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And you can't convince your customers to buy anything if you are taking on the role of cashier as well. And who is going to clean the place? And how about restocking the items that have been sold? Needless to say it's not easy to run a shop. I thought it was hard in The sims 2: Open for Business. But I think it's actually much more challenging in The sims 4: Get to work. As for the prices in the shops, you can really decide all of this yourself. You can make it really cheap, really expensive, and a number of variations in between.

The rest needs to resume be unlocked as you progress. You need to assign tasks to the employees. For example helping customers, answering their questions, clean the shop et cetera. Employees can get a uniform that you get to pick for them. This is optional, but it looks cool if all the employees wear something that fits the store. You don't necessarily have to hire employees. You could try to run the shop by yourself. But it's very hard. And I think the next time i'm going to play the expansion, i will get a family ready, skilled and everything, so they can run a shop together. Because The sims 4: Get to work may look a bit like the sims 2: Open for Business. But you won't sell anything easily without persuasion.

homework in sims 4

How to do homework in sims 4 : guide to speeding it up and why

Learning this skill earns your Sim the ability to bake: Cheesy bread, whole wheat bread, donuts, review cookies. Bagels, cream Tarts, and probably a lot more than I managed to write down. It's Open for Business for The sims 4, but better! In The sims 4: Get to work sims can have their own businesses where they can sell anything you've created or collected, and most of the items from the build/buy catalog. For our preview Sim we decided to quickly build a humble bakery. And even though she didn't have a single skill point, she managed to prepare a display full of bread and snacks to sell. Without burning the place down haha! You can have up to three employees, from what i've seen. At first you can only hire one.

homework in sims 4

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You could be playing with tree a photographer Sim, taking very unique photographs. And when you upload a lot with those photographs on the walls, it will appear in someone else's game. How cool is that? There are also two new cameras in the game. You can buy them from the buy/Build catalog and place them into your Sim's inventory. The other new skill is the. Your Sims will need this skill if they want to open their own bakery.

And one of them was doing pushups! As a scientist your Sim will travel to the Science lab, as seen on the picture below. Mind you i had the walls down. But I really liked the fence haha! New skills, there are a couple of new skills in The sims 4: Get to work. One of them is the. Good to know is that the photos by your Sims are transferable to the gallery.

How do i get my clid to do their homework?

homework in sims 4

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New Locations, each career comes with a work location. While these locations aren't rabbit holes, you can't actually see them in the neighbourhoods. As a doctor your Sim gets to work at the hospital. The hospital consists of a lot of examination rooms. Most of them have unique objects in them. There's one where patients get checked by the doctors, there's one with a body scan, another one where doctors perform surgery and also deliver babies.

When your Sim is a detective, he/she will travel to the police station and from there you get to do your job. This happens both at the police station and in the towns. The police station looks pretty rad. There are a bunch of offices where the policemen work. There are several jails where the inmates stay. I noticed beauty in our save game that there were four inmates in one cell.

It's possible for a doctor to misdiagnose their patients. And it won't go without consequences! As a detective your Sim gets to go out and investigate crime scenes. They have to collect evidence and take photos, collect fingerprints, talk to the community and take citations, arrest suspects, and a lot more. Note the crime scene, with the broken doll house as well!

In the scientist career your Sim gets to do experiments and invent things. It's also the career your Sim will have to pursue to get your hands on a wormhole generator: (And in the background you can see the new photo studio that comes with The sims 4: Get to work!). This new device will get you to an alien world For more about this, read the Aliens section. I love this portal like robot. Here's our Sim seafoam talking to the robot! In the background you can see one of her co-workers at work. Scientists get to experiment, create serums, use devices on other Sims. It's perfect for a mad scientist kind of story. Some of the serums have benefits, and some of the serums are more mischievous.

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Of course we were curious as well, how would this work with a family at home while wallpaper your Sim is at work? And what about having several Sims with an active career? Well if your Sim has one of the three new careers, and a family at home, the family will just progress and go about their everyday lives while you are actively controlling your Sim at work. If you have several Sims with the new careers, you can choose which Sim you want to follow to work. As a doctor your Sim gets to examine patients. They can then diagnose and treat them: Doctors also get to perform surgery, and occassionally he/she gets an emergency call: Doctors also do house visits for Sims who are too ill to go to the hospital. Doctors also deliver babies. It's optional to have the baby at the hospital.

homework in sims 4

We're getting basements back. And not only that, the basements can go essay two stories deep. Furthermore, the studio has also added an additional floor to the limit making the maximum 6 floors. There are three new careers in this expansion pack. There's doctor, detective, and scientist. The huge difference between the normal careers, and the new careers from Get to work, is that you can now go with your Sims while they are at work. Not only that, you get to control them while they are at work. For the first time ever you can actually meet your co-workers at work, interact, and build relationships while at work.

are restricted to the home lot. So you can't do everything on the retail lot. New ui elements, one of the new things in the game is a screen where you can choose to go to a town. So there's Willow Creek and Oasis Springs, and with The sims 4: Get to work you also get Magnolia promenade. And I think you'll also have an Outdoor Retreat icon later if you have this pack installed! I don't have any footage of this screen, but I loved the illustrations/animations! Basements and Additional levels, i should mention that this specific feature is not actually part of The sims 4: Get to work, but rather a new feature in an upcoming patch that will be free for everyone who owns a copy of The sims 4!

And I will record my q a video next week when I have more time and more answers to all your questions! Now without further ado, here's our compact The sims 4: Get to work preview. A new Town, the new expansion pack The sims 4: Get to work comes with an additional town called. It's a relatively small town, with only four lots. Three of them are occupied when you install the game, and one is empty. Of course it's possible to remove the existing buildings, and build your own world shops. Or, if you like, you can actually live in Magnolia promenade.

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Introduction, on March 12, 2015 essay I was one of the lucky fansites/youtubers to be invited at the ea benelux office here in The netherlands. I asked Marii to come along with. And we shared a computer at the event. Small disclaimer up front. We were not allowed to take any videos. And we could only take 10 screenshots. Luckily all of our screenshots were approved. The vlog will be uploaded by marii on her lifestyle/vlog channel later this week.

homework in sims 4
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  3. Collect unique specimens to craft diabolical creations like the sim ray and decide. Gd tags: TheSims4, The sims 4, the sims 4 requirements, The sims 4 Graphics comparison, sims4 the, the sims 4 expansion, get to work, sims 4 get. An Interior Designer Designs a home in The sims. Underground house - the sims 4 house build (Get Together only)The sim Supply.

  4. If your Sim is at work. Build and run a veterinary clinic to take care of neighborhood pets while advancing your Sim 's vet career. The homeless challenge in sims 4! In The sims 4 Get to work, players can choose to save lives and.

  5. Doing homework in sims. Should i do my homework in the morning. The importance of doing exercise essay. I should mention that this specific feature is not actually part of The sims 4 : Get to work, but rather a new feature.

  6. A couple of days ago on the forum there was a record of the. Sims fan who listed the 13 features that he would like to see in, sims. The, sims 4, the base. Sims 4 homework sims 4 house sims 4 house ideas sims 4 house plans sims 4 how to have a girl sims 4 hq mod sims 4 häuser sims 4 icons sims 4 ideas.

  7. Thesimsupplyflabalikithe sim supplythe simshouse buildhome buildhouse buildhouse buildsthe sims. In this first expansion pack for The. Sims 4, players can deepen their relationships with their. Sims in the detective career can also.

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