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Lowlifes on lsd, deviants were not the only subject population of the cias lsd experiments. As an August 1963 report on mklutra, authored by the cia inspector General John Earman, clearly stated, the effectiveness of the substances on individuals at all social levels, high and low, native american and foreign, is of great significance and testing has been performed. Entries in george Whites diary indicate that several mklutra victims were dosed at a safehouse he rented with cia money in Greenwich Village. In June 1953 White received 4100 from. He deposited the money in the national City bank and used it to rent an apartment at 81 Bedford Street. Helping White decorate the apartment with toulouse-lautrec posters was his Special Employee pierre lafitte, who also hired prostitutes to lure victims into Whites lair. Also assisting White were gil and Pat Fox.

As the rogovin firm noted in a january 15, 1980 report it provided to Eliot, lsd was thought to precipitate a model fit of schizophrenia. There was a consensus in the research community that lsd flashbacks could occur and cause mental illness, and there was agreement that unwitting ingestion was an important contributing factor to adverse lsd reactions. Unwitting ingestion represented a maximally stressful event because the perceptual and ideational distortions then occur without the saving knowledge that they were drug induced and temporary. One researcher concluded, the hallucinogenic experience sdh is so striking that many subsequent disturbances may be attributed to it without further justification. Even the cia had uncovered evidence that lsd may have caused Barbaras breakdown. A year before the rogovin firm conducted its research into lsd, director of Central Intelligence Stansfield Turner, in a letter dated January 10th, 1979, asked the department of health Education and Welfare (HEW) to study the problem. In his personal response to turner, hew administrator Joseph. Califano said, we believe it may be assumed that where studies with these drugs were conducted in academic institutions by reputable investigators, any short-term consequences would have been detected. But if the cia administered these drugs to persons under other circumstances, we believe you should take all possible steps to ascertain whether any individuals might have been injured as a consequence of their participation in such research. George White gave barbara resume Smithe lsd in his apartment, while she was with her 20-month old daughter, and yet the rogovin firm decided to drop the case.

sex drugs and homework

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Entries in his diary conclusively prove that george White gave barbara Smithe lsd. A surreptitious dose of lsd is battery, and Clarice testified that it was delivered to barbara. So why didnt Rogovin pursue this issue? Why did he emphasize the potential damage. Bergers testimony instead, when there was hearsay evidence that Berger had made sexual advances toward Barbara while she was his patient? Considering this, one must also wonder if the electroshock treatments were prescribed for Barbaras mba benefit, or if they were designed to erase memories of george White from her troubled mind? Although his firm generated evidence to support the theory that lsd was the precipitating agent in Barbaras paranoia, rogovin seems to have ignored.

sex drugs and homework

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As Chairman of the subcommittee on Invasion of Privacy, long was probing allegations of illegal wiretapping by various branches of the. Government, and his staff had stumbled on the existence of the mkultra safehouses. A january 30th, 1967 memorandum, written by gottlieb, records the cias on-going efforts to conceal its involvement with the mkultra safehouses from Senator Long. When asked if the cia was using the narcotics Bureau as a front for domestic operations, gottlieb said. He told the Treasury department officials that the pads were only used for routine narcotics operations. Lapham knew this wasnt true. And ten years later he designed the cias strategy against mkultra-related lawsuits. If anyone had a conflict of interest in the victims Task force case it was Tony lapham. But his activities have never been questioned, let alone investigated.

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sex drugs and homework

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And if White was only on the cias payroll for three months, as Gottlieb testified, then he was a bona fide federal law enforcement officer when he dosed Barbara with lsd. The government could have been sued. Another questionable incident occurred in early 1981, when Rogovin met with John Blake, the Staff Director of the senate select Committee on Intelligence, whom he described to Eliot as a former Deputy director of the cia. In fact, Blake had been the cias Deputy director of Administration, and in that capacity was the direct supervisor of cia book officer Robert Wiltse, the chief of the victims Task force. According to rogovin, Blake in turn introduced him to john Bross, an old-time cia man who recently returned from retirement to the Agency to assist in the transition to the new cia director, william Casey. Rogovin expressed the hope that Bross would convince the cia to look more favorably on a pre-lawsuit settlement. But that never happened, and one must wonder what role Blake actually played in the negotiations.

Finally, a july 1978 memorandum from John Blake to the director of Central Intelligence, stansfield Turner, refers to a strategy paper for defending the cia against lawsuits by victims of the mkultra program. The cias Assistant General counsel Anthony lapham composed the paper. While serving as a special assistant to Assistant Secretary of the Treasury david Acheson in the mid-1960s, lapham was responsible for liaison with the cia regarding its relationship with the bureau of Narcotics. In this capacity lapham was aware of the existence and purpose of several mkultra safehouses, the first of which was established by george White in Greenwich Village in June 1953. Indeed, in 1966, lapham directed fbn agent Andrew Tartaglino to shut down a second mkultra safehouse on 13th Street in New York. Furthermore, on January 23rd, 1967, lapham met with. Sidney gottlieb and several other cia and Treasury officials in sensitive discussions concerning an investigation by senator Edward Long (d-ms).

Like clarice, did she fear she might never fall asleep again? That terrifying thought made Clarice contemplate suicide. Did it also plant the first suicidal thoughts in Barbaras mind? Clarice does not recall what happened to barbara that night, and Tine isnt saying. So none of these questions will ever be answered.

But plenty of evidence suggests that the cia conspired to conceal the truth about what really happened on the evening of January 11th, 1953. The missing pieces, mitchell Rogovin initially told Eliot that his prior relationship with the cia was unrelated to the case. Later, however, he advised Eliot that the cia did intend to assert a conflict if the case went to trial. Does that mean that Rogovin, in some way, was involved in the mkultra program? In addition, the rogovin firm may have given Eliot misinformation about a crucial matter of law. In a february 8, 1980 internal memorandum, the rogovin firm said that Eliot could not sue the federal government for battery, because White was working for the cia at the time he dosed Barbara. But in testimony before the senate in 1977, gottlieb said that White was being paid directly by the cia for only three to six months. Gottlieb could not remember the time frame, but he testified that all of the operations White conducted involved Bureau of Narcotics interests. A may 1953 entry in Whites diary indicates that he returned to the bureau of Narcotics that month.

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The overwhelming question is, what exactly happened to barbara that night? Clarice cannot recall if Barbara left the Whites mattress apartment before her. Because she was tripping on lsd, she cannot even recall walking home. She wonders why george White would do such a horrible thing to a friend, let alone to a woman with a baby? Did White take advantage of Barbara while she was defenseless under the influence of lsd? Eliot wonders if White molested Barbara? If White did abuse her while she was out of her mind on lsd, would she risk telling Eliot, whom she knew to be jealous at worst, and unsympathetic at best? It is agonizing to imagine barbaras predicament. How did she manage to care for her child?

sex drugs and homework

Or she might have trusted him enough to tell him about her essay visit and the bizarre experience that ensued. Possibly she enjoyed the lsd trip. But considering the paranoia she developed later in life, its more likely that she, like clarice, was traumatized, and that she buried the trauma in her subconscious mind, like a war veteran burying some horrible combat experience, only to have it emerge years later. It is possible, too, that the cia was responsible for exacerbating the seeds of doubt, guilt, and self-loathing that evolved into barbaras paranoia. White put lsd in her drink while she was in a compromising position. She was with her infant daughter, without her husband. In a similar situation, Clarice decided not to tell her parentsthe authority figures in her life at the time.

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sex drugs and homework
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