dieter Vater published a didactic edition,. Study guide, accompanied by a teacher's booklet lehrerheft with the help of the cornelsen publishing house (Berlin, 3rd edition, 1988). However, as to the commentary of allusions and"tions the quality of the three books under consideration is far from being ideal. On the one hand, one topic of Bradbury's is the prohibition of books. On the other hand, it is astonishing to see how much the text.

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Hauptseite, roman, arbeiten, for the foreign language learner there exist two important criteria of any didactic edition resume of comprehensive literary texts. These are, on the one hand, the quality of linguistic annotations and, on the other hand, a careful commentary in order to facilitate understanding. The following contribution is based on the assumption that the didactic resources available concerning ray bradbury's. Fahrenheit 451 are insufficient. The Use of Literary"tions and Allusions. Ray bradbury, fahrenheit 451, willi real, table of Contents. Part Two, part Three.

short autobiography of mahatma gandhi
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