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She eventually manages to get hold of one by making Dorothy trip over an invisible iron bar. Dorothy is so angered by the witch's trick that she throws a bucket of water at her. To dorothy's surprise, the water causes the witch to melt away. The winkies are glad to be free of their wicked ruler. They help to put the Scarecrow and the tin woodman back together and ask the tin woodman to be their new ruler. He agrees to rule over them after he has helped Dorothy to return home. Dorothy uses the golden Cap to summon the winged Monkeys, who carry the girl and her friends back to the Emerald City. The four friends are granted another audience with the wizard.

She sends forty wolves to timer attack them but the tin woodman kills them all. She sends forty crows to attack them but the Scarecrow kills all of them. She sends a swarm of bees to sting them to death but the bees try in vain to to sting the tin Man while the others hide under the Scarecrow's extra straw. The witch sends Winkie soldiers to attack them but they are frightened away by the cowardly lion. Eventually, the witch uses the magical Golden Cap to summon the winged Monkeys. Dorothy, toto and the cowardly lion are captured by the monkeys, the tin Man is dropped onto sharp rocks and the Scarecrow is torn to pieces. Dorothy melts the wicked Witch of the west with a bucket of water. The witch plans to starve the lion into submission so that she can use him as a beast of burden, a plan which fails beacause dorothy sneaks food to him at words night. Dorothy is put to work in the witch's house. The witch wants to take dorothy's Silver Shoes.

the homework wizards

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They are attacked by kalidahs, animals with the heads of tigers and the bodies of bears, and Dorothy narrowly avoids being put to sleep forever by a field of deadly poppies. On arrival at the Emerald City, the travelers are told to wear glasses with green lenses during their stay. The entire city appears to be green. The friends are permitted to see the wizard, becoming the first visitors who are ever allowed to. Each one sees essay him individually and each one sees something different. Dorothy sees a giant head, the Scarecrow sees a beautiful woman, the tin Man sees a gigantic rhinoceros-like monster and the cowardly lion sees a ball of fire. However, they are all given the same message, that their wishes will be granted if they kill the wicked Witch of the west, the ruler of Winkie county. The wicked Witch of the west tries to prevent the travelers from reaching her.

the homework wizards

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The wicked Witch of the east then put a spell on his ax, causing him to cut off his other limbs and his head and finally to split his body in two. However, each time, the tinsmith made a replacement body part. The tin woodman does not regret the fact that he no longer has a brain but is sorry that he has lost his heart. He joins Dorothy and the Scarecrow in the hope that the wizard can give him a new one. Dorothy, toto, the Scarecrow and the tin Man encounter the cowardly lion. When a lion tries to attack toto the dog, dorothy hits him on the nose and accuses him of being a coward. The lion shamefully admits that he is a coward and joins the others on their journey, hoping that the wizard will give him courage. The travelers face many dangers on their journey. The road is often narrow and difficult to follow.

When Dorothy asks how she can get back home to kansas, she is advised to see the wizard of oz in the Emerald City, which can be reached by following the road of yellow bricks. 2, dorothy is given the silver Shoes that had belonged to the wicked Witch of the east, which she wears during the rest of her time. The good Witch of the north kisses Dorothy on the forehead, thus giving her magical protection on her journey to the Emerlad City. On the way, dorothy frees the Scarecrow, who had grown bored of spending all day in the same place and being constantly pecked by crows, by taking him down from his pole. The Scarecrow laments that his head is filled with straw and that he does not have a brain. He joins Dorothy on her journey, in the hope that he will receive a brain from the wizard. Shortly afterwards, dorothy comes across the tin woodman, 3 who is unable to move because his joints have become rusted, and saves him by fetching an oil can from his cottage. The tin Man reveals that he had once been a human woodcutter. He accidentally cut off his left leg and got the tinsmith to make a replacement one out tin.

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the homework wizards

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The wonderful wizard of paragraph oz has been adapted numerous times for other media, the best known adaptation remains the 1939 movie. The wizard of oz which stars Judy garland as Dorothy. Plot, dorothy and Toto are carried away by the cyclone. 1900 illustration by william Wallace denslow. Dorothy lives on a farm on the kansas prairie with her Uncle henry, aunt Em and little black dog Toto. From the front door of her house, dorothy can see no other houses or trees, just the wide, flat prairie. The outside of her small house has been turned gray by the sun and the rain.

The prairie and the grass on it also look gray. Uncle henry and Aunt Em both have to work hard and have no time to enjoy themselves, which has caused them to become gray too. Dorothy's love of Toto is the only thing that has prevented her from becoming gray also. One day, the sky is grayer than usual, a sign that a cyclone is coming. Uncle henry and Aunt Em are both able to take shelter in the cellar beneath the house but the house with Dorothy and Toto inside it is acrried away by the strong wind to munchkin county in the distant Land. The house lands directly on top of the wicked Witch of the east, who had been the ruler of Munchin county, crushing her to death. Dorothy is greeted by the munchkins, who are happy to be rid of their wicked ruler, and by a kindly old woman who says that she is the good Witch of the north.

The wonderful wizard of oz (often referred to as, the wizard of oz, a title under which several more recent editions have been published) is a children's fantasy novel of twenty-four chapters by the American author. It was first published in 1900. The main character in the story is a girl named Dorothy. 1, a cyclone carries her away from her Kansas home to the magical Land of oz, a country of talking animals, strange and terrifying creatures and witches both good and bad. Dorothy is told that her only hope of returning home is to travel to the Emerald City and ask the wizard of oz for help.

On her journey, she meets and befriends the characters of the Scarecrow, the tin woodman and the cowardly lion. They join her on her journey to see the wizard, in the hope of receiving a brain, a heart and courage respectively. The wizard agrees to help the four friends but only on the condition that they complete the seemingly impossible task of killing the wicked Witch of the west. After they return from having destroyed the witch, the wizard of oz is revealed to be an ordinary man, an American like dorothy, who has no magical powers. The wizard builds a hot air balloon, intending to take dorothy home in it, but accidentally leaves without her. Dorothy is told to seek help from Glinda the good Witch of the south. Glinda reveals that Dorothy possessed the power to return home almost from the moment that she arrived in oz, although she would not have helped her three friends to discover their intelligence, emotions and courage if she had done. Baum went on to write sixteen more oz books between 1904 and his death in 1919, although. The wonderful wizard of oz is the only one which is still well known and widely read today.

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Tom places a shelf together after knocking it hippie over. Tom makes Benny's parents go to his uncle's house, believing that he had been hurt in some way. Tom moved a basket inside benny's room in order to capture one of the Grazlaa. Ursula tries to return the house to normal, but fails twice, turning it into comical similarities. She finally finishes the job though. Title page of a 1900 edition. The wonderful wizard.

the homework wizards

They had apparently consumed all magic from other life forms. " maah-gann dah tom Clarke used magic to score a goal in a football match. He also used magic in order to finish the personal homework he had neglected the night before. When the voolox attacked inside miss Webster 's body, tom used a protective spell to restrain a fire arm from hitting him and Benny. Randal moon gave tom and Benny the power to enforce a passing Spell, which allowed them to teleport. The nekross race were able to consume the magic without it affecting them. Tom used a shielding spell in order to protect his father's car from air retraction as they flew through space. Grazlax Attacks Edit Ursula, randal moon and Tom Clarke perform a shrouding Spell, in order to hide themselves from the nekross scanners.

version of itself. Spri-frasha-alah-dah -  Turns a house into a gingerbread house. Passing Spell, mac-ra-dah - banishes any type of creature. Shaan-dry-dah - destroys an object of any size spy-cry-by-dah - controls a person Vash-raan-dah - restoring a pale Shadow to their body Crom-fel-dah-vah - reversing the damage caused by an explosion raa-shley-dah - turns caster into a mouse fash-deh-dah - conjures a sausage sandwich dar-ma-har. Dawn of the nekross Edit Robert France and his son, mark, used magic in the gathering of stones. The nekross race came in search for magic in order to absorb.

Ain-sho-prack-dah - unlocks and opens a door. Amo-flash-ba-dah - adds locks to a door. Kadra-dach-dah-, creates a force field, dri-tah-dah - allows you to teleport, fayer-shan-dah, mees-kyfar-dah, byfar-torak-dah - releases a victim. Grim Magic, landashen-verah-unchall-dah - spell of separation, maah-gan-dah - redirects a football. Maasch-floro-dah essay - causes a flower to appear. Mah-shaan-zah-dah - creates a powerful blast of magic. Mifash-brac-dah - makes a drink overflow, misha-dah - creates money, moh-shah-dah - creates a pair of doors.

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Magic is a paperless form of energy, according to benny Sherwood, and later Varg, that is concealed inside individual life forms that are able to harness and use. This energy is capable of enabling the individual telekinetic powers, but it is currently unknown if this contributes to the "Three spells a day" rule for wizards. (Note: Magial creatures, for example, like randal moon are not limited to three spells a day). For the first two series, magic has been shown to be in the colours of the rainbow (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) with a few lighting differences between each wizard (e.g. Had a a lighter colour scheme for his magic, along with a darker blue, while Ursula's magic had a darker colour scheme). However, in Series 3, all magic changed to purple and orange, with the exception of Lady lyzera, whose magic was different shades of purple/pink, and sometimes with a few hexagonal symbols floating around. Known Spells, edit, mass-fan-wahn-dah - supposedly opens a bottle, but when used caused all bottles and containers to overflow at once.

the homework wizards
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  2. Wizard has provided ease of use and comprehension in software to the locksmithing Community and to our customers worldwide. Dar-ma-har - a big and powerful forcefield, know for wizards as a preservation charm. He also used magic in order to finish the homework he had. From his days as a big East player of the year with the hoyas to his drafting and ascension into the, wizards starting lineup, dc has watched Otto grow.

  3. The wonderful, wizard of oz (often referred. The, wizard of oz, a title under which several more recent editions have been published) is a children. Since 1987 The key.

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