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As the police investigate the crime, they turn to witnesses and informants because they cant get any fingerprints at the crime scene. One such character is already in prison, and implicates Steve and his co-defendant, james King, in the murder. The police also suspect a man named Richard Bobo evans, who is serving time because he got caught selling drugs to an undercover cop after the murder took place. Evans testifies in court that he planned the robbery with King, and that Steve was on lookout for the robbery. Evans says that King shot the victim. Steve is still implicated too, however, by having been a part of the group robbing the drugstore.

He thinks his attorney, kathy obrien, doesnt believe in his innocence, and his father has been aloof. Steve is on the brink of losing his ability to self-identify. As the trial progresses, so too does Steves screenplay. Scenes he writes within the screenplay, as well as narrative passages that describe Steve, reveal not only the attitude in his neighborhood but also the treatment he received upon his arrest. Additionally, the reader learns more about what happened surrounding the murder. Two young men—Steve and his co-defendant—entered a drugstore intent on robbing the cashier, who happened to be the store owner. He pulled a gun and there was a struggle; one of the two robbers tried to wrest nurse the gun from him. It went off, and the cashier died. The two robbers took the money and fled, then go to a fast food restaurant. After this revelation, Steves case gets more complicated.

monster book summary sparknotes

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Hes writing the play in order to keep his mind occupied while he review awaits trial. If Steve is found guilty, the judge might pronounce a sentence of anywhere from twenty years in prison to death. The novels structure varies between screenplay and narrative prose, reflecting Steves interest in film. Steves situation seems simple enough at first. He begins by discussing how much he hates and fears being in jail, due to the threat of violence and sexual assault. When the trial begins, the reader learns about his arrest, but not whether or not he committed the crime—for the good reason that Steve himself is uncertain about his guilt. Monster then delves into the psychological realm as Steve tries to decide if he is innocent or if he is, in fact, a monster.

monster book summary sparknotes

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Cite this page: Clapsaddle, diane. "TheBestNotes on, monster ". SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters,"s, and essay topics.  This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis. Monster by walter dean myers. Monster, by walter dean myers, takes a unique approach in that it is presented as a screenplay with notes by the narrator, a sixteen-year-old from Harlem named Steve harmon. Steve has been charged with murder, and hes being kept in prison until the trial.

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monster book summary sparknotes

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One prisoner points out that ascertaining the truth is not the aim of the court; instead, if a crime has been committed, someone must be locked. What that person says about his or her innocence or guilt is immaterial to essay the decision of the jury. A reader who sees the. Juridicial system as an adversarial process essentially devoted to easy contests of wit may readily agree. After representing all the ambiguities and uncertainties of the narrators plight, the roving-camera narration records the final statements of all the trials attorneys. It does nothing to resolve the ambiguities, which remain very much part of the story.

The jury convicts King, but it absolves Harmon of any responsibility for the crime. Harmon and his family are greatly relieved, but when he seeks to hug his attorney in appreciation for the victorious outcome, she turns aside and shuffles papers in preparation for leaving. The trial, it seems, has not bridged the gap between the product of the ghetto, steve harmon, and the attorney who lives the life of a suburbanite. Steve concludes rightly that his own attorney is not entirely convinced of his innocence. Monster by walter dean myers, theBestNotes Study guide by diane Clapsaddle. Copyright 2015 TheBestNotes, All Rights Reserved. Any further Distribution without written consent of m is strictly prohibited.

Evans hopes for a lighter sentence, admits his part in the events, and implicates the other two defendants. While harmon had heard of the crime in the abstract from King, there is no evidence that either evans or King discussed a role for Harmon in the actual commission of the crime. What is clearly the case is that Nesbitt has been killed and that evans and King have something to do with the robbery and perhaps also the death of the owner. Whether or to what extent Harmon served as a lookout, who pulled the trigger, and who had sufficient motive are all left unclear. Diary entries that appear as interludes between court scenes generate compassion for the narrator.

He records feelings of resentment, fear, and sadness. He also demonstrates a low self-image as a consequence of the prosecuting attorneys referring to him as a monster. In fact, portions of Harmons diary evince a kind of self-rage and indulgences in self-pity on the part of the narrator. Both Steve harmon, at age sixteen, and Osvaldo Cruz, a fourteen-year-old fellow inmate, are far too young for the environment in which a reader finds them. In fact, Cruz has come to the attention of the police because he has been accused by his girlfriend of having gotten another girl pregnant. The novel seeks to represent reality by interweaving and integrating disparate discourses into a tapestry that defies logical analysis.

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It is possible that Harmon scouted the drugstore for King and evans or acted as a lookout for them. He may also be innocent. In one possible reconstruction of the crime, king and evans enter the drugstore and demand money. He attempts to guard his property against the two robbers. In the struggle, he loses the gun and is shot by essay either evans or King. Lorelle henry, a retired teacher, identifies King as one of the people present in the store. Her eyewitness testimony is not entirely reliable, however, and is challenged by defense attorneys. A recap of police procedures also inspires significant levels of doubt about the reliability of Henrys account. A prisoners dilemma underlies these ambiguities.

monster book summary sparknotes

Flashbacks reveal that sign Steve harmon, the main character, was present at a conversation about the crime. In flashback, king points out that bank robberies are not advisable because the man comes down hard for bank money. He speculates that a crime against a noncitizen—one with a green card or an illegal immigrant—would not be as harshly prosecuted. Harmon merely listens and does not contribute to these reflections. A heavy woman named peaches also listens to this conversation; however, she is not later accused as a participant in the crime, although her level of participation seems in all respects equal to harmons. This and other flashbacks reveal that King, evans, and Harmon are from the same milieu; however, the flashbacks do not establish Harmons complicity in the crime. The story does not offer simple answers to readers, who must draw their own conclusions about the crime and trial.

for participating in a robbery and murder. In script mode, the novel alternates between representations of action in the narrative present of Harmons murder trial and flashbacks to events that preceded the crime. This alternation between methods of representation heightens tension and facilitates changes in mood from emotional indulgence to strong restraint. The method requires an active and thinking reader, not a passive receptor of information. As related in the novel, on December 22, two men—most likely richard Bobo evans and James King—entered a drugstore in Harlem owned by Alguinaldo nesbitt. José delgado was assistant. Nesbitt, but Delgado was not present at the time of the crime.

Henry lives relatively undisturbed with the Trescotts, but his presence in their household has repercussions for the doctor, his wife, and his son. The boy, jimmie, gains notoriety among his peers through the strange figure of Henry that inhabits his yard. Trescott, however, steadily loses business so that his practice and status in the community noticeably decline, and Mrs. Trescott is subjected to the scorn of her lady friends, who refuse her customary invitation to tea on Wednesday afternoon. Although Henry, via his radical change in appearance from a dapper young man sporting lavender pants to a grotesque figure, is central to Cranes story, its main action involves the change in relations among various figures in the town—a change wrought by henrys metamorphosis. Of primary plan importance is the alteration. Trescotts relation to the town. Trescott appears initially as a benevolent judge in matters of human conduct. When, in the storys opening episode, little jimmie breaks.

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In its barest details, Stephen Cranes The. Monster is the story of a homework black carriage hand who saves the young son of his employer, a respected small-town doctor, from certain death in a fire that destroys the doctors home. In the process of the rescue, the black man, henry johnson, is horribly burned. When he recovers under the doctors healing hands, besides apparently losing his mental capacity, henry loses his face as well; in fact, the only recognizable feature in his scarred countenance is a single winking eye. Because of his debt to henry,. Trescott insists on arranging for the injured man to be cared for by a black family. This family, however, as well as everyone else in the town, is terrified by henrys monstrous appearance. Eventually, henry runs away from his caretakers and frightens a number of people whom he encounters in town before he is caught and returned.

monster book summary sparknotes
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  2. Summary, the next morning, the news of the monster has the boys in a state of uproar as they gather on the beach. Monster Summary study guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis,"s, character descriptions, themes, and more. Study guide for, monster by walter dean myers. Analysis, character Descriptions more.

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