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28 February 2014, as part of the un academic Impacts commitment to multilingual education, els educational Services and unai have launched a global essay contest for university and college students on global citizenship and understanding.  The deadline for submission of the student essays has been extended. Continue reading  or visit the events site for further information.

But the med is much more than a calm blue pond." so began Anne's photo essay of fuengirola, on the south coast of Spain. And she fulfilled her promise of providing a wide range of Spanish perspectives. From the gorgeous image of ships docked at port to a sunset painting a skyline, the photos made us itch to visit this lovely region. Photo essay: everyday items can hold a beauty of their own. Photo by Greta McClain, what we liked: Greta succeeded in photographing objects not often caught under a lens, providing an Instagram-like experience to these discarded items and commonplace structures. There's a new poetry to these photos of things we may often overlook. Photo essay: Aeriosa dancing on walls, a winning entry in Digital journal's global Photo Essay contest Photo by joseph Boltrukiewicz What we liked: Photographing a dance society in British Columbia, joseph wowed us with unusual images of dancers careening off walls like an urban Cirque. Joseph put us right there in the action, capturing physical movement and drama from an unusual street spectacle. Photo essay: Faces of Turkey a winning entry in Digital journal's global Photo Essay contest Photo by lonna lisa williams What we liked: This visual walkabout provides an extensive portrayal of life in Turkey. Lonna surveyed this part of the world to tell us about the Istanbul citizens whose simple portraits convey book emotional impact.

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Photo by matt Harding, what we liked: Matt provided a comprehensive pictorial of his hometown of Detroit, michigan, including unexpected detail and unique subjects. He didn't just look at just one detroit community, but scoured the city to provide a memorable overview of an American city with dramatic, contrasting neighbourhoods. Photo essay: essay Tsukiji fish Market — a slice of daily life in Japan. Photo by Igor. Solar, what we liked: Scanning the photos of this Japanese fish market, we felt as though we were right there, able to feel and smell the clams, squid and other fresh fish. Igor made sure to visually tell us about the staff who make this market work; from views of cutting fish or shipping goods, the reader learns about the stories and people from behind the scenes. Photo essay: Changing moods of the mediterranean, a winning entry in Digital journal's global Photo Essay contest. Photo by Anne sewell, what we liked: "Most people imagine the mediterranean sea as a calm blue ocean and dream of warm, sunny beach holidays.

the word essay

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Photo by johnThomas Didymus, why it won: JohnThomas takes us on an intimate tour of a popular Nigerian market, providing a deep glimpse of how Nigerians shop and congregate. The photos made us feel like we were right there in the middle of the busy market, and several photos provided an on-the-ground view of a bustling market. Photo dream essay: Les Misérables Australian premiere red carpet. A winning entry in Digital journal's global Photo Essay contest. Photo by richard Milnes, what we liked: Richard captured the organizational intensity required to produce a red-carpet Hollywood event, while also snapping photos of well-known celebs and media executives who were attending the sydney premiere. This photo story does a great job of capturing the atmosphere of the premiere of a major motion picture. Photo essay: Detailing some of Detroit's diverse neighborhoods.

"Photographs from almost every continent on Earth provided fascinating tours of communities both large and small said Silverberg. "We're overjoyed to see how passionate digital journalists have been to tell their story, photo by photo.". The following is a list of winners, along with a link to each of their winning entries. The grand prize photo winner takes home 100 and four runners-up will receive 50 each. We also want to applaud three honorable mentions. Photo essay: Agbeni market — ibadan's 'mother of markets. The Grand Prize entry in Digital journal's global Photo Essay contest.

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Citations, mla citation "Freemyer". 2018 ml apa citation, freemyer. Retrieved July 7, 2018, from the world Wide web:. Digital journal today announced the winners of its global Photo Essay contest. With submissions from Nigeria to vancouver, australia to michigan, digital journalists captured stunning portraits of life in all corners of the world. Launched in December 2012, digital journal's. Photo Essay contest challenged Digital journalists around the globe to capture moments in their lives, cities and towns.

Attracting more than 100 entries from dozens of countries, the Photo Essay contest submissions showcased Digital journal's reach and breadth of talent. Covering a diverse range of subject matter, the contest's photo reportage captured everything from bustling Nigerian markets to Spanish ports to detroit neighbourhoods. "When we launched this contest we knew we would see a pretty diverse range of content said david Silverberg, digital journal's Editor-in-Chief. "But when we looked through everything that was published at the end of the day, it was truly remarkable to see just how incredible the photography submissions were and how international Digital journal's footprint has become.". Out of all submissions, one photo essay was selected as a grand prize winner, four photo stories were named as runners-up, and three honourable write mentions were chosen. Entries were judged on journalistic value, composition, clarity, realism, photographic skill, timeliness, and a flair for the unexpected.

All the green lights for acceptance were systematically pushed by the Presidents speech with the help of a controlled congressional audience. The truth on the other hand doesnt always tickle the ear and warm the ego of its listeners. The light of truth in this book will be too bright for some people who will want to return to the safe comfort of their darkness. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I deal with real facts, not theory. Some of the people i write about, i have met.

Some of the people i expose are alive and very dangerous. The darkness has never liked the light. Yet, many of the secrets of the Illuminati are locked up tightly simply because secrecy is a way of life. It is such a way of life, that they resent the carroll quigleys and the james. Billingtons who want to tell real historical facts rather than doctored up stories and myths. I have been an intense student of history since i could read, and i am deeply committed to the facts of history rather than the cover stories the public is fed to manipulate them. I do not fear the Illuminati taking over this country and doing away with the constitution, because they took over this country.

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Bloodlines of Illuminati by: book Fritz Springmeier, 1995, paper introduction: i am pleased honored to present this book to those in the world who love the truth. This is a book for lovers of the Truth. This is a book for those who are already familiar with my past writings. An Illuminati Grand Master once said that the world is a stage and we are all actors. Of course this was not an original thought, but it certainly is a way of describing the Illuminati view of how the world works. The people of the world are an audience to which the Illuminati entertain with propaganda. Just one of the thousands of recent examples of this type of acting done for the public was President Bill Clintons 1995 State of the Union address. The speech was designed to push all of the warm fuzzy buttons of his listening audience that he could.

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Many spiritual practices refer to this peace as an experience of knowing oneself. Peace movement change change source main article: peace movement A movement that seeks to get ideals such as the ending of a particular war, minimize inter-human violence in a particular place or type of situation, often linked to the goal of achieving world peace. Means to achieve these ends usually include advocacy of pacifism, non-violent resistance, conscientious objector, diplomacy, boycotts, moral purchasing, supporting anti-war political candidates, demonstrations, and lobbying to create legislation on human rights or of international law. Many different theories of "peace" exist in the world of peace studies, bibliography which involves the study of conflict transformation. The definition of "peace" can vary with religion, culture, or subject of study. Peace is a state of balance and understanding in yourself and between others, where respect is gained by the acceptance of differences, tolerance persists, conflicts are resolved through dialog, people's rights are respected and their voices are heard, and everyone is at their highest point. Below is an essay on "Freemyer" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

i give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." ( John 14:27 ) Inner peace change change source main article: Inner peace Inner peace (or peace of mind) refers to a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace, with enough knowledge. Being "at peace" is considered by many to be healthy and the opposite of being stressed or anxious. Peace of mind is generally associated with bliss and happiness. Peace of mind, serenity, and calmness are descriptions of a disposition free from the effects of stress. In some cultures, inner peace is considered a state of consciousness or enlightenment that may be cultivated by various forms of training, such as prayer, meditation, tai chi chuan or yoga, for example.

This means that if any member is attacked or invaded by another country without attacking that country first, the other members will come to help the country that was attacked first. This idea was used by the United Nations to defend both. South Korea and, kuwait when they were attacked. Martin Luther King,. Wrote in a letter he sent from the birmingham jail that, "True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice." In other words, real peace is more than just problems being gone: there must be fairness to have peace. Alfred Nobel created an annual award, the, nobel peace Prize, for the person who had done the most to bring peace to the world. Contents "Justice and peace shall kiss" thank refers. Psalm 85, buddhists think that peace can be gotten once all suffering ends. To get rid of suffering and get this peace, many try to follow a set of teachings called the.

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Peace is a advantages time without any fights or wars. In a larger sense, peace (or peacefulness ) can mean a state of harmony, quiet or calm that is not disturbed by anything at all, like a still pond with no ripples. Many people and organizations want peace. One organization that was set up to bring peace among the nations and try to make war a thing of the past was the. League of Nations after, world War. When it did not stop. World War ii, it was replaced by the. United Nations which tries to make the world peaceful.

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But nevertheless witing your prompt respond. Digital journal announces winners in global Photo. With submissions from Nigeria to vancouver, australia to michigan, digital journalists captured stunning portraits of life in all corners of the world.

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