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Maintaining patients confidentiality is important and is part of professional aspect of care. Service users requirements need to be met by respecting their values and wants, maintaining confidentiality and ensuring that their personal information are kept safe, maintaining dignity, asking for their consent before making a decision. Nurses should recognise accepting patients personal contacts, may results in crossing boundary and breaching patients confidentiality. Muskin epstein (2009) suggests some client request continuous attention but unaware of their insatiable neediness. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the nurse to be cautious about form of professional relationship with a patient and explaining their commitment to confidentiality and what is expected of them as a nurse. College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (crnbc, 2004). Kozier (2008) expressed nurses are obligated to respect patients privacy and confidentiality needs.

Supported by daniels (2004 who suggests that no harm should come to the patient either deliberately or not deliberately. In this case the nurse need to make sure patients are protected by making sure students are properly supervised when task are delegated to them. Maleficence also mean nurses should avoid causing patients injury or suffering when maintaining a competent practice level. Maintaining competency can also be done by reporting suspected abuse to prevent further victimization to protect patients. Nurses you serve as advocates for all patients by providing a high standard of practice and care at all times Nursing and Midwifery council (nmc, 2008). The principle of beneficence seeks to do good for the patient and act in their best interest at all times (nmc, 2008). Similarly, daniels (2010) suggests that nurses should provide care according to patients needs and abilities. In this case for a nurse to promote or support beneficence in nursing implies that nurses need to take actions to benefit patients and ease their well-being by raising beds side rails to prevent falling or harm. Nmc (2008) suggests that nurses must maintain appropriate professional boundaries in the relationships they have with patients. The status of nursing as a professional is important because it reflects the value society places on the work and the importance of the work to society.

life of a dentist essay

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Example of this in health care setting is nurses respecting a patients autonomy and allowing patient freedom of choice regarding treatment, for instance, a patient refused blood transfusion because of their religious belief. In this case where a blood transfusion is required to save dissertation the life of the patient, the patient must be informed and explain the consequences of refusing the blood transfusion and if he /she still refuse then nurses have to respect patient decision and choice. Ethics is a rule of conduct that is recognised in respect to a persons or group personality or profession (Rumbold, 1999). Ethics requires that health professionals must always put regulations into practice when dealing with patients. Patients needs to be treated fairly and equally, there should be no discrimination against any patient. If nurses treat patient unfairly without respecting his/hers autonomy and dignity, it means the nurse is not working according to professional ethics and the patient would feel he/she has been treated unethically or isolated. Johnstone (2011) describes the principle of non-maleficence as a demand for a patients protection.

life of a dentist essay

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In such situations, there should be effective communication between nurses and their patients which is essential to acquire a morally and legally valid consent. In agreement, dimond (2008) states that if a mentally capable adult is given treatment mom without consent, then the individual lawfully has the right to file a suit against the clinician for trespass in the civil courts. For instance, if an intervention is undertaking in the form of medication/injection to a patient without obtaining verbal or written consent from the patient, the patient reserves the right to file a suit against the nurse/the hospital especially if the patient develops an adverse reaction. Ethical theory is based upon four moral principles; autonomy, justice, beneficence and non-maleficence (Tingle and Cribb, 2007). Ethical principles need to be considered when providing care for patients in deciding how to act, health professionals ought to respect autonomy in the sense that patients choice and decision should be respected. For instance, patients who have the capacity to make decisions should be allowed to decide whatever they prefer. Melia (2004) supported this by stating that patients should be encouraged to make reasonable decisions based on their health and the sort of treatment being received. Furthermore, johnstone (2010) the principle of autonomy demands respect for body.

Nurses are required to understand the fundamental human right practice within its remit in terms of respecting individual patients opinion. The human Right Act (1998) discuss that freedom of expression is the most fundamental attribute for people. In addition it stated that no one should be denied of the right to life and the freedom from torture and degrading treatment. This legislation implies that patients have the right to life and should be treated with respect and their dignity should always be maintained. For instance patients should have access to medical treatment or community care services, irrespective of their age, disability, gender or ethnic origin. The mental Capacity Act (2005) was introduced to protect patients decision to refuse treatment. It also safeguards patients who may lack the mental capacity to make informed decisions by providing them with advocates to make decisions that are in their best interest. It also aim to ensure that individuals are able to participate as much as possible in any decisions so that they feel that they have control of their own care (Hill and seymour, 2010).

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life of a dentist essay

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In practice, nurses are required to undertake their professional duties based on best available evidence which ensures safe practice for both patients and Nurses and every other healthcare worker. Intervention should be therapeutic as opposed to being counterproductive and harmful to the patient, it is also essential that Nurses recognise the need to respect patients dignity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, disability and race in a multi-ethnic context like the. Nurses are also expected to show a high level of empathy and compassion to the patients. High quality care means keeping patients informed about their care, ensuring their privacy is maintained by closing the curtains when patients are using commode or when providing personal hygiene, respecting patients by asking them how they will like to be addressed, individual, maximizing independence and. Trained nurses have various roles and responsibilities which can be defined as professionals boundaries within health care settings.

These roles includes; "to promote and maintain health, to care for people dissertation when their health is negotiated, to assist recovery, to facilitate independence, to meet needs, to improve or to maintain wellbeing/quality of life " royal College of Nursing (rcn, 2003). The role of an adult nurse entails providing seamless care for adult patients aged 18 and above. Nurses are required to exercises a high level of professional proficiency at all times and practice within professional boundaries as stipulated by the code of Ethics of the nursing and Midwifery council (NMC). The nursing and Midwifery council is a professional body which regulates the professional standards of nurse and midwives. Nursing students and staff nurses are bound by the code of conduct writing which ensures good practice. It is important that nurses are aware of their professional liabilities and their professional registration in good standing as failure to adhere to this may lead to loss of their registration.

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life of a dentist essay

At the end of this paper, we can find a summary, where you can state your key idea and review express your personal point of view towards the issue once more. Once you get through with the dental school essay, its high time to shift to editing, where you have to correct errors, remove glitches and critically assess the overall structure and style of the newly written application paper. The final stated suggests printing out your ready-made writing work. Youd better print several copies of your application essay. The maximum size of your writing work shouldnt exceed 2000 words. Of course, this type of essay is supposed to be written without anyones assistance, as its a very personal paper. Unfortunately, you may find yourself in a difficult situation, where doing this on your own is absolutely impossible for some reasons. So, were dropping a hint at a possibility of buying a ready-made dental application paper online. Undoubtedly, thats a very smart solution, as it enables you to save a huge amount of precious time.

together and shape a solid draft of your essay. Like many other types of essay, this one also features a definite structure you ought to keep. Make a layout of your writing work. That should be a kind of plan with a brief context and key headings. The main body of your application essay needs to contain paragraphs in a certain order in order to present the clear methodology of ideas. All the sentences need to be connected to each other and provide a sensible chain of events. A typical dental application essay has its own introduction, where youre expected to present some background facts and supporting paragraphs, where you could express your ideas and then support them with corresponding arguments.

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Have you ever wondered whats so intriguing in a dental school essay? Well, youre going to graduate using from your high school soon and its time to choose a profession of your life. Youve made up your mind to work as a dental specialist in the future, so its no wonder that a dental school application essay has arisen on your way to the very dream of your life. The given paper shouldnt be regarded as a pure set of figures and numbers or just a reflection of outside opinions. Thats a direct line between you and the admissions committee. So, dont miss a great chance to tell a compelling story about what actually drives you to work in this healthcare industry. When writing this paper youre expected to be honest enough.

life of a dentist essay
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  3. Have you ever wondered whats so intriguing in a dental school essay? Well, youre going to graduate from your high school soon and its time to choose a profession of your life. Dentists and doctors have your health covered. Dentists ; Working, life of a doctor.

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