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Since misplaced punctuation can change the entire meaning of a sentence, it's also important to ensure that these little marks have been expertly employed. Good spelling, grammar, and punctuation are extremely important; it's not uncommon for some teachers to mark down a paper an entire letter grade if it's obvious that it hasn't been properly proofread. Address every error, no matter how big or small. You should minimize the potential for misunderstanding by choosing the right words to communicate your ideas. Never underestimate the importance of clarity; when faced with the choice to use a big, vague word or a short, clear one, always choose the latter. During the editing process, academic papers or theses that are highly dependent on research need to have their sources vetted for accuracy and legitimacy. Verify that your paper is based on credible information. Then, in the proofreading stage, check your citations and footnotes to ensure their proper placement and formatting.

This extra considersation can give your paper more order. Also, take wallpaper the time to rewrite or revise any part of your paper that you're unsatisfied with or that you think could be written more convincingly. Editing allows you to identify areas that could be supported by more facts or better arguments. Add more content as you see fit, as long as it's relevant and within word limit restrictions. Save newer versions of your work as separate files so that you'll life have a record of your drafts and a point of reference if you decide to revisit certain ideas. Once your paper's content and flow are the best they can be, you can dive into proofreading, which includes looking for errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar, and word choice. The benefits of Proofreading. Performing a thorough proofread of your work will give you the chance to fix any errors that remain and that may cloud your intended meaning. Though many computers and word processors offer spell-checkers, they cannot catch tricky and commonly misused words, such as homophones, the way that you can if you proofread and give your paper a word-by-word review. Grammar mistakes can also be caught and fixed, especially when reading your work aloud.

help proofreading your essay

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Writing Program, The needed University of Chicago). Written by, chandra Clarke, proofreading a paper before you turn it in can mean the difference between an unacceptable essay and one that will be praised and rewarded with an excellent grade. Too often, however, students skip this crucial step when writing. Proofreading a paper is just as important as any other aspect of writing; in fact, the process is instrumental in getting your ideas across in an accessible and logical manner. Before you proofread, before performing a final proofread, it's important to do an in-depth edit. Editing your paper allows you to examine how your ideas connect with each other in terms of organization, development, and focus. If a particular argument or fact would be better suited for another section of your paper, you can rearrange the content so that similar ideas are presented in the same paragraph or in proximity to each other.

help proofreading your essay

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Troy university library tutorial; revision: Cultivating a critical eye. Institute for hippie Writing Rhetoric. Dartmouth College; revision guidelines. Hunter College; Where do i begin? The Writing Lab and The owl. Purdue university; Williams, joseph. Writing in College 3:A Strategy for Analyzing and revising a first Draft.

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help proofreading your essay

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Talk with your professor about helping you understand why you make the errors you do make so that you can learn how to avoid them. Develop strategies you are most comfortable with to find and correct your particular errors in usage, sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation. Where you proofread is important! Effective and efficient proofreading requires extended focus and concentration. If you are easily distracted by external activity or noise, proofread in a quiet corner of the library rather than at a table in Starbucks. Proofread in several short blocks of time. Avoid trying to proofread you entire paper all at once, otherwise, it will be difficult to maintain your concentration.

A good strategy is to start your proofreading each time at the beginning of your paper. It will take longer to make corrections, but you'll be amazed at how many mistakes you find in text about that you have already reviewed. In general, verb tense should be in the following format, although variations can occur within the text depending on the narrative style of your paper. Note that references to prior research mentioned anywhere in your paper should always be stated in the past tense. Abstract-past tense the summary description of what I did Introduction-present tense i am describing the study to you now Literature review-past tense the studies I reviewed have already been written Methodology-past tense the way i gathered and synthesized data has already happened Results-past tense the. "avoiding the Proofreading Trap: The value of the Error Correction Process." The Writing Center journal 19 (Spring/Summer 1999 7-32; Editing and Proofreading.

Since many errors are made and overlooked by speeding through writing and proofreading, setting aside the time to carefully review your writing will help you catch errors you might otherwise miss. Always read through your writing slowly. If you read through the paper at a normal speed, you won't give your eyes sufficient time to spot errors. Ask a friend to read your paper. Offer to proofread a friend's paper if they will review yours. Having another set of eyes look over your writing will often spot errors that you would have otherwise missed.

Individualize the Act of Proofreading. In addition to following the suggestions above, individualizing your proofreading process to match weaknesses in your writing will help you proofread more efficiently and effectively. For example, i still tend to make subject-verb agreement errors. Accept the fact that you likely won't be able to check for everything, so be introspective about what your typical problem areas are and look for each type of error individually. Here's how: Think about what errors you typically make. Review instructors' comments about your writing and/or set up an appointment review your paper with a staff member in the. Learn how to fix those errors.

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For example, if you overuse a phrase or use the same qualifier over and over again, you can do a search for those words or phrases and in each instance make a decision about whether to remove it or use a synonym. If you tend to make many mistakes, check separately for each kind of error, moving from the most to the least important, and following whatever technique works best for you to identify that kind of mistake. For twist instance, read through once backwards, sentence by sentence to check for fragments; read through again forward to be sure subjects and verbs agree, and again perhaps using a computer search for "this "it and "they" to trace pronouns to antecedents. End with using a computer spell checker or reading backwards word by word. Remember that a spell checker won't catch mistakes with homonyms. G., "they're "their "there" or certain typos hippie like "he" when you meant to write "the". The spell-checker function is not a substitute for carefully reviewing the text for spelling errors. Leave yourself enough time.

help proofreading your essay

This will also helps you play the role of the reader, thereby, encouraging you to understand the paper as your audience might. Use a ruler or blank sheet of paper to cover up the lines below the one you're reading. This technique keeps you from skipping over possible plan mistakes. This also helps you deliberately pace yourself as you read through your paper. Circle or highlight every punctuation mark in your paper. This forces you to pay attention to each mark you used and to question its purpose in each sentence or paragraph. This is a particularly helpful strategy if you tend to misuse or overuse a punctuation mark, such as a comma or semi-colon. Use the search function of the computer to find mistakes. Using the search find feature of your word processor can help you identify common errors faster.

read and understand. This should be the focus when you proofread. If your professor asks you to revise your paper, the implication is that there is something within the text that needs to be changed, improved, or re-organized in some significant way. If the reason for a revision is not specified, always ask for clarification. Strategies to help Identify Errors, work from a printout, not a computer screen. Besides sparing your eyes the strain of glaring at the computer, proofreading from a printout allows you to easily skip around to where errors might have been repeated throughout the paper. G., misspelled name of a person. This is especially helpful for spotting run-on sentences, but you'll also hear other problems that you may not have identified while reading the text out loud.

Throughout your paper, you should try to avoid using inflated diction if a simpler phrase works equally well. Simple, precise language is easier to proofread than overly complex sentence constructions and vocabulary. At the same time, also identify and change empty or repetitive phrases. Know what to look wallpaper for. Make a mental note of the mistakes you need to watch for based on comments from your professor on previous drafts of the paper or that you have received about papers written in other classes. This will help you to identify repeated patterns of mistakes more readily. Review your list of references. Review the sources mentioned in your paper and make sure you have properly cited them in your bibliography. Also make sure that the titles cited in your bibliography are mentioned in the text.

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Because our editors are professionals and academics, we can relate to your passion and need for perfection. We proofread thousands of essays every year in every subject, so we know that excellent writing leads to higher grades and our editing will help get you there. Before you proofread, be sure you've revised the larger aspects of the text. Don't make corrections at the sentence and word level the act of editing if you still need to work on the overall focus, development, and organization of the paper or you need to re-arrange or change specific sections the act of revising. Set your paper aside between writing and proofreading. Give yourself a day or so between the writing of your paper and proofreading. This will help you identify mistakes more easily. This is also a reason why you shouldn't wait until the last minute to draft your paper because it won't wallpaper provide the time needed between writing and proofreading. Eliminate unnecessary words before looking for mistakes.

help proofreading your essay
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  3. A single t ypo can sometimes ruin the hard work of an entire paper. This lesson will help you find. Find out how thorough proofreading can take your essay from good to great. Put ting your paper aside for a bit can help you look at your work with fresh eyes.

  4. We proofread thousands of essays every year in every subject, so we know that exce llent writing leads to higher grades and our editing will help get you there. (you will be able to proofread your paper much better with a clear and open mind. Look at the Writing Center s page online suggestions for more help with. Proofreading is the last step in revising an essay - don t skip it!

  5. It s worth paying attention to the details that help you to make a good impression. Robust grammar checking allows you to find those pesky mistakes and correct them b efore turning in your paper. Writing Suggestions writing Suggestions.

  6. Work on t he focus, organization, and development of the whole paper, of sections, or of paragraphs. Some distance from the text will help you see mistakes more easily. But first, a disclaimer: If you struggle with the rules of grammar and punctuation, even the handiest of proofreading tips may not help you polish your paper. If it is required to do so, does your paper make an argument?

  7. Give yourself a day or so between the writing of your paper and pro ofreading. This will help you identify mistakes more easily. This is also. Proofreading means examining your text carefully to find and correct.

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