Slumdog millionaire book review

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Don't expect detailed accounts of the caste system. India's chequered history; this is a simple story of how one boy triumphed against adversity. Swarup employs a fable structure in his novel: each chapter explains how Ram is able to answer the questions put to him while revealing the life lessons he discovered along the way: love, trust, the impermanence of suffering, the dangers of money. Ram has by no means led a guilt-free life, but like any good hero his mistakes were well intentioned, and every transgression is accompanied by an appropriate moral. It's a simplistic and effective method of story-telling: each chapter as a stand-alone story; a snippet out of the central protagonist's life. Ram's life is not detailed in chronological order, rather by the order of questions put to him by the quiz show. Before reading this book i was given very sound words of advice: suspend your disbelief.

Have any of you read the book and seen the movie? How did you feel the two compared? Note: i am including this read as one of the books towards completing the south Asian Authors Challenge hosted. An error occurred while processing this directive grandmother 's Anna gowan, vikas Swarup must be sitting on top of the world right now. The film adaptation of his best-selling novel is the darling of the awards circuit; the winner of the golden Globe, the bafta, and the Oscar too. The film is based on vikas Swarup's novel, q a (now published as Slumdog Millionaire). Ram Mohammad Thomas is the most improbable of heroes. An orphan street-kid turned waiter, ram has never had any formal education, and yet he's just won one billion rupees after correctly answering 12 questions in an Indian quiz show. While attempting to prove his innocence, ram details the 12 extraordinary events which enabled him to answer the questions: being discovered in a bin by a priest; living as a servant under. Australian family; how he fooled a professional hit man; and how he found love. Slumdog Millionaire is a highly accessible account of living.

slumdog millionaire book review

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None of these strengths are derived from the the book. The book meanders on with various anecdotes from Ram Mohammed Thomass life (yes, in the book this is his name, and the story of how he comes by a multi-religious name is as cliched as it comes). The book starts to come to life when Ram goes to Agra and falls in love, and decides to come on to the showa little over midway through the book. The story picks up the pace quite nicely and vikas Swarup even manages to throw in a few twists and turns into the very predictable plot making the ending quite a nice surprise. All in all, its not too bad a book. But I was somehow expecting it to touch my emotions a little bit more. I think this is one of those rare cases where the movie was more affecting than the book.

slumdog millionaire book review

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How does a poor, uneducated boy know the answers to all the questions? Has he cheated, or did he learn from the university of life? Well, thats the rest of the plotwhere he tells his life story showing how he knew the answers to the questions he was asked. My review, i was quite surprised to find that the movie deviates quite significantly from the book. The book has far more anecdotes, and details. I welcome the extra detail but somehow the prose does not do justice to the story. Vikas Swarups writing is a bit flat, very straightforward, and I was having difficulties getting into the book. The main strengths of the movie were the energy of the kids, the cinematography, the music, and the concept of fate.

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slumdog millionaire book review

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Swarup can use the simplest characters to create frissons of mystery. The politician is Vicky rais father, and he has grown increasingly impatient with his sons arrogance. You must be familiar with the concept of sacrifice, he tells his chief henchman. Have you heard of Abraham? That makes him one more murder suspect in this books expertly delirious scheme.

Six suspects, by vikas Swarup 470 pages. This reader is the book on which the movie. Slumdog Millionaire was made and is one of the few books that i am reading after watching (and enjoying) the movie. I usually tend to have read the book before watching the movie. The Plot, in a nutshell, the story is about a poor boy from the slums of Mumbai and Delhi who somehow manages to get request on the popular tv show Who wants to be a billionaire? And manages to win 1 billion dollars.

While the others have their venal motives, eketi has a kind heart, but he is beautiful to only the blind woman who falls in love with him. The odd-couple romances that bloom in these pages help tie together what are essentially six novellas. And they lead to the fateful night that culminates in Vicky rais murder. Swarup will provide the necessary denouement to his whodunit. And that denouement may be even more mysterious than it had. But the real fun here is in watching the separate story lines develop and in watching.

Swarup weave commentary into even his books looniest moments. When Shabnam makes a film in Australia and watches blond female dancers trying to perfect their Bollywood choreography, she wonders if she isnt watching some kind of colonialism in reverse. When a rich girl falls in love with a poor boy, in a plot twist straight out of Indian romance movies, that boy responds with a figurative wink. I dont know whether to thank god or Bollywood for this remarkable turnaround, he says. Six Suspects aspires to broadly entertaining pratfalls, and it is endlessly eager to please. Not even the corrupt politician who figures in the plot (and whose wheeling and dealing are conveyed by transcripts of his outrageous phone calls) is terribly complicated, although.

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Meanwhile, on a plane from the United States, an idiot named Larry essay page is headed from Texas to India with plans to make shabnam his bride. Somebody duped him into falling in love with her picture and mistaking her for a mail-order bride. Larry, of course, has his own capacity for creating mix-ups, since he shares his name with one of the two google founders and strikes ruthless terrorists as a good target for kidnapping. Swarup generally treats his characters warmly, but this American is made a boorish lout. The book says that Larry might look like michael. Fox, but only if he lost a lot of weight. Six Suspects also condescends to the character it calls the Tribal, a black, five-foot-tall Onge tribesman who is treated like a slave when he is brought from his native island to mainland India. Yet this character, whose name is eketi, still becomes. Swarups most lovable creation.

slumdog millionaire book review

And what do you think will be your punishment? One hundred years of solitude. Who is your best friend here? The boy in the striped pajamas. Laugh or groan at this, either way it gets your attention. Photo vikas Swarup Credit Aparna Swarup. Swarups plot machinations about Shabnam Saxena, a smoldering Bollywood star who somehow takes her marching orders from nietzsche (and at one point grills another character about his familiarity with the writing of Bernard Malamud). Shabnam worries so much about her image and reputation that she really ought to anticipate how much trouble the story has thrown her way, once there turns out to be an innocent country girl who looks enough like autobiography shabnam to be her double.

empathize with them. Finally, though, the story is about the age-old fight between good and evil, and how spirit triumphs over adversity. It has all the ingredients of a wonderful potboiler - bad guys and white knights, diplomats and film stars, poverty and exploitation, pain and redemption and everything else that you can throw into the mix. Stirred up and served by a wonderfully articulate author in a language so simple that it reminds you of simplicitys charm, you are willing to forgive the slight melodrama and the various plot contrivances. It is to Swarups credit that he ties up all the loose ends in a convincing manner, leaving us with a novel that is all that a novel should be, but so often is not: a tale well-told. Six Suspects is zany enough to get Mohan jailed and give him a cellmate who utters nothing but the titles of novels. For instance: What are you in jail for?

There is enough foul language, sex, murder, battle and sudden death to keep a dozen novels going. What works in its defense is that. Slumdog Millionaire is a fast-paced read, and right from the protagonists three names is absolutely cinematic in scope. There is also an impish reference to a well-known plot device from a 1970s blockbuster. Hindi film aficionados will recognize the scene. A diplomat by profession, vikas Swarup shows a tremendous grasp of the underbelly of contemporary Indian life and takes sardonic, sometimes savage digs at movie the abuses that are rampant in 21st-century India. While you can dismiss the frequency with which these abuses seem to happen in the short life of his protagonist as plot device, they are very real and mirror a reality that most of us would prefer to ignore.

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Originally published as q a, vikas Swarups debut novel is the story of Ram Mohammed Thomas, a 19-year-old orphan from the slums of Bombay. When the novel opens, he is a) a billionaire, having won the billion-rupee prize in a game show, and, b) in jail, the producers having charged him with fraud. He is in jail because the producers of the show have no money to pay him, a fact you are made aware of on page seven. As evernote a lawyer comes to the young orphans assistance, swarup unfolds the almost Dickensian tale in first person, told over the course of a single night in 12 chapters, each a short story in its own right dealing out interesting vignettes of the protagonists fractured. As a plot device, it works. Swarup paints different settings for his protagonist and uses humor to underline his insightful commentary on the social fabric of contemporary India. The chapters are not in chronological order, though. The first-person narrative weaves back and forth, and as each chapter unfolds, Thomas explains just how the crucial events each provide a key to the shows twelve questions. This is not a book for the squeamish.

slumdog millionaire book review
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sean bean : The Interview. The fast-paced plot rivets the reader's attention completely; there is simply no way to put the book down once one has begun this.

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  2. Bbc audio.95 (0p) isbn. This is the book on which the movie slumdog Millionaire was made a nd is one of the few books that i am reading after watching (and enjoying). Slumdog Millionaire by vikas Swarup lifestyle reviews tv one. The film adaptation of his best-selling novel is the darling of the awards.

  3. First to see reviews, news and features in The new York times book review. A novel that inspired award-winning film Slumdog Millionaire, q a is the sto ry of Ram Mohammed Thomas, a poor orphan who has never been to school and. Vikas Swarup, author, Christopher Simpson, na rrated by, read by Christopher Simpson.

  4. The shooting script for the award-winning film plus an interview with director Danny boyle and. Megha said: I should mention that this 1-star review is not at all related to my o pinion of the movie. Q a is the book that inspired the film Slumdog Millionaire. This crime novel from the author of Slumdog Millionaire.

  5. Vikas Swarup s Slumdog Millionaire, reviewed and recommended fiction. Or iginally published as q a, vikas Swarup s debut novel is the story of Ram. Slumdog Millionaire The Shooting Script.

  6. I did not. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Slumdog Millionaire: a novel. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

  7. Slumdog Millionaire (book movie review). Do you notice whe n you breathe? You simply know that you are breathing.

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