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( tv : a girl's Best Friend, invasion of the bane ) Clive finch 's website called him "Doctor Who". ( tv : Rose ) Upon reading the tenth Doctor 's mind, reinette remarked that "Doctor Who" was "more than just a secret". ( tv : The girl in the fireplace ) The oldest question in the universe was "Doctor Who?" ( tv : The wedding of river Song ) The master addressed a postcard to the Third Doctor as "Dr Who". ( comic : Fogbound ) Missy later told Bill Potts that the doctor's real name was "Doctor Who before correcting herself to say that he had picked it in his childhood as an attempt to be mysterious, but that he had dropped the "Who" because. The Twelfth Doctor told Bill she was just trying to wind her. He later identified himself as "Doctor Who" to jorj. ( tv : World Enough and Time ) The version of the doctor in the land of Fiction was known. ( prose : Prelude conundrum, conundrum, head Games ) Theta sigma Edit Theta sigma, informally Thete and occasionally spelt "θσ was a nickname of the doctor at the time lord Academy on Gallifrey.

( tv : The Empty Child ) While imprisoned at Hesguard Institute, the doctor wore a jumpsuit identifying him as "J. ( comic : Sin-Eaters ) Tenth incarnation Edit Eleventh incarnation Edit Twelfth incarnation Edit Doctor Who Edit The name "Doctor Who" was applied to the doctor on several occasions. When the first Doctor was using the name "Doctor Caligari" and someone remarked "Doctor who?" he replied "Yes, quite right." ( tv : The gunfighters ) The computer wotan repeatedly referred to the first Doctor as "Doctor Who". ( tv : The war Machines ) Both Ian Chesterton and Vicki occasionally essay called the doctor "Doctor Who". ( prose : Doctor Who and the zarbi ) The second Doctor briefly used the name doktor von Wer (literally, "Doctor of Who during his visit to Scotland on ( tv : The highlanders ) and once signed a message as "Dr." (. ( prose : Daleks Invade zaos ) Bessie 's license plate during the Third Doctor 's time at unit read who 1 ; ( tv : Doctor Who and the silurians ) in the doctor's seventh incarnation it read who 7, ( tv : Battlefield. ( prose : The dying days ) Miss Hawthorne referred to the Third Doctor as "the great wizard qui quae quod those three words all mean "who" in Latin. ( tv : The dæmons ) The aged keeper of the files referred to the doctor with the name "Who". ( prose : Doctor Who and the doomsday weapon ) The fourth Doctor wrote a series of children's books during his time with unit which were mistakenly published under the name "Doctor Who they were intended to be "The doctor, Who discovers Historical Mysteries but. ( audio : The kingmaker ) The curator tapped his own nose when saying, "Who knows." ( tv : The day of the doctor ) K9 was heard on occasion making playful remarks related to the Who name.

stranger in a village summary

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( audio : Vampire of the mind ) In Lancashire in the 19th century, the doctor introduced himself as "Dr. John Smith" to review samuel Belfrage. ( audio : Industrial evolution ) When infiltrating the Third reich to investigate the origins of the fourth reich in 2001, he made fake credentials identifying himself as Major-General Johann Schmidt of the berlin Fifth Medical Corps. ( prose : The Shadow in the Glass ) The doctor used the name while working in Hut 12A at Bletchley park in 1944. ( audio : Criss-Cross ) he also used the name while posing as a british sis agent in vienna in 1948. ( audio : quicksilver ) In 1957, the sixth Doctor and Melanie bush investigated ufo sightings in the proximity of Hammerston, louisiana and became involved in the production of the film Swamp of Horrors after attacking an actor in a rubber alien suit whom they. The doctor, who used the pseudonym "John Smith and Mel were assumed to be uncredited actors playing fictional characters by film critics. ( prose : Swamp of Horrors (1957) - viewing Notes ) seventh incarnation Edit Eighth incarnation Edit War incarnation Edit Ninth incarnation Edit The name appeared as "Dr John Smith" on a piece of psychic paper during the ninth Doctor 's visit to 1941.

stranger in a village summary

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( prose : The Shadow in the Glass, audio : Storm Warning,.) Known uses of John Smith Edit First incarnation Edit Second incarnation Edit Third incarnation Edit fourth incarnation Edit Fifth incarnation Edit On Folly, the fifth Doctor was believed to. ( audio : doing Time ) The fifth Doctor used the name when he worked as a historical advisor on the short film The devil's Whisper, the first of the constituent short films of the 1976 portmanteau film Doctor Demonic's Tales of Terror. ( audio : Special features ) The fifth Doctor used the name when in reykjavik on 12 February 2144. ( audio : Repeat Offender ) The fifth Doctor used it on both the confederate and Union sides of the American civil War as a guise under which he could render medical assistance, while having the freedom to search for his lost companions, peri and. He received some local publicity under the name after delivering the baby of the mayor of Gable, west Virginia. He was personally known to Abraham Lincoln by this name after he had saved the president 's life during an assassination attempt in Richmond, virginia. ( prose : Blood and Hope ) Sixth incarnation Edit " jsmith " was the sixth Doctor 's username online. ( prose : Blue box ) he also used it to infiltrate the dominus Institute in 2016.

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stranger in a village summary

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( prose : Alien Bodies ) It was often preceded by the title "Doctor though not always — for example, when he was undercover as paper a teacher at a school or a patient in a hospital. ( tv : School reunion, smith and Jones ) As "John Smith" was considered a generic name in some earth cultures, the doctor's use of the alias was occasionally treated with scepticism. ( tv : Midnight ) During their first incarnation, the doctor used a library card with the name. Smith while living at 76 Totter's Lane, ( tv : The vampires of Venice ) as well as for identification when renting the junkyard. ( prose : The rag bone man's Story ) The inspiration for the alias was John Smith of John Smith and the common Men, with which he was familiar through Susan. ( prose : The witch Hunters ) In their second incarnation, the name was independently used by his companion Jamie mcCrimmon while the doctor was being treated for concussion, as he saw it being used as a brand name on a metal container.

( tv : The Wheel in Space ) likewise, chang lee chose to register the name for the seventh Doctor while he was en route to get his bullet wounds healed. ( tv : Doctor Who ) The doctor adopted it on a semi-regular basis during their third incarnation while exiled on Earth, when he served as unpaid scientific advisor to unit. ( tv : Spearhead from Space, inferno, the time warrior ) The doctor twice changed himself into a human who used the name john Smith. This occurred in their seventh incarnation, ( prose : Human Nature ) and in their tenth incarnation. ( tv : Human Nature ) Often, the doctor would use variations of the name, like the online handle " jsmith jsmith8 ( prose : Blue box, lonely ) the French variation bibliography "Jean Forgeron ( comic : The forgotten ) or the german translation "Johann.

( prose : Shroud of Sorrow ) On several occasions, the doctor stated they were not a medical doctor, ( tv : " The forest of fear " Mighty kublai khan though did note that, by their second incarnation, he had studied medicine in the. ( tv : death in heaven ) Individuals with knowledge of his name Edit Susan Foreman knew the doctor's real name, and wrote it on the wrappings of a hypercube she sent to him after she had settled down on Earth. ( prose : Ghost of Christmas Past ) The sixth Doctor told his dance instructor, becky, his name. ( prose : teach yourself Ballroom Dancing ) The eighth Doctor 's companion, samantha jones, overheard his real name being said. She found it quite alien and virtually unpronounceable. ( prose : Vanderdeken's Children ) When the tenth Doctor first encountered her, river Song claimed to have known him at some point in his future, ( tv : Silence in the library ) and, to prove her "credentials she whispered his name in his.

The doctor was shocked at this, as "there was only one reason he would ever tell anyone his name, and only one time he could." ( tv : Forest of the dead ) river indicated to Clara Oswald that she "made" the doctor tell her. ( tv : The name of the doctor ) near the end of his tenth incarnation, despite believing there was no one left in the universe who knew it, the doctor encountered members of an unidentified pan-dimensional race that knew his real name. ( audio : The last voyage ) While separated from the Eleventh Doctor, clara Oswald read his name in The history of the time war. That timeline was later averted, however, leaving her with no memory of it, ( tv : journey to the centre of the tardis ) though she later began to recall certain moments of the timeline, ( tv : The name of the doctor ) and. ( tv : death in heaven ) Missy knew the doctor's real name from their time together on Gallifrey. She said it was "Doctor Who and the doctor had chosen it to be mysterious, but dropped the "Who" when he realised it was too on-the-nose. The doctor said she was just teasing Bill, but he never answered if it was truely his name. ( tv : World Enough and Time ) Commonly used aliases Edit John Smith Edit John Smith was an alias the doctor frequently used on Earth and around humans when a "standard" name was needed, with the eighth Doctor noting it was "the nom.

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Despite this, when the doctor was facing death, Clara told the time lords through the Crack that the only name of his that mattered was "the doctor" and everything he stood for under that name, prompting them to give the doctor a new regeneration cycle. ( tv : The time of the doctor ) After meeting his twelfth incarnation, the first Doctor was confronted by the mysterious Testimony foundation, who claimed that the doctor was the "Doctor of War". Although the first Doctor initially feared this interpretation of his future, after witnessing his future self's efforts to save captain Archibald Hamish Lethbridge-Stewart, he came to conclude that the "Doctor of War" was not a man who reveled in war, but a man who sought. ( tv : Twice Upon a time ) Ubiquity of the title Edit The doctor did possess at least plan one doctorate. ( tv : The moonbase, the Armageddon Factor, the mysterious Planet ) They sometimes described themselves as a "doctor of many things" ( tv : four to doomsday ) or of "everything". ( tv : Spearhead from Space, utopia ) However, their knowledge was limited to anything prior to the rassilon Era. ( tv : Utopia ) The Eleventh Doctor claimed that one of his doctorates was in cheesemaking, ( tv : The god Complex ) but only the "stinky, blue kind".

stranger in a village summary

However, she added, in some parts of the universe, such as in the gamma forests, it eventually came to mean "mighty warrior". ( tv : a good Man goes to war ) The Twelfth Doctor accepted he was "the original one" who "started." ( tv : The return of Doctor Mysterio ) According to dorium Maldovar, the silence had a particular interest in the doctor's name. He explained that if the doctor lived long enough, "on the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the Eleventh, when no creature could speak falsely or fail to answer a question that must never be answered would be asked: " Doctor Who? The silence wanted to stop the doctor from revealing his true name. ( tv : The wedding of river Song ) The doctor was at a later time forced to go to Trenzalore to rescue his friends from the Great Intelligence, which sought to gain access to the doctor's tomb. The tomb, which was a future version of his own dying tardis, would open only to the doctor's real name. The Intelligence threatened to kill Clara Oswald and the paternoster Gang if he did not speak his name and open the tomb; the situation was resolved when the data ghost of river Song was able to silently transmit his name to the tardis, thus opening. ( tv : The name of the doctor ) The doctor's real name became important during the siege of Trenzalore, as it was the signal chosen by the time lords to come back to the universe, broadcasting the question "Doctor Who?" through a crack.

: Twice Upon a time. ( tv : The girl in the fireplace, the time of the doctor ) The carrionite lilith, unable to discover the tenth Doctor 's true name even with the " witchcraft " used by her kind, remarked, "There is no name and that the doctor. ( tv : The Shakespeare code ) The psychically-gifted evelina, who attempted to foretell the doctor's future, remarked that his "true name" was "hidden" from her. ( tv : The fires of Pompeii ) Significance Edit The Eleventh Doctor told Clara Oswald that his real name was not important, since he specifically chose the title of "Doctor" to take its place, saying it was "like a promise you make." (. Never give up, never give." ( tv : The day of the doctor ) even Clara considered "the doctor" to be his true name and the only one that mattered. ( tv : The time of the doctor ) Despite their hatred of the war Doctor's actions, ( tv : The name of the doctor ) both the tenth and Eleventh Doctors admitted "he was the doctor more than any of them." (. ( tv : Flatline ) The doctor considered abandoning his name if he felt he had to do something highly immoral ( tv : The beast Below, face the raven ) The doctor went by the title of Warrior during the time war, but proudly. ( tv : The day of the doctor ) During his final days, the Twelfth Doctor stated being "the doctor" was being kind, even if it meant doing complete foolish things like self-sacrifice even if it bought others only a small amount of extra time. ( tv : The doctor Falls, twice Upon a time ) The master knew of this and implied that the doctor's title had been chosen because it meant "the man who makes people better although he found the choice "sanctimonious" for someone who ended millions. ( tv : The sound of Drums ) river Song was aware of this contradiction in the doctor's behaviour: she said that the doctor was the first to have this title and that the rest of the universe later adopted it, usually to mean "healer".

Even when dissertation put on trial by the. Time lords, they were only referred to as "the doctor (. Tv : The war Games ) although the valeyard, a culmination of the doctor's darker side who prosecuted the second trial, acknowledged that this was an alias. Tv : The mysterious Planet ) When the, fifth Doctor was officially inducted as, lord President, he declared that it was "out of the question" for him to be introduced by his true name, stating that he would accept being introduced as "Lord President Doctor". Audio : Time in Office ) even those who had known them in childhood addressed them only as "the doctor such as the master, tV : death in heaven ) and the rani. ( comic : weapons of Past Destruction ) According to one account, during their first incarnation, the doctor adopted this name in dealing with human colonists on the planet Iwa at the same time that his granddaughter adopted the name "Susan". ( prose : Frayed ) Another account implied that the doctor's title had been chosen as a gallifreyan custom, ( tv : The sound of Drums ) and that he had been using it before he left Gallifrey. ( tv : The name of the doctor ) The doctor's real name has been said to be difficult to pronounce, for humans at least, ( audio : Slipback ) and certainly for adults, ( tv : Twice Upon a time ) possessing thirty eight. ( prose : Sleepy ) The first Doctor once told an interrogator he "wouldn't be able to pronounce the first syllable of his name." ( prose : Salvation ) His seventh incarnation likewise told one of his captors that he "doubted they'd be able.

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Throughout their travels in time and space, the doctor took on and was called by a number of different essay aliases, titles and names. John Smith, were used by almost all of their incarnations. The doctors incarnations told few individuals their real name. Instead, they asked others to call them simply, the doctor. The doctor's real name, edit, as the time lord's true name was not generally known, "the doctor" (or "Doctor Who became an alias. It was implied that their given name was ceremoniously withdrawn and stricken by their cousins as punishment for a disgrace he brought upon their house. prose : Lungbarrow ).

stranger in a village summary
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  2. Throughout their travels in time and space, the doctor took on and was called by a number of different aliases, titles and names. Others, like john Smith, were used by almost all of their incarnations. The doctor s incarnations told few individuals their real name.

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