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You dont have to limit your informational interviews strictly to supervisors. Any individual currently employed in a position you find attractive can provide the necessary information. The outcome of these interviews will help you make an objective career decision for specific positions. There is one key element you must stress when requesting an informational interview: When asking for the interview, make them aware that you only desire information and are not asking for a job. This should be brought to their attention immediately after requesting an interview. Many supervisors and employees are willing to talk about their job even when no vacancies exist.

What would my questions be? Once you find and document those answers, you, too, will be prepared for whatever comes your way, and using your newfound information essay and skills, you will be able to find a long and successful career as did Tony. Informational Interviews, the first step is to call agencies in your area and ask to talk with a super-visor who works in your specialty,. G., administration, technical, computer operations, etc. If an immediate supervisor isnt willing to talk with you in person, ask to talk with someone in the human resources department. Briefly explain to this individual that you are investigating government careers and ask if he/she would be willing to spend 30 minutes talking with you in person about viable federal career paths with the agency. If youre uncertain whether or not your job skills are needed by an agency, contact the personnel or human resources department. If an informational interview is granted, take along a signed copy of your employment application or federal résumé and a cover letter describing your desires and qualifications. The informational interview will help you investigate available employment opportunities in many diverse agencies. You will need to identify persons to interview through the methods mentioned above.

opm resume writing

Us office of Personnel Management

Tony thanked Val again for dissertation his time and for the tour and asked if he should call if he didnt hear anything within those two weeks. Val said, sure, but dont worry, youll hear from. Tony and Frank left the facility and returned home. A week later, tony received a telegram from the faa offering him a job starting at the highest pay grade for which he qualified. On February 16, 1970, tony began his career with the faa. On June 3, 2006, he retired from that same faa. As you read through the remainder of this section and learn more about the interviewing process, refer to this story and see how Tony addressed the concerns and challenges of the different types of interviews. Then ask yourself, how would I respond to these challenges?

opm resume writing

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Tony had worked with lots of waveguide in the Army and had noted that in his package. Clearly, fred was not just a casual observer in this process. It was obvious that he, too, had read Tonys package and this was a serious test. Tony realized that any dents in waveguide made it inoperative and said, Hmm, looks like a piece of broken waveguide. Fred said, well Ill be damned! Nodded to val and left. Tony realized that he had passed the test. Val shook tonys hand, and said, i dont know what the outcome will be right now; however, i think you will fit in here just fine. Someone will get back for to you within two weeks and let you know.

He asked numerous specific questions concerning the data tony had listed in his package and even asked about some specific pieces of equipment that Tony had worked on while in the Army. As Val described some of the functions required for the positions available, tony took notes on terminology, industry-specific acronyms and other items with which he was not familiar. During the interview Tony asked for clarification on all the notes he had taken. After about an hour of this give-and-take, val took tony and Frank on a tour of the facility. This tour answered numerous questions and Tony began to see what would be involved with the job and to realize this would be a great place to work. When they returned to vals office, fred, one of the supervisors, was waiting for them. Val introduced them and told Fred of Tonys qualifications and that he might be a candidate for employment. Fred pointed to a piece of sophisticated-looking electronic equipment in the corner of Vals office and asked Tony if he knew what it was. There sat a small piece of waveguide with a small dent in one side.

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opm resume writing

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She motioned to tony and said, you can go in now. Val is ready for you. Val greeted Tony, extended his hand and announced, hi, im Val Lawrence. Welcome to the faa. During that graduate handshake, tony introduced himself and said,. Lawrence, im glad to meet you and really appreciate your taking the time to interview me for this position. Please call me val, was the response.

Have a seat, val said. As Tony sat down, he noticed that Val had a copy of his package on his desk. After a few minutes of small talk about Tonys trip and the like, val said, okay, lets get started. Tony agreed and asked if it would be okay if he took some notes during the interview. Val agreed and began to describe the faa and what the work entailed. It was clear that Val had read and become familiar with Tonys background and qualifications.

Since the artcc was nearly 200 miles from his home, tony took along a friend, Frank — nice to have someone you know for moral support on those long drives — a change of clothes (since tony didnt know the exact nature of the positions. Apparently tony had also been a boy scout and knew that being prepared was the key to any successful venture. The big day came, and Tony arrived at his destination about 30 minutes prior to his interview. Nancy, the receptionist, greeted Tony and his friend at the entrance, showed them into the facility and told them where they could freshen. She showed Frank to the cafeteria and said he could wait there for Tony. Tony straightened his tie, brushed out the wrinkles, splashed a bit of water on his face and then took a seat and waited for his interview.

Nancy was very helpful and conveyed a sense of informality and ease. Tony noted that this wasnt a stiff upper lip kind of environment and that the atmosphere was relaxed. Clearly a very professional environment, but most of the staff seemed comfortable, relaxed and joked easily with one another. Tony noted these behaviors on his pad and thought, i could like working here. As he was reviewing his notes and questions Tony was taking slow, deep breaths, and silently repeating a positive affirmation to himself, i was successful in my interview because i was prepared and confident. Nancys phone broke the silence. She listened for a minute, said okay, and hung.

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How does someone with my credentials (microwave radio equipment repairman) fit in with this agencys mission and goals? Where is the job located? What additional movie training will I need, if any? What is my career development potential? Tony then called the number and scheduled his interview for January 10, 1970 at the new York air route Traffic Control Center (artcc) — whatever that was — on eastern Long Island,. He made sure he got clear directions on how to get to the location and that he knew the full names of those he was to contact upon arrival. He then went back to reviewing his package and determined how he would essay answer questions testing his knowledge of all the skills he had listed. He also identified what he would take along with him.

opm resume writing

What was the outcome? In 1969, information was not nearly as available as it is today. The Internet was a figment of our imagination and learning about the faa was not easy. A trip back to tobyhanna helped Tony find out some basic information about the faa and what the different General Schedule (GS) levels were. Apparently they were just like ranks in the service and determined your salary and status. Tony then pulled out the copy of his package and began to study what he had submitted. Finally, managers he wrote down some key questions for which he needed answers. Here are his questions: What is the faa and exactly what does it do? What is the mission of the faa?

the faa? What did they do? What were they looking for? Shouldnt they be calling him rather than vice versa? Lots of questions — few answers. How did Tony prepare for this interview?

He decided to continue his college education and enrolled at a university in Pennsylvania. Shortly after Tonys discharge, he went on an informational interview — more on this type of interview later — at the tobyhanna Army depot, looking for any available position within his chosen electronics field. He was informed that no opportunities were currently available; however, the federal aviation Administration (FAA) might be looking for someone with his electronic background that he could submit a package to the Office of Per-sonnet Management (OPM) in New York to determine his qualifications. That application package was nearly 100 pages thick. It questioned every aspect of Tonys back-ground and knowledge. He completed the package, made a copy for himself, and mailed it off to this thing called opm, not knowing what to expect. Months later Tony essay received a letter from opm advising him that he was qualified and an employment interview (more on this later, too) was scheduled with the faa.

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There are two primary interview types that you will encounter during your job search—the informational interview and the employment interview. The informational interview—initiated by the job seeker—is a valuable networking tool used to explore job opportunities. Employment interviews are initiated by prospective employers to assess your ability and weigh your strengths and weaknesses with other applicants. The person with acceptable qualifications and the ability to impress the interview panel gets the job. Interview Menu, interview Basics, even under the best of conditions, interviews are often intimidating, and going to an interview without knowing the rules can be downright frightening. Understanding the interview process will help you throughout your career and just knowing what to expect will improve your mental stability as well. Before dis-cussing interview specifics Ill introduce you to the interview process through an associates true story. I changed the names to protect their privacy. Tony's Story, it was may 1969, and our main character — lets call him Tony shakespeare — had recently been discharged from the Army.

opm resume writing
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New, resume Writing interviewing, a tutorial developed by iuoe. Due to the growth of our Education Department and the need for additional courses, we are seeking additional qualified instructors for our Apprenticeship and Advanced Training Programs.

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  1. Please note: your grade level will be based on the information in your resume and. Opm did not provide definitions in the 2013 announcement. Central to federal hiring is the testing of behaviorally-based competencies, typically by evaluating examples of a candidate s past performance. The alj guide, 2nd Edition, walks readers through the process of accomplishment writing.

  2. Visit our site today. Ses applications, developed for scientific, technical, financial, healthcare and all administrative leadership positions within the. Use the links below to find tips for writing your resume!

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  5. Welcome to the. Office of Personnel Management's, federal Position Classification and qualifications website. This website provides Federal position classification, job grading, and qualifications information that is used to determine the pay plan, series, title, grade, and qualification requirements for most work in the federal.

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