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Rating: read, underwires movie ratings guide. Tomatometer, audience score, average rating:.5/5, user Ratings: 3,439. Critic Consensus: no consensus yet. Timer, photos, movie info, life doesn't offer many guarantees, but in the alternate universe of writer-director Jac Schaeffer's feature debut, the romantic comedy timer, people can get a digital clock implanted on their wrist that counts down to the second they meet "the one.". The device is not working too well for Oona (Emma caulfield, who played Anya on Buffy the vampire Slayer because her timer is blank. That means her soul mate, whoever he is, hasn't yet signed up for the service. So oona dates guys without timers, and forces them to get the implant if the relationship looks promising.

Timer works best when it sticks to the comedic elements and strays from romance and psychological themes. Watching Oonas poor teen brother get english implanted at home in front of his too-ecstatic parents and relatives is a riot, especially when he leadership finds out that hes going to meet his soul mate in five days. His mother, played by, joBeth Williams, is a bright spot of the film, possessed as she is by matchmaker madness. The film could have been better served by more such derangement and less drama. In more introspective moments, oona and Steph have a tendency to blow up their interpersonal dramas at the expense of those around them, which proves annoying. So does watching them fidget uncomfortably around their mothers Latino maid, or lob callous jokes at the lonely elderly to exorcize their own demons. Perhaps that cultural and emotional insensitivity is a byproduct of the technophilic setting of Timer — and our own real-life environment. Although the digital age has brought us tremendous connectivity, we remain ironically estranged from each other. When Timer explores that technological irony, its a good-natured hoot with its heart and head in the right place. Apple Store satire, tech fetishism, michelle borth. Tired, melrose Place melodrama, multicultural marginalization, happy ending.

timer movie review

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Things fall apart from the start, as Oona oleary, the neurotic orthodontist played by caulfield, careens from one failed relationship to another, leaning too heavily on the timers significance all the way. (Hers is blank, meaning that her soul mate hasnt bought one yet.). Meanwhile, borths foul-mouthed and sexually promiscuous Steph barely cares about her own Timer, which is counting down not days but years until the love of her life will show. Add it up and youve got a snarky half-sisterhood of sex jokes and broken hearts. Once the man candy shows up in the form of Gossip Girls. John Patrick Amedori and Dexters, desmond Harrington, oona and Steph start to find their romantic grooves. But rather than facilitating romantic closure, the implants just keep screwing up the program.

timer movie review

Time, timer, app, review

Written and directed by newcomer, jac Schaeffer, the movie asks some good questions about love in the time of technology, twitter and too-much-information. The r-rated Timer is alternately hilarious and overly melodramatic homework as its eponymous gadget wrecks pretty much every life it touches. But the films self-referential melodrama and convenient happy ending partially avoid deeper technocultural criticism in favor of warm fuzzies. That depends on your date. Anchored with diligence by a twitchy. Emma caulfield (Buffy the vampire Slayer) and a raunchy. Michelle borth (HBOs horny tell me you love me schaeffers debut takes place in a supposedly alternate los Angeles that nevertheless looks like our own. The only real difference: The presence of the films fetishistic device, which is available at stores for an 80 installation fee and a moderate monthly charge.

The end of one okcupid blog post discusses how much made-up match scores affect how well people hit it off with each other. Answer: okcupid's rating matters a lot, but actual personality match matters too. (back oxytocin and vasopressin play important roles in attachment (romantic and otherwise) in mammals. Hypothetically, one could imagine the timers in the film working by hidden subcutaneous injections of bonding hormones when two matched timers are in close range with one another. The effectiveness would be enhanced if the timers could detect when the couple was looking at each other and when other people weren't around. That said, the film makes no allusion to this possibility, even though it would help make sense of the timers' unbelievable success rates. What if you walked into an Apple Store not to purchase an iPhone or ipod, but to buy a digital implant that could count down the days until your soul mate arrived, then connect you with a charming chime? That clever premise is explored with soapy fun in the indie sci-fi/romance flick. Timer, premiering Friday in Los Angeles and may 14 in New York.

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timer movie review

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The more hrm general theme of whether life is better with certainty or with taking some risks is worth pondering. "Nah, we need a little mystery in life says mikey. This may be true for human brains, though it needn't be the case for arbitrary minds. If I were to create my own creatures (which. I wouldn't do i would code them to prefer the happiness of certainty, though I can imagine other people finding such an arrangement less than optimally valuable. Timer can also be interpreted as arguing against the idea of soulmates altogether.

Following is one exchange from the film: Oona: do you think it's weird that we've never been in love? It only happens once, so we're due. Oona: yeah, but do you think that they thought like that - that it only happens once - before the timer? I'm just saying like the expression "first love" does imply there are seconds and thirds. Ultimately, timer leaves open many interpretations - both about the way its unresolved story ends and about what lessons its writer, jac Schaeffer, was trying to convey.

Marion insists that the timer is a vast improvement over the old days, when people had to undergo a messy and emotionally taxing process to find a romantic partner. On the other hand, after Marion's 9th-grade son (Jesse) is paired by the timer with the daughter (Soledad) of Marion's Latin American house maid (luz luz tells Marion that it would have been better if Jesse and Soledad had run off and gotten married against. The film mentions masks worn by Mwali hunters in Bangladesh on the backs of their heads to ward off Bengal-tiger attacks. This reference occurs both near the beginning and at the end of the film, suggesting that its inclusion is more than random. The masks may be a metaphor for the timers themselves, which are (fake?) masks that ward off attempts at love that may fail and cause heartbreak. Steph's advice when Oona first got involved with mikey was not to see him after the first night because if Oona got attached, oona's heart would just be broken later when mikey's timer went off with someone else.

Steph applied this advice herself, occupying her time with one-night stands during her long wait for her timer to go off at age. Timer can be seen as a reaction against the idea that love can be turned into a science, arguing instead that it inherently involves elements of risk and unpredictability. I don't agree with this viewpoint. In some animals, mate choice is determined by somewhat more basic cues, and even in humans, successful relationships can be predicted with moderate success using simple indicators. Humans are ultimately machines that operate in a deterministic world. But the film is right to point out the complexity of love and the skepticism with which one should approach slick marketing about scientific matchmaking.

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Oona asks Marion why, if Marion's first marriage was a mistake, oona's birth wasn't a mistake. Marion tries to dismiss the apparent contradiction. Oona visits Rick to find out why he never got a timer. She learns that he actually did get one and used it to prove to marion that their marriage was not going to work. This leaves one to wonder whether the timer is plan a modern form of divination that can help one prove what one wants to believe - at least when it comes to getting out of a relationship if not getting into one. That said, rick is now paired with a woman, delphine, even though her timer didn't go off with him. "Your dad isn't my one delphine tells Oona, "but I love him. Fuck it, you mattress know?" In fact, rick's timer hasn't started counting, meaning that his soulmate is somewhere else and hasn't gotten a timer yet. Rick says: "A couple more lessons to learn, i guess.".

timer movie review

of plastic". Oona questions whether timers may appear to succeed just because of self-fulfilling belief. Oona's stepsister Steph replies: "The chicken, the egg. It's all a big clusterfuck.". It's not clear to me whether 98 success rates could be achieved based purely on expectations, but I'm not confident that's impossible, especially in a society that places extreme trust in claims of scientifically proven effectiveness. For comparison, we could imagine a highly devout society that takes for granted the words of a religious matchmaker about who should marry whom. Oona's mother Marion believes in the timer because it predicted her meeting her new husband, paul, following her divorce from Oona's father, rick.

Discouraged, oona decides to take things easy for a while and spends time with mikey, a 22-year-old grocery-store worker and band member. The two begin to fall in love, though they realize that mikey's timer is set to go off with someone else in a few months. Mikey later reveals that he was using a fake timer, and in fact, he rejects the idea of using the timer altogether. The plot includes a few more twists that I report won't spoil. Timer appears on the surface like a fairly standard love story, though it's also a science-fiction film, arguably on the order. The Twilight Zone or harrison Bergeron ". Or maybe "science fantasy" is a better description, because the ability of the timers to predict with 98 accuracy when soulmates will first meet and make eye contact seems beyond the reach of any reasonable technology. Not only does this require determining an excellent romantic match, but it also requires knowing when those two people will cross paths, which is presumably nigh impossible in a world of butterfly effects.

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By Brian Tomasik, first written: 29 Jul. 2014; last update: 30 Jul. Is it possible for an algorithm to predict when you'll meet your romantic soulmate? And if it could, add would you want to know? What if your emotions felt otherwise? These are themes explored in the 2009 romance film. The movie follows Oona, an almost-30 orthodontist who signs up many potential boyfriends with the timer device only to discover that they don't trigger her own timer and hence are not meant.

timer movie review
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The very first film I put into my netflix instant queue was timer. At the time it seemed like a cute little sci-fi film.

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  1. Timer is not only predicated on a ridiculous premise, but one with a surprisingly muddled message. In Jac Schaeffer s sci-fi romantic comedy. The idea of timer (dir. Jac Schaeffer) is that people have the opt ion to have a— who would ve guessed it—timer essentially nailed into their.

  2. Movie data powered. Last updated: nov 2, 2017. A version of this review appears in print on may 14, 2010, on Page C10.

  3. Timer is a movie starring Emma caulfield Ford, Scott Holroyd, and Kali. If a clock could. 47 of 69 people found this review helpful. Timer explores the choices that come when you know when you ll meet your soul mate.

  4. The film had its world premiere at the 2009 Tribeca film Festival, and was shown o n demand in conjunction with the 2010. Audience reviews for timer. Timer (2009) on imdb: movies, tv, celebs, and more.

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