Man is superior to animals essay

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He wrote lots of short stories and few novels but he is most famous for the plays, modernist view of identity is his focus (relativism). He also believed that human identity was always in motion because time changed people. According to him although the imitation of nature should be simple and nude, he agrees that it should also be complete. He depicts everything in a great detail in his very special way. Thus, he depicts peoples intentions to take advantage of animals. For instance, he describes a man who tries to earn money making animals (birds and an old she-donkey) suffer (Pirandello 60).

Nevertheless, many understand that thesis those discoveries mean nothing and they do not give any right to harm animals. Many people understand that animals are equal to people. For instance, morante residential describes such kind of relationships in her novel stressing that a man believes that his dog is a member of his family (489). In fact, such relationships are not rare. Animals are always helpful and supportive and, fortunately, many people can see that. Nevertheless, some people take advantage of animals supportiveness, loyalty and trust. For instance, luici pirandello (1867-1936) describes such kind of relationships in his works. Pirandello was a modernist who lived during a very different historical period. Essentially, fascism existed in a very specific historical period. Born in Sicily he lived and studied in Germany.

man is superior to animals essay

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People use animals for their needs. However, this cannot be right. The authors stress superiority of evernote animals which are perfect creatures living in accordance with the rules of the universe. The present paper dwells upon the authors standpoints concerning the relationships between animals and people. The present paper focuses on the authors ideas that animals, being superior creatures, have to endure a lot of sorrows caused by people, though some exceptions still exist. For instance, elsa morante (1912-1985) portrays peoples attitude towards animals in her works. This author lived in the twentieth century. This was the time when people thought there could be no limits for humanity: people landed on the moon, people created sophisticated machines. Of course, many still think that people are superior to animals.

man is superior to animals essay

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Loraine Anderson, Scott Slovic, from the literature and the Environment. . Many people think that they are superior to animals. People think they are real masters of all animals. Nonetheless, many thinkers, writers, poets, artists and even ordinary people know that this assumption is absolutely incorrect. People cannot be superior as they are simply tiny elements in hippie the Universe. Italian authors leopardi, calvino, morante and Pirandello considered this issue in their works. These authors claimed that animals had to endure lots of violent actions.

Rearing animal for food generates more gases than that emitted by vehicles in the world. Meat production and third world poverty:  Many people in the third world country depend on animals for their survival. . Cattles, camel, pig, poultry are the commonly reared animals. Production of livestock in these countries is faced with many challenges like, diseases, environmental degradation, and lack of markets and livestock feeds. This led to increased poverty among the human population because many of third world governments lack funds to finance and support the farmers. .   Work cited  reagan Tom, The case for Animal Rights, 1983. . Plutarchs Moralia, the eating of flesh. .

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man is superior to animals essay

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But for the sake of some little mouthful of flesh, we deprive a soul of the sun and light and of that proportion of life and time it has been born into the world to enjoy. (Plutarch on the eating the flesh). Meat production and the environment: Mass meat production is a major contributor to the environmental degradation. This is due to the use of modern methods of rearing animals for food; which led to pollution, degradation of land and climate change. . Animals need more grazing land and water.

Meat production led to emission of more green house gases. This had led to global warming and water acidification. Production of animal beef led to emissions of compounds in form of sulphur dioxide. More green house emission from animals are released inform of methane gas, this occurs likes when animals excrete their presentation waste from their digestive system. Production and transportation of animal food also account a great deal of environmental degradation. The need for more meat production calls for rearing of many animals. This led to soil erosion, overgrazing and ending of soil.

Using animals for any medical or vertinary research should also be discouraged. The constitution should guarantee animal rights that prohibit any form of exploitation, harassment or injuring no human animals. These laws should entail the well being of animals in relation to provision of clean water air, shelter food. Stiff penalties should be given to those who abandon animals. Mass production of meat exploit animals. Increased human population had led to the growing amount in mass production of animal, which is used as food. .

Human beings keep animals like sheep, cattle as resources. Most of these animals are kept in very bad conditions. They are crammed into small structures denying them enough space for performing their natural behaviour. Rearing non-human animals for production of meat is exploitative and also abusive. Animals are only taken to be useful when they are productive and bring profit. Meat production in mass quantities is regardless as luxurious and it brings insignifact pleasure for those who eat.

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This implies that human must have equal consideration of animals as well. We owe justice to men and mercy writing and kindness t; animals and other creatures(plutarch on eating the flesh.318). should be mattress the duty of human individuals and law should also deal with any violation of animals rights. Lobbying and monitoring to legislate this law to ensure that animals are accorded standard care. The laws should protect animals from their rights being violated. . Protection should address issues of food, clean environment and water. Safer environmental for animals is required to ensure that they dont suffer. Human beings should stop treating and using animals in way that degrade them. They should stop human exploitation of animals, which should include end to slaughtering of livestocks for consumption, eating meat, and hunting.

man is superior to animals essay

When animal are raised for food regardless on how they are treated, human only use them as means to their end. Human beings should judge their actions upon their consequences; they should consider also the interest of animals. Animals have rights and can express-themselves indirectly in help case of any abuse. Using animals in scientific research, it is not morally right when the benefits to human clearly outweigh the harm to the animal. Non- human animal also have the same moral status just like human beings. Human actions towards animals also affect how they treat other human beings. If human extends unequal consideration to animal interest this will compel them to also extend unequal consideration to the interest of fellow human beings.

must avoid the notion that only human have rights and using animals as resources is not wrong. Reagan argues that just because animals cannot sign a social contract doesnt mean that they have no right since they cannot understand contracts they obviously cannot sign; and since they cannot sign, the have no rights. Non-human animals have all the rights to be treated humanely. They have every right for human not to interfere with their lives, for example killing them for meat production, using them for entertainment and. It is wrong for human to deprive animals of their rights, by using them to serve their own interests. Reagan holds that human have a direct duty to kind to animals and a direct duty not to be cruel to them animal also posses inherent value as human being. However, animals lack reason or autonomy or intellect but they are many human who fail to meet this standard and yet are reasonably viewed as having value (Tom reagan). Human must do a radical in the manner that they treat animals.

Tom reagan an American internet philosopher holds the view that as people are entitled to certain rights the same should be applied to animals. Even animals have got the basic understanding of the world. Animal has rights to live without any interference from human beings. We will write a custom essay sample. Animal rights: essay or any similar topic specifically for you. Do not Waste, your Time, send, by clicking "send you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. More Essay examples.

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In particular, there are animals which have been commonly used by man writing in various capacities, such as for food, clothing, pets, entertainment, companionship, beasts of burden, lately scientific and medical research. However, the question Should animals have rights? People contend that animals do or do not have rights based on several factors, including whether animals can learn, can use language, are conscious, are able to suffer, and are ethical beings. However, animals should have their rights. Words: 1124 - pages:. E question whether animals have rights is an issue that has led to different views. Animal rights: essay introduction. There are those who supports that animals have rights and critics who argues that animals do not posses any rights. The critics holds that animals are unable to engage in a social contract or make moral choices, thus they cannot posses any rights.

man is superior to animals essay
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Or any similar topic specifically for you. This implies that human must have equal consideration of animals as well. We owe justice to men and mercy and kindness t; animals and other creatures(plutarch on eating the flesh.318).

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  1. The love and hate Emotions are the strongest. Essay entitled The Use of Animals in Science, where gidens says Named. S inventor, john Draize, who developed the method in 1944. All arguments to prove man?

  2. George Orwell was correct when he wrote that All animals are created equal but some animals are. Still, the man who fights for the rights of the poor must be superior to them in terms of intelligence as well. Compare and Contrast Essay love and Hate.

  3. Animal including man is born free. Modifications that select genetically superior plants, have enhanced the yield. Transferring genes from one plant or animal to another provides an advantageous.

  4. Many people think that they are superior to animals. However, the man is not ready to understand that animals should be respected. Berkeley: University of California press, 1983.

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