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The most prominent trait of her character is her money hungry ways. The reason for this is to stay off the streets, but also, if you got money, people cant take stuff from you not your house, or your ride, not your family (25). Through Raspberry, we also see her perspective on her friends. Janae has issues with her mother being absent in her life, mai is ashamed of her mixed race, and Zora is still coping with her parents divorce. The characterization in this novel is excellent, because the reader understood each characters problem and how they felt towards. As a writer, this novel helped me improve my dialogue. The voice of each character is very truthful and realistic, which is extremely important in a novel.more.

Flake is an African-American author of middle grade and young adult novels. Her debut novel, The skin I m In, won the john Steptoe award for New Talent in 1999, and she has twice been nominated for the coretta Scott King Award. The author of eight novels and a collection of short stories and poems, she is acclaimed for her diverse and realistic books. Radha sukhu rated it really liked it, money hungry by Sharon. Flake is a novel about a girl named Raspberry who lives in the projects with her mother. Raspberry is addicted to making money because she does not want to live on the streets again, and sells items at school or cleans houses for some extra cash. She also finds out that her mother is dating her best friends father, who happens to be a doctor. Things take a turn for the worse when there is a break it at their apartment, forcing them to have plan to live on the streets, and Money hungry by Sharon. Things take a turn for the worse when there is a break it at their apartment, forcing them to have to live on the streets, and Raspberry wonders if things will ever work out. The strongest aspect of this book is the character of Raspberry. The novel is told in first person, so we can clearly hear Raspberrys voice through her thoughts and dialogue.

money hungry book report

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Its after dark, and she homework knows her mother wont approve, but shes tempted by the money. When she gets home, she finds that their apartment has been robbed. She and her mother break down crying when they see this. She talks with Odd Job about who it could have been, but. Mitchell finds her at the car wash and takes her home. They find out that Odd Job has offered them one of his old houses for them to live. Theyll have to fix it up, but for the first time they finally have a place of their own.

money hungry book report

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Janae hadnt forgiven her after all. Raspberry protests, but her mother doesnt believe her. While her mother goes to settle the issue, raspberry is left alone with. Shes not sure she wants to talk to him, essays but she asks him if hes in love with her mother. He says he feels very strongly for her and he cares about Raspberry, too. Janae confronts Raspberry and demands the money again, but Raspberry tells her to sell the jacket if paying back the money means so much to her. While walking home from school, raspberry meets a local businessman nicknamed Odd Job, who offers her a job at the car wash.

The next day at school, raspberry finds that Janae has been calling her a thief. She defends herself, saying the money was hers and she worked for it too, but Janae keeps calling her names. They get a call from Miss Netta, who wants to hire them again, but also tells them that she paid them too much and she only meant to pay them ten dollars each. Raspberry wants to keep it, but Miss Netta needs the money to pay her electric bill, so they have no choice but to give it back. Janae and Raspberry reconcile, and Raspberry finds out that Janaes mother abandoned her years ago, which is why she lives with her grandparents. Zora, janae, and Raspberry take a job on Jade Street, which is a particularly bad neighborhood. Theyre not sure if they want to take it, but ultimately agree. They clean the house of an eccentric old man who pays them by making Raspberry reach into a bag of cash and take a handful without seeing. When Raspberry gets home, her mother yells at her, saying that Janae is accusing her of stealing fifty dollars.

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money hungry book report

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Raspberrys mom has recently gotten a new job, but itll mean she spends less time at home. She and her mother had been living in their van, but now theyre moving to an apartment in the projects. Raspberry tries to enlist to help her clean old peoples homes for money. Zora refuses, and the two fight. Raspberry later talks to an older friend vision named Sato, review who works at his familys taco truck, and he doesnt want to help either, since he doesnt want to smell like chemicals. He tells Raspberry shes too money hungry. Raspberrys mom receives a letter from the principal stating that Raspberry will be suspended if she keeps selling at school.

The next day at school, raspberrys friend Janae has bought her boyfriend a fancy coat, but she did so by stealing two hundred dollars from her grandfather. She needs to make it back in a hurry, and so raspberry offers to include her in her business cleaning houses. She spends time at Janaes house, but its a rough neighborhood. Janaes grandmother points them to a client, miss Netta, and they clean her house for fifty dollars. Raspberry asks for half the money, but Janae says she needs to keep it all to cover her debt. They go back to janaes house, and Raspberry covertly takes the fifty when Janae puts it down on the table.

Flake, first published in 2001. It focuses on thirteen-year-old Raspberry hill, a young black girl obsessed with making money any legal way she can—washing cars, selling candy, skipping lunch, and cleaning houses. Her fixation on money derives from periods of homelessness during her early childhood, when she and her mother slept on the street and begged for change. Now, shes focused on making enough money for her and her mother can move out of the housing projects. Exploring themes of greed, ambition, poverty, and forgiveness, money hungry was praised for its detailed depiction of inner-city life and was nominated for the coretta Scott King Award. It is a mainstay of school libraries and book fairs.

Money hungry begins on Valentines day, as Raspberry hill is angry at her mother. She had planned to get her mother a nice card with the money she saved up, but the night before she saw her mother hanging out with. Mitchell, a wealthy doctor and her friend Zoras father. Raspberry ripped up the card in anger. The next day, her mother drives her to school in their old car, and Raspberry asks her mother why she was with. Her mother brushes her off. At school, raspberry tries to make money by selling old chocolate, but it makes some students sick and she has to give the money back. Raspberry gets in trouble with the principal and is told to stop selling chocolate, and some kids start spreading rumors that she was poisoning people. The next day, raspberry is back at it, selling candy hearts.

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No matter what happens, she picks herself up and concentrates on the positive and on what she needs to do next. You wont regret getting to know her. In my opinion, Flake strikes a marvelous balance by bringing the problems of poverty to the young readers attention with a light touch, gentle humor and a charming protagonist. Rating :.5/5, published by jump At The sun, 2001. SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters,"s, and essay topics. . This mba one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of. Money hungry by Sharon. Money hungry is a middle-grade novel from African-American author Sharon.

money hungry book report

A few get a lucky push or pull at the edge of the abyss to escape the vortex. But generally there arent any friends or relatives in your milieu who can help you start to climb back out again. Something isnt right about that. Evaluation : Flake is a talented writer. For this book, she won the. Coretta Scott King Honor Award and five additional honors, and some of her statement other books have garnered even more accolades. Raspberry hill is a girl really not too unlike anne of Green Gables.

scrounges money, resells pencils, washes cars, cleans houses, and does whatever she can while her mom works three jobs. But living in the projects means youre at constant risk, and one day, everything falls in on them; their money is gone, their apartment has become unsafe, and they are back where they started. Discussion : The author has a wonderful way of bringing the problems of severe poverty to life without miring the readers in a black hole of depression. She fills out her story with Raspberrys observations of her girlfriends, cute boys at school, and the cares of adolescence that transcend economic boundaries. She shows the occasional cruelty of kids as well as their unexpected kindnesses, all without seeming to impose any value judgments: these are just kids, she seems to say. But in the end, after you close the book, and think what a good book, and sit back on your comfortable chair in your nice, safe house, you cant stop thinking: why shouldnt everyone who works hard have a safe place to live and enough. What you see so clearly in this book is the sucking whirlpool of poverty that drags you back down even as you struggle to get out of its grasp. There is so little room to maneuver at the margin; if you get sick or get robbed or break your arm or your car breaks down or any of the things that the middle classes can accommodate, down you slide back to the bottom.

She works hard essay and saves and stashes money in her room. She says: as long as I got two hands, i aint never living in the street no more. Aint never gonna be broke, neither. Her momma helps her keep her dreams alive: One day, shed say, we gonna have our own place. With a family room, and a fireplace. What color room you want? Yeah, i figured youd want bluebut what about letting me paint some clouds on the walls for you?

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The narrator of this story of poverty and pluck is an endearing thirteen-year-old named Raspberry hill. Her mom named her paper after the fruit because of her red hair, red eyebrows and enough freckles on my face that you can play connect the dots. Raspberry and her mom live in the projects with gangbangers and junkies but they try to make the best. They used to have a home and a nuclear family, but Raspberrys dad began using drugs and sold all their things. When he started beating her mom, they moved out. It wasnt long until the money ran out and they were sleeping on the street. Now at least they have a roof over their heads but its not a good situation. So raspberry has become obsessed with making money to help them get out. And shes good.

money hungry book report
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  1. Money hungry (new cover) Sharon Flake. Free shipping on qualifyi. Money hungry and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle.

  2. Thirteen-year-old Raspberry hill is starved for money. She will do just. What people are saying - write a review.

  3. Flake (The skin. User review - jane doe - kirkus. Flake (The skin I m In, 1998 ) gives a rock-solid portrayal of an inner-city life where money colors everything.

  4. money hungry teaches a lesson to everyone, money cannot buy happiness. Money hungry by Sharon. Get weekly book recommendation.

  5. She had planned to get her. Review of Money hungry (for Middle Grade readers) by Sharon. But in the end, after you close the book, and think what a good book. Book review: Once again, Sharon Flake has written another phenominal novel.

  6. That s why raspberry is so money hungry, hoarding her savings and doing almost anything ( I wouldn t do nothing bad. Nothing that would hurt people, like. It is a mainstay of school libraries and book fairs. Money hungry begins on Valent ine s day, as Raspberry hill is angry at her mother.

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