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Many of my ancestors wandered throughout various lands for years in search of the promised land, but this was my first trip beyond leaving a couple of us states away from my long-time home in Maryland. New neural pathways were linked and synthesized as never before felt emotions flooded my mind. Dnipropetrovsk Province, ukraine, i spent the night on a train to the Dnipropetrovsk province. I remembered being in awe at the sheer size, majesty, and antiquity of the thing. I had never slept on a train before. My previous experience had been with another well-aged train that was far smaller and much slower. Some ukrainian beautitudes, i have always loved bunk beds and that is indeed what was there in the train's sleeping compartments. I went to sleep to soon wake up in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

One can sometimes find hammers with sickles and "cccr" (English: "ussr engraved into city architecture and culture. I personally love statues and history, although I cannot state any positive feelings towards Lenin. Another statue in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, ukraine, i will further note that statues of mission Vladimir Lenin are not the only statues you are likely to come across if you choose to visit the ukraine. There are so many wonderfully crafted monuments all around this gorgeous country! Me with a feline friend at the apartment of my ex girlfriend's grandmother in the ukraine. I first got off of the plane and went about the city of kiev. Kiev has amazing buildings; they are far more magnificent than even our beautiful New York city! One of the first things that I noticed was that there was a kentucky fried Chicken sign on the side of one of the huge skyscrapers. I felt this was humorous, but i also was relieved to see something so familiar in this strange land. A partially Frozen lake in the Dnipropetrovsk Province, ukraine.

to my native land summary

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That would be too simple, and who wants that? I had to stop in Warsaw, poland in order to board another plane. While i was in Poland, i went towards mattress a money exchange booth with the intention of trading. Dollars for Ukrainian grivnas. After I had given the woman inside the booth my money, i learned that she couldn't exchange it for grivnas. It would have helped if I had been learning Polish! So, i accepted some polish zloty and went on my way. Statue of Vladimir Lenin Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, ukraine, i think that one thing visitors should find interesting is the many, many remnants of the soviet Union. There are statues of Vladimir Lenin just about everywhere.

to my native land summary

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I saw an Al jazeera news story about kiev (the city i would eventually arrive in by plane). Things were getting heated and serious. I was excited in more than one way; and, that's how any adventure should gpa start, shouldn't it!? Statue of Vladimir Lenin Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, ukraine. Note that my camera's time stamp was not properly set before i entered the ukraine. I had bought the camera shortly before my visit, and the camera was automatically set to 2013 (which was probably the year of the camera's final release for that specific model). Cats simply love me in every country. I didn't get a plane directly to the ukraine.

My first fic ever. This is supposed to be oneshoot. I'm a newbie after all. . Province of Dnipropetrovsk, ukraine, way back in the distant year of 2014, ukraine was everywhere in the news. There was political turmoil and acts of protest as well as acts of terrorism. That was exactly when I decided to visit the country. I love to be close to danger, especially when possible death and beautiful women are involved. Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, ukraine, i still remember waiting in the car on the way to the new York city airport. We all had time on our hands, so i chose to watch the news on my smartphone.

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to my native land summary

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Keito tried opened a gym door. Don't tell me Its locked already? Anyone there?" fight he shouted "Help. I'm locked here." he keep shouted for a half an hour before give. Keito leaned into wall while hugging his knee "Now, what should I do?" he whispered. He grab his cellphone. "What are you thinking, okamoto keito?

You don't have a friend here. You baka." he scolded himself. cekrek, somebody entered to a gym, kneeling beside him and hold his hand. Keito raise his head. Daijobu desu ka?" -continue.

"No fun." Yuto pouted. "you animal hater." "he isn't." Yamada defended Chinen. "he made friend as well with cookie and kuu." "It's not because he like animal." Yuto smirked and Chinen blushed. Nandemonai ryo-chan." Chinen glared at Yuto who just laughed at him. Keito starred at him from rooftop.

His smile, his laugh, his eyes. So innocent, like a little kid. Keito like everything about Yuto. I'm like a stalker or secret admirer or whatever. Keito sighed fro a nth time today. Just looking at him from a distance. I know I'll never have a chance with him, ehh?

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He close his eyes, feeling a warm sunshine and a soft wind touches his face. In a few months, he used to be alone. "Caught you!" a voice make him opened his eyes. He saw a boy that he admired take a picture of a bug with two the his best friends in the backyard. I dont know why you so obsessed to that thing." Yamada ryosuke said while Chinen Yuri hid behind him. I just like them. They're cute." Yuto evernote defended himself." look at this " "iyaadaaa. Get away that thing from." Chinen yelled while jumped into yamada's back and hugged him tightly, almost cries. You know Yuri scared, right?" Yamada sighed while hold Yuri in his back.

to my native land summary

Keito starred at him. In fact, he always starred at him, admired him. For keito, yuto like a sun in a day and like a star in a night. Yeah, he had a crush to yuto. How he wish he can be with Yuto, stand beside him, laugh with him, shared a story and then paper theyre walk home together while intertwined their hands. Keito shook his head. How can he dreaming Yuto like that? Impossible i bet he even dont know that Im exist, like the others, keito sat in a rooftop while playing his guitar.

his classmate. Keito knew him (of course, keito knew name all of his classmate. They're the one who don't realize him). He is nakajima yuto, the other famous boys in the school. His presence always make a people around him cheerful as well.

He walked slowly to his chair, suddenly someone bumped him from behind. Oouuchh Gomen a brown haired boy (Keito knew him, he is Yamada ryosuke, one of the famous boys in the school) rubbed his forehead. Ryosuke come back here Dont ate my gpa gyozaaaa a black boy haired boy came into class and run to yamada. "Catch me if you want your gyoza back, yuri" Yamada sang make the black haired boy annoyed. Uppps better run off. Once again, gomen ne okano-kun. My name is, okamoto he thought, but the brown haired boy is gone before he can say anything. Keito sighed -again- as he sit down Nothing change since he entered in high school.

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Pairing : okajima, shakespeare slight Yamachii, genre : fluff, slight angst. Rating : pg, a/N : its my first time i write a fic. Please bear with my terrible english. English not my native language. Chapter 1, keito sighed as he entered his class. He even not greeted his classmate. Its not because he is bad mood or something. Its just nobody know that he even exist. He came or not, its not different.

to my native land summary
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That is to state that, although there was clearly a congregation - not actual protesting was occurring according to my insider.

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  1. Im busy lately with a ton of assignment and the other stuff. Summary, of the poem in Agha Shahid Alis poem titled Postcard from Kashmir, the speaker describes receiving a postcard from his native land. A brief, summary.

  2. Me, rollin up to my therapists office and collapsing. English not my native language. Sorry for late update.

  3. Teacher: In the following summary there are some factual mistakes and some gaps. Even if you miss, youll land. The other" is there to remind me that listening to those who have given input has been important to my growth, and. If you dont know a word in your native language, you dont need it in your target language.

  4. The, land, claims Ordinance 1841 established the, native. He was among a number of settlers who asserted that māori rights to land guaranteed by the Treaty. To cultivate students curiosity towards history of their native land.

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