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Answer: There are actually sites online that will make the resume for you, just google. And unless that jcpenneys. 1 more answer read more mark as irrelevant Marked as irrelevant Undo can someone please tell me how to make my resume better? I'm applying at a restaurant (caseys)? Danier martinez (all personal Info was here phone street) Career Objectives: Reliable dishwasher available to work part time or full time washing dishes by hand and/or operating automatic dishwashers. Augustine secondary School Brampton. Answer: to write your resume would take me too long, but here are a few tips: 1) research the company, find. 2 more answers read more mark as irrelevant Marked as irrelevant Undo i am having 2 years of work experience in testing.

I worked at a place where i made sandwiches and salads and i did dining room -made sandwiches according to orders -made salads according to order -poured soups -wiped tables, cleaned dishes, put dishes away, picked up dishes - vacuumed, swept and mopped. Answer: I'd personally summarize what you have listed into two lines: Experience in food handling and personable. Mark as irrelevant, marked as irrelevant, undo, how do i make a resume without any job experience? I just recently turned 19 years old and I haven't had a job. From what i've searched, i basically put on my review resume what I put on a job application so why would I have to turn in both a resume and job application? The best way to make a resume is to fill. Answer: you haven't said what kind of job it is, but in general, there are few things: if you have been. Read more mark as irrelevant Marked as irrelevant Undo how to make a resume in my condition? I need to make a resume because a lot of jobs at the mall require a resume. I already filled out applications but even at jcpenney, a store associate recommended me to meet and greet a hiring manager and hand them a resume (even though i already filled.

is my resume good

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Now I'm 21 and I really want to pursue dance again. I would love to go out to some big auditions in nyc but there is only one problem. Answer: have you tried some of those resume programs? My husband had a terrible resume. Mark as irrelevant, marked as irrelevant, undo, how can I make my resume better? (Apply to work at Tim Hortins) Career Objective to work in an environment that supports the idea of teamwork while enabling me to exhibit responsibility through hard work, dedication, and making really delicious donuts. Education oliver *Name of school. Answer: This might help: m/od/resumes/Re 1 more answer, read more. Mark as irrelevant, marked as irrelevant, undo, how to make these job duties sound better for my resume?

is my resume good

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Mark as irrelevant, marked as irrelevant, undo. Other solutions, how can I make my resume sound better (this is my first resume ever)? Can anyone assist me on building a resume, this is my first one homework ever. As for my educational background, currently Im going to a community college with plans to transfer. Answer: go to the library and check out the books. 1 more answer, read more. Mark as irrelevant, marked as irrelevant, undo, how do i make my resume look better? I have been a dancer since i was. I trained for 15 years and then went to college and stopped for a while.

The best answers are submitted by users of Yahoo! Answers, quora and. Related questions answers, best solution, how can I make my resume better? Many friends of mine had help me with my resume, but it seems its not working when its time to get a job. I had applied to many jobs already and any of them had call me at all. Where can I take my resume? Answer: have you googled online to see examples? Google your job title (what you want to be) followed by the.

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is my resume good

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Glassdoor: What, if any, feedback have you received from your google recruiter? What did they feel was so strong or compelling about your resume. Neel Somani: The google recruiter liked my resume for a few reasons: how i utilized the space, the kinds of verbs that i used, the order in which I listed my programming languages, and the links to my open-source work. Glassdoor: What advice would you give other job seekers on how to make their resumes better? Neel Somani: my biggest piece of advice is to get feedback from as many people as you can, especially from people who have held positions that youre interested.

Aside from that, i would make a point to elaborate on each of your experiences. If a listed experience only has one bullet all point, for example, id make an effort to think deeply about what you did and flesh it out to at english least two or three bullet points. Answered, in, to achieve and exceed corporate objectives with a reputable company, offering challenging responsibilities, advancement and provide a opportunity to significantly contribute to the company's organization, efficiency, growth, and profitability by utilizing my executive assistant, office manager, supervisory, book keeping, direct marketing, sales production. How to make my resume better? Access 18 best answers solutions. Check our answers to how to make my resume better? we found 18 replies and comments relevant to this matter.

Ive completely removed the name of my high school, although i know that many people in college elect to keep. After college, id imagine itd be strange to have a high school listed on your resume. I have a separate document, which I dont share with anyone, where i write down all of my relevant professional experiences — small and big projects, internships, research positions, certifications, etc. When writing my resume, i picked the elements that I felt were most meaningful to me, and most accurately described my technical knowledge and professional experience. From there, i further narrowed down the list by asking various professionals who i knew. I just asked them which experiences they found to be most compelling, least compelling, etc., and I removed the less-popular items — despite how much I liked them.

It goes without saying that its crucial to keep it to one page. People like to say that if Sheryl Sandberg can keep it to one page, so can you, which I think is kind of silly, since its Sheryl Sandberg; she could potentially just put her name on a piece of paper, with no other information, and. But regardless, the point still stands: the resume needs to be one page max. The 11 Best Resume-building Jobs to Grow your Career. Glassdoor: Aside from google where you are now an intern, where else did you receive internship/job offers thanks to your talents and this resume? Neel Somani: i also applied for an internship at the nsa, for which I received the offer. I received an offer from google soon after and ended up signing on early in the year, so i didnt go through the full application cycle like many other students. Aside from internships, i was offered a position in all three of the research labs that i applied to during my sophomore year.

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While i refrain from including every tiny writing contribution that I made in every position, the resume clearly conveys a few key takeaways from each experience. I was advised by an executive at hp to include quantitative metrics in particular. For example, rather than just saying what an application was built for, quantify it in some way. Concretely, rather than saying that I built an application for an organization, its stronger to say exactly how many people within the organization will be using the application. Glassdoor: How did you decide what to highlight and emphasize on your resume? Did you elect to delete some things in order to keep the resume to one page? Neel Somani: This was the most difficult part. Like most people, i had to delete quite a bit to keep the resume to one page. Anything from before i entered college (e.g., high school experiences) were among the first items to be deleted.

is my resume good

Neel Somani: For one, my research experience with the berkeley institute for Data Science was frequently mentioned. I think that this was a strong section within for my work Experience for a few reasons. The project was open-source, meaning that the code was freely available for anyone to view (or copy, modify, distribute, etc., for that matter). This meant that people interested in my programming experience could actually see the code that I had written. If youre within the field of computer science, i highly recommend getting involved in an open-source project and including a link on your resume. Aside from the fact that it was open-source, it helped that the platform was built using a modern language and framework (Python with the tornado framework). I had various projects built in php listed on my resume for a while, and they never received any comment. I ultimately removed them from my resume altogether. The level of detail provided in the resume makes a difference.

recommended that for college students, our education should go at the top, while for older professionals, education would go toward the bottom. Heres What the perfect Resume looks like. Glassdoor: What narrative or story did you want your resume to convey to recruiters and hiring managers? Neel Somani: Thats a great question. My primary emphasis for this resume was to make it clear that Im someone with a deep technical background, who is inherently entrepreneurial. To demonstrate my deep technical knowledge within computer science, i emphasize my research background and software development experience. My selected Independent Projects serve to demonstrate my background in entrepreneurship, by highlighting two contracted applications that I developed for organizations. I similarly cite a business scholarship that I won, at the bottom of my resume. Glassdoor: Why do you think this resume was so successful for you?

Neel Somani: I would describe my resume as detailed and accurate. When writing and editing my resume, i made an effort to make each of my experiences as clear and detailed as possible, while respecting the space limitations. I wanted the recruiter to have a good summary of what I did, including the technologies used and skills required. Glassdoor: When you were crafting your resume, did you follow any guidelines or advice on how best structure it? Neel Somani: As with most people, my resume has undergone countless revisions. Ive asked dozens of people for advice regarding my resume, and sometimes the advice that I received was conflicting. Ive come to realize that the kind of advice that you receive from someone is contingent on their background. A software engineer, for example, will give starkly different advice from an investment banker. As far as structuring my resume was concerned, i took my advice mainly from people with business wood backgrounds, who advised that i keep the layout very conventional unless I have a good reason to deviate.

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A resume is the most important document in a job search process. Its the calling card, the hype man, the well-crafted record of your skills and experience that can make or break your chances of landing a coveted internship good or job. At Glassdoor, weve spent a lot of time helping job seekers improve their resumes — writing, editing and tweaking such that its the perfect narrative to convince a recruiter of your irresistible talents. However, nothing can compare to actually seeing a winning resume, one that has garnered the attention — and job offers — from some of the best employers in the country. So we reached out to our millions of users to get their success stories of the job search and the precise resume that landed them a job that fits their life. The University of California, berkeley student spent endless hours crafting the perfect resume and it scored him offers from google, the national Security Agency and more. Whether youre a seasoned pro or a job-market newbie, here are neels tried-and-tested (and google verified) tips for crafting a winning resume. Glassdoor: How would you describe your resume?

is my resume good
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  2. Perhaps the better title is "you need a resume and a portfolio". Unfortunately, this model doesn't quite work right. "A great résumé inspires and energizes the reader.

  3. The world's leading resume writing service. Youll be in good hands with TopResumes professional writers. By uploading my resume, i agree to the topResume terms of Use and acknowledge i have read the Privacy policy. I remember the first time i heard that statement - a couple years back Eric Florenzano said it to me on Twitter when I posted my resume publicly and asked for opinions.

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