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These descriptions, including the way they talk, their mannerisms, their cuts and general ratty clothes and unkempt faces and appearances, reveal the ruthlessness of these men, the extent that they will do whatever necessary to accomplish their mysterious past, and thus serve to further the. What is the purpose of the character of Billy bones in the book? In the first three chapters, billy bones seems an important figure, but at the end of the third chapter, he quickly dies. His purpose is twofold. First, he serves to further the plot. His coming to the inn represents the beginning incident in the chain of events which leads to the adventure on Treasure Island; he also foreshadows the subsequent events in a manner calculated to increase suspense and arouse the readers emotions. He unites in his person the past, present, and future. His present dread of encountering "the seafaring man with one leg" is the result of his past association with Treasure Island and at the same time points forward to those future events which involve jim and his friends in Bill Bone's past.

Analysis, this chapter is one of the most action-filled chapters of the book, typical of the style in which the novel is written. As Robert louis Stevenson described, this is a faced paced adventure book, not a slow book full of details. In nearly every page, something significant happens in this chapter: the death of Jim's father, the arrival of the blind man, the death of Billy jones, and the mysterious meeting at 10 o'clock. In a book of this torrid pace, it is interesting to see what type of people and events receive extra attention and any description of details. Most notable, in this chapter, there is no description of the funeral or real tragedy or sadness about his father's death, except for when it fits into the plot. Death in Treasure Island is quick, clean, and above homework all, efficient for the rapid advancement of the plot. It never provokes a sense of real pathos even in the case of Jim's father, in this chapter. Removal of characters by natural or "accidental" means is a step in the process of casting off the potential obstacles to free movement in the adventure to come. As one critic claimed, "Treasure Island is one of the most satisfying adventure stories ever told primarily because it is the most unhampered.". Instead of descriptions regarding the father or Jim's feelings and his mother's sadness, the majority of detail in this chapter is devoted to describing the physical appearance and actions of the pirates, pew and, billy budd.

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The next day, amidst the report people mourning, bones comes downstairs and gets extremely drunk. No one dares to stand up to the man, and the doctor is far away on another case, also unable to come to jim and his mother's assistance. The day after Billy bone's disturbing behavior, jim observes a blind man wearing a tattered old cloak, tapping a stick, approaching the inn. Innocently, the man asks where he is but when Jim tells him and leads him to the entrance to the inn, the man cruelly grabs a hold of Jim's arm and threatens to break his arm if he does not take him directly to billy. Directed by the blind man, jim brings Billy's left-hand to the blind man's right-hand, and something is passed between the two men. Soon after, the blind man leaves and Bill proclaims "Ten o'clock! We'll do them yet." he springs up from his seat, but before he can do anything, he falls over dead. Traumatized by witnessing his second death that week, jim begins to sob.

Stranger in the, village, summary analysis

Bones, however, has plans in order to world thwart his friend's ambitions. He instructs Jim that if he sees the one-legged seaman or Black dog or if the black spot (a summons) is put on the captain, jim should immediately ride. Livesey and lead him to capture all of old Flint's crew at the inn. Bones then explains that he was Flint's first mate and the men will be after his sea-chest. If Jim follows these instructions, the captain promises that he will share his treasure with him. Instead of being excited, however, jim is nervous that Billy bones will kill him because he knows too much and his promise to share his wealth with the young boy. Suddenly, however, jim's father dies and he forgets all his worries about the pirate because of his grief.

Likewise, the doctors use of language so precise as "come, now, make an effort and "I clear my conscience" shows that he is a respectable gentlemen, used to being obeyed. Robert louis Stevenson, himself, claims that Treasure Island is merely a study in romance and adventure, and one should not analyze it very seriously. From the beginning, however, certain themes stand out. In this chapter, as in the book, we see an amoral world seen through the eyes of an innocent boy. By viewing the obviously corrupt men and the doctor through Jim's eyes, the reader more clearly sees the corruptness that surrounds the boy. Chapter 3, summary, as the chapter begins, billy bones tries to bribe jim to bring him rum since he is suffering from alcohol withdrawal. Jim agrees to bring him just one drink and when he brings the alcohol to the captain, he tells Jim that within a week lubbers (sailors) will be looking for him, in order to give him the black spot and take his money.

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In the examination of the patient, the doctor uncovers a tattoo of a man hanging from a gallows with the words ". Billy bones his fancy." Assuming that the man's mane is Billy bones, the doctor bleeds the captain. Finally, the man awakens seeking Black dog. The doctor assures him that Black dog has gone and warns him that if he drinks again, he will likely undergo another stroke and die. The man, however, denies that he is Billy bones. Jim and the doctor carry the man upstairs, the doctor telling Jim that the man should be in bed for a week because of the bleeding. Analysis, one of the most important symbols of this chapter is the notch in the inn's signboard that occurs when Billy bones (the stranger) is attempting to shoot his shipmate, black dog.

The notch is symbolic, foreshadowing the tumultuousness that the arrival of Billy bones brings to the inn and Jim's family. The shot is not on purpose, nor intended for the sign, but like the inn and Jim's family, the sign is an innocent bystander in the mysterious feud between the captain and his shipmates. One of the driving forces in the plot of this novel is the use of coincidence of the characters being in "the right place, at the right time." In this chapter, the prime example of this literary tool is the arrival of the doctor after. Critics have long thought that this, the use of coincidence, was the weakest element of Stevenson's novel. Perhaps the technique that tells us the most about the types of people in the novel is Robert louis Stevenson's superb use of dialogue. Particularly in this chapter, we learn much about Billy bones and Black dog, as well as the doctor, from the manner in which they speak. For example, comments such as "this'll be as good as drink to my mate "bless his art, i say again and "we have seen a sight of times give the impression that Black bones and Black dog are from a certain social juvenile class because.

It is significant that the people in the first chapter believe that the pirate has a lot of money but won't pay the bill, something that helps speed the deterioration of the health of Jim's father. Also, jim is paid by the pirate to help, something that increases the two's relationship. Money is the ruling force of the novel, motivating people's actions, as it is in this chapter. Chapter 2, summary, in January, a few months after the first chapter concludes, a strange man, wearing a cutlass and missing two fingers, appears at the inn inquiring about a man with a cut on his check, someone he refers to as Bill. The narrator explains that Bill is on the bluffs and will likely return that evening. Making sure the boy cannot warn Bill of his presence, the stranger makes the boy hide until Bill appears.

When Bill finally appears, he looks like he has seen a ghost when he sees the stranger, whom he identifies. Black dog, one of his shipmates. After telling the boy to leave, the two talk together in low voices. The only thing that the boy overhears is the captain speaking about all "swinging (meaning hanging before there is a loud commotion. After the outcry, black dog, with a cut on his shoulder flees, the captain pursues him, both with drawn cutlasses. The captain aims at Black dog but misses and hits the inn's signboard instead, leaving Black dog to escape. Afterwards, the captain orders rum but before jim can deliver it to the captain, he hears a loud fall and finds the captain unconscious on the floor. Naturally, jim assumes the problem stems from his recent fight with Black dog but. Livesy (whose abrupt arrival is attributed to a visit to check on Jim's father) diagnoses a stroke.

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The narrative, however, accompanied with the vagueness of the date and time adds to the timeless and mythical quality of the novel. The tone of the novel from the beginning is mysterious, dark, and increasingly ominous. Jim's father is weak write (an unknown cause) and the reader realizes his death is eminent, the pirate is clearly watching for someone he does not want to see, the unknown contents of the treasure chest, all add to the mystery surrounding the novel, a tome. The setting adds to the mood. The place is a secluded inn, essay cut off from hope of human intervention or human guidance. The ending action between the doctor and the pirate sets up one of the continuous themes of the novel - a comparison and confrontation between the good and the bad, the respectable and the disrespectable. The two's mere appearance is a stark contrast from each other. The ragged pirate with his patched clothing stands strikingly different than the tailored doctor. Another metaphor of the book is introduced in the first chapter, as well, is the metaphor of money.

stranger in the village paragraph summary

Its single sentence conveys a degree of haste as it plunges the reader directly into the action. The reader learns essay that the story is to be told by one of the participants in an adventure; the adventure is to concern buried treasure, some of which still remains on the island where it was concealed; the adventurers are gentleman who hop to benefit. By the end of the first chapter, all the elements of the subsequent action are established, an impressive feat in a chapter of this length. The harried pace of the narrative continues throughout the book, marking a distinctive style. More significantly, stevenson's narrative technique is significant because of the first person narrative. In this book, the majority of action is to be seen through the eyes of a small boy, innocent and childlike. This however, is not entirely true because the older Jim Hawkins relates the child's perspective, therefore in some places perspective and focus can be added to events that only gain significance with hindsight. In this chapter, for instance, the older Jim Hawkins anticipates the death of his father, something that has not yet occurred.

a knife, but eventually backs off the doctor. The doctor leaves, but not before warning the stranger that he is a magistrate and if he so much as disturbs any of the peace, he shall be severely punished. Analysis, significantly, the first chapter sets the background for many of the stylistic elements that. Robert louis Stevenson later explores in Treasure Island. First, Stevenson's narrative style is notable. The first paragraph is a good example of Stevenson's narrative technique, as well as a model of romance suggestion.

During the day, he spends his time near the cove or the cliff, looking for something or someone through his telescope. Without fail, he always inquires if any new seaman has appeared and if they had, he kept a add low profile. Even more mysterious, he also hires Jim for a four penny a month to "weather-eye open for a seafaring man with one leg." The boy is in awe of the stories he told, dreadful stories about far-off places told in crude language. Even more awe-inspiring, the man had a chest upstairs whose contents no one had ever seen. After a few months, the initial money for lodging ran out and Jim's father was too afraid to ask the stranger for more money, a worry that the narrator believes led to his premature death. Jim, however, was significantly less terrified of the pirate than everyone else. Livesey arrived to check the condition of the narrator's father. The captain sings of the "dead man's chest once again and then bangs on the table for silence.

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Chapter 1, summary, the book begins with the narrator, jim Hawkins, explaining his motive for telling this story: Squire Trelawney,. Livesey, world and other gentlemen have requested him to write down the details his experience with. Treasure Island, since the treasure remains on the island. He proceeds by recounting a pirate that resided with his family while he was a boy, living at his father's inn, the "Admiral Benbow near Bristol, England, during some unspecified part of the 18th century. One day, an old, brown, dirty, ragged seamen with a sabre cut on his cheek, arrives at the inn and satisfied that the inn contains few people, throws down some gold money and stays for several months. Calling himself a captain, he often sings (especially when drunk) the following verse: "Fifteen men on the dead man's chest. Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum. Drink and the devil had done for the rest. Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum.".

stranger in the village paragraph summary
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  7. Free the Stranger papers, essays, and research papers. Free global village papers, essays, and research papers. Treasure Island study guide contains a biography of Robert louis Stevenson, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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