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Please note that adding you as a writer does not mean that you will be published on The haven; it just means that you have the ability to submit. We stongly prefer that articles not be submitted in draft form. I know this is different than most other publications, but the founder has been having some technical issues accepting submissions in draft form. Although it may be the founders incompetence, there seems to be a medium problem with accepting draft submissions on mobile devices, and the founder works from a mobile device more often than not. So please publish your article, then submit through Medium. If you submit in draft form, well get to your submission eventually, but it will take longer than if you publish then submit.

Also, please keep in mind that the founder is a middle-aged, straight, white, cis-woman, so she may not immediately identify content that others deem problematic. If you have concerns about the content of this publication, please email the founder. How Can i submit get to The haven? Medium recently decided to make things more difficult for publications by eliminating the option for us to request work that has been published. That means that you will logs have to submit to The haven. We cannot ask you. So no more sending us a link and then waiting for us to request. If you have previously been published on The haven, you can submit by clicking the in the upper right hand corner on a desktop/laptop and selecting the options to submit to a publication. On mobile devices, theres no but you will be given options to submit to a publication. If you have not previously been published on The haven, please send an email with your Medium handle. Well add you as a writer so that you can submit.

where to submit humor writing

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Well take all types of humor writing — essays, fake news, lists, short stories, poetry, writing cartoons — as long as it does not contain misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, violence or other demeaning content. The haven especially hates ageism because the founder is old-ish. So stay off her lawn. The founder is also generally not into gross humor, shock humor or potty humor. Unless its done completely with emojis. Because who doesnt love this? In addition, the founder does not have an unlimited appetite for super dark humor — although she sometimes thinks its hilarious. Otoh, snark and swearing are encouraged.

where to submit humor writing

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Payment is 100 via paypal only. erica verrillo has published five books and has received over a hundred rejections. She blogs about the publishing world, posts useful tips on how to get an agent, lists twist agents who are looking for clients as well as publishers accepting manuscripts directly from writers, explains how to market and promote your work, how to build your online platform. Publishing and Other Forms of Insanity. See your Work in Our Esteemed Publication. What Content Will The haven Publish? The haven wants to publish your humor!

We are a gloriously independent site that doesnt answer to a board of directors or a huge corporate sponsorship. Use that to your advantage. We certainly arent afraid of offending some people, and you shouldnt be, either." Pays 25 per article. Reader's Digest "Everybodys got a funny story. Send us your joke,", or a funny true story—if its selected for the magazine, youll be paid 100!". Listverse, this is an interesting site that capitalizes on the Internet craze for lists. You will find lists for just about everything on Listverse. They are looking for offbeat, unexpected, little-known facts, all written with a sense of humor. Check out some of their lists to see what they prefer.

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where to submit humor writing

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Saturday evening Post "we accept humor submissions for the lighter Side. Submissions must be between 1,000 and 3,000 words in length and previously unpublished. Please send articles as Microsoft Word or pdf attachments to with Attn: Lighter Side in the subject line. If sending a pitch or query, writers should include one or two writing samples of their work as Microsoft Word or pdf attachments. Please include contact information: name, address, phone number, email address, and Twitter handle (if applicable).

In lieu of email, see hard-copy guidelines above." pays 25-400 per article. Suddenly senior "we are seeking excellent guest columnists - you must write well, with humor and wit, and wisdom - to be published for Suddenly senior's large and attentive audience. . Got a humorous column or two in you that would entertain, educate, even titillate suddenly senior readers? In a literate way, of course." Pays 25 per article. Imperfect Parent "Anything that deals with any aspect of the lighter side of parenting — parody, humorous takes on parenting, satire, an open for letter, take your pick. And if you are questioning if your humor crosses the line, then definitely send it in — we dont want safe.

(fun, sarcastic, and for the most part clean).". Glossy news "If you write satire, or youve just always wanted to, consider submitting your story to Glossy news. Our stories are regularly picked up by humorFeed and google news as well as many other leading news aggregators, so if you think youve got the chops theres no better time. No more must you limit yourself to enraged letters to editors or mere blog posts, now you can put your brain where your mouth is and thats as sexy as it sounds." Offers prizes. College humor "Wanna write articles for CollegeHumor? One of the biggest comedy sites on the internet?

A site that generates millions of pageviews per day and once bought a stuffed banana for like 4 grand? Well guess what - you can! All you have to do is send an email to with your pitch, and our editors will work with you to craft the perfect article. If your article submission gets accepted, well pay you money. For a single page article, well pay you. For a larger multi-page article, well pay you.". Dorkly (Obviously related to college humor) "Wanna write articles for Dorkly? One of the top sites for drawings of unusually-jacked pokemon? A site that generates millions of pageviews per day and pays its freelancers a reasonable sum?

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We need articles, photoshops, infographics and videos. Take your pick." pays 50 per article for your first four articles, then 150 afterwards. Salon "Salon welcomes article queries and submissions. The best way to submit articles and story pitches is via email with the words Editorial Submission in the subject line. Send your query or submission in plain text in the body of your email, rather than as an attached file." Topical and political humor. Free wood Post improve "we are looking for outrageous political humor that is indirect and satirical; Spoofing individuals as long as vitriolic language is not present (passive aggressive nonsensical humor that is purely made up just for the sake of being fun and doesnt really serve. This can include faulty logic, non-sequiturs, and silly conclusions.

where to submit humor writing

We pay upon publication, not acceptance, about and the rates are 25-40 per cartoon based on reproduction size and 60 each for story.". Happy woman Magazine "Happy woman is a parody publication. We are looking for articles that spoof items one might read in magazines like cosmopolitan, Glamour or good housekeeping, o or any publication of that sort.". "Part feminista part fashionista our mission is to publish a monthly magazine that speaks to all sides of a womens personality - their work, their play, their families and their creativity, through one of kind content and effective advertising.". Cracked "If you are a funny/smart/creative person, m is the single best opportunity you will ever come across in your life. We will pay you if it's good. You talk directly to the editors — no form letter rejections. Your work could be seen by millions of people.

and visual humor are especially prized! Were interested in material focusing on evergreen topics, such as dating, family, school and work, plus topical material about celebrities, sports, politics, news and social trends. In addition, we will consider submissions for our Fundalini pages and annual mad 20 (The dumbest people, events and Things of the year). We also welcome submissions for our Strip Club (artist-writers or artist-writer teams preferred).". The funny times "Our print publication pokes fun at politics, news, relationships, food, technology, pets, work, death, environmental issues, business, religion (yes, even religion) and the human condition in general. Not much is off limits, so do your best to make us laugh. Plus were advertising free, so whatever we like, we use.

At tmn, we believe in good writing, tight editing, wit, curiosity, making mistakes, and solving them with tequila. We speak through what we publish.". The toast dark "The toast is a daily blog that publishes features on everything from literary characters that never were to female pickpockets of Gold Rush-era san Francisco. The toast is one of those mass-market science fiction paperbacks some used bookstores put out on the street in big press-board rolling carts, the kind with drawings of women in long white robes standing in front of a horizon with two or three moons. The toast is a long email chain about force-ranking the mitford sisters. The toast prefers free weights to circuit machines but also enjoys a good sit. The toast doesnt care how much you or Marilyn Monroe weigh. The toast is happy, then dignified.

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If you have a sense of humor, why not use it to make some money instead of wasting your talent on graffiti? There are ample economic opportunities for people who can see the lighter side of life, or skewer the darker side with a well-aimed quip. The publications below want to make their readers grin, chortle, guffaw, smile knowingly, and sometimes take you seriously until the last possible moment. Satire, sarcasm, revolting college humor, one-liners, witty bon mots, sentimental slop, whatever you're good at, some magazine on this list will pay you for. mcSweeneys, this is one of the most popular, and, in my opinion, funniest sites on the web. (Feel free to disagree.) (But you'll be wrong.) Chances of acceptance are remote, but it doesn't hurt oliver to try. They pay on acceptance, but in keeping with their "no rules" policy, they don't say how much. The morning News "The morning News (TMN) is an online magazine of essays, art, humor, and culture published weekdays since 1999. In addition to our features, each day includes our headlines, with links to the most interesting news items, articles, and oddities around the web.

where to submit humor writing
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  1. Pic has been publishing comedy articles since. The best way to submit articles and story pitches is via email with the words).

  2. submit to the places you love that publish work like yours, ford. Where to submit Short Stories: 23 Magazines and Websites That Want. It accepts both standard short fiction as well as humorous short fiction. Submit your best comedy articles, funny writing, lists and satire to be read by ha lf a million readers monthly.

  3. To learn more, read their submission guidelines. Reader s Digest consistently publishes jokes, humorous"s, and funny stories for both their monthly print. Writing nonfiction is not about telling your story, says Ash ley.

  4. O ne of the biggest comedy sites on the internet? We also welcome submissions for our Strip Club (artist-writers. If you write satire, or you ve just always wanted to, consider submitting your.

  5. Without further ado, here are the best websites for you to submit your writing to, whether. The slightly less socially acceptable sister site to college humor. How to submit an article to collegehumor. Wanna write articles for CollegeHumor?

  6. Can you write for a market that expects a sense of humor in a reported article? And if you re going for humor, submit a full manuscript, instead of a query letter. We ll take all types of humor writing — essays, fake news, l ists, short stories. So please publish your article, then submit through Medium.

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